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  1. 2 hours ago, Alfa2Evora said:

    This one has been arrested several times and doesn't even get interviewed before being 'released without charge' to go straight back and (in her words) "unleash hell" on drivers, :angry:.

    Considering her husband's position (from which he has just resigned as it happens) you have to wonder if old 'Sadsac' had any influence on her multiple releases, :ermm:.

    Wash your mouth out for even suggesting such a thing.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, kneelbeforezod said:

    This is all good info.  I really don't have a very good idea of what values are nowadays, I have a maximum budget and just want to make sure I don't get ripped off.  

    There's a GT3 on sale that appeals that appears to have been advertised for a while (I first saw it back in April/May time) at £35k - I figured the reason why it might not have sold is that the price was ambitious, but from what I'm hearing here it might be spot on or even keenly priced. 


    If you haven't already done so, my advice would be to drive as many Esprit's as you can so you can get a better idea of which version. I wouldn't have a V8 if you paid me, but that's just my personal view. I happen to think the S4 is the best VFM, but I've not seen many for sale.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, kneelbeforezod said:

    Well, I'd seen it advertised at £39k at one point.  That's well into V8 territory.  

    Great, thanks 🙂


    The most recent one I saw was the red car from the collection recently up for auction. It was bid up to £43K but failed to sell, if I recall rightly.

  4. 1 hour ago, kneelbeforezod said:

    Well done!  Do you mind mentioning how much you paid?  I recall seeing this car for sale at two prices, both of which seemed rather rich.  I'm looking to buy and S4S or GT3 sometime soon, but it's difficult to gauge what is a reasonable market value at present. 


    I'm curious, what's your view of 'rather rich'. if you don't mind me asking?

  5. Progress so far is best described as glacial. I must have spent hours just looking, measuring where possible, and checking, to work out the correct cable position to get the right amount of cable travel. I did however manage to drill a hole in the right place in the bulkhead with a long-series drill bit, and jiggle the cable in. I eventually decided to fabricate a bracket for the cruise cable next to the pedal box, the first of which, due to the limited access for measuring, turned out to be incorrect, and so I had to make another one. This one looks more promising, but sadly progress was halted by the supplied 10mm throttle pedal shaft clamp being too small, the Lotus pedal shaft is 12mm diameter.

    I have now decided to fit a clutch switch, which will disengage the system when the clutch is depressed. I have a new brake switch so I'll use that. Just needs a bracket fabricating, and I reckon I can fit it to the inboard side of the pedal box.

    No photos at this stage, 'cos there's not much to show for days of standing around, bent over, Lotus position, and pointing at things.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Dave Eds said:

    My observation from someone who is regularly at the port at Purfleet On Thames.......and often at Harwich, Hull, Immingham.....

    Foreign registered vehicles are few and far between at the ports now, as the freight now mainly consists of unaccompanied trailers  (previously these were accompanied by foreign drivers in foreign registered vehicles taking goods to a destination here, and doing other haulage jobs here to get them back to a port and then taking a load back.



    Come on Dave, if you’re going to make sweeping statements like that, please could you back them up with some hard evidence like I did for Dover?

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