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  1. 15 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    But I am rather large and have 6 kids and four dogs and I need one to get around. You are just a hater and it is my right to have whatever car I want as I am entitled!  :)

    Personally, think it's all rather a faff to be honest. If you want a SUV have one., If the government wants to dissuade you then just hit it with a tax increase. Then if you still want one, so be it. Oh, generally they do all that already so what are the Government going to do with the lost tax revenues from these big cars?

    I heard they're planning on increasing taxes on red wine purchased in Scotland by 200% to compensate.

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  2. Now 1,059 miles, that's all the running-in. Oil and filter change today, and we're away. Thorough inspection and I can't find  any leaks from engine, gearbox or driveshafts. The engine is still very nice, smooth, with an addictive power delivery.

    TWAT noise is taking some getting used to, might have to buy a baseball cap, a shell-suit, trainers and some fake gold chains to hang round my neck, innit bro.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, RobinB5 said:

    Yep, although the surface of the ice cube will always be at ~0 degC the gin surrounding it will never cool down to 0 degC thus will always be (relatively) warm enough to melt the ice and dilute itself. Unless the glass/cup is totally adiabatic but then who'd want to drink gin out of a thermos flask?

    You haven’t met my wife, have you?

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  4. 23 hours ago, 100th_Idiot said:


    A peculiarly UK misconception. Sufficient ice cools the gin well enough that the ice doesn't melt thereby not diluting the gin.


    Belt and braces for me. More ice and more gin.  It's the only way to be certain

    Sadly not the case. The heat being transferred to the ice cube increases the average kinetic energy of the gin molecules resulting in the breakdown of the crystal structure of ice and transition to the liquid state - the melting of the ice cube. Ergo, the gin is diluted by the melting ice cube.

    That said, I wholeheartedly concur with your last statement, indeed, I have followed such advice for many years, and found it to be most efficacious.

  5. 2 hours ago, Sparky said:

    You haven't met my wife, have you?

    I have, and frankly I’m shocked. In my opinion, you need to grow a pair and stand up for yourself more. FFS don’t tell her I said so, though.

    By way of a comparison, Shan wouldn’t dream of standing in the way of a drinks fridge. Either a purchase of one, or just the door.

  6. 1 hour ago, comem47 said:

    There really has to be a mental and governmental skills set screening for Presidential candidates in the future.



    You’d need to consider the probability that none of the candidates would get past the screening.

  7. To me, the 'Deaths per 1M of Population' is the most important statistic when looking at performance. As far as I can see, Belgium is top of the pile, followed by the UK and Spain, Italy and Sweden, although these figures change by the day. So the 'bold' Swedish approach didn't work.

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  8. 2 hours ago, RobinB5 said:

    There is precious little enough satire around anymore as it's all been sent to the incinerator*. Despite the fact Tom Walker is actually a bit left of center, his Jonathan Pie character is a welcome relief, raging against the conceited woke society in which we find ourselves: (*I use this term only in reference to his use of it in this video)


    I don’t have any issue with the content at all. I just find him irritating. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, 910Esprit said:

    They are currently seeking regulator approval to move into different areas of GI and are about to migrate the book of a well known household insurer to their underwriting systems and I believe also operate a number of industry insurance packages for different GI products.    

    Would recommend people look at their online rep, which probably supports what Pete said above...     

    I’ve just done that. Good grief, how is this company still trading!

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  10. Personally, and from and cost/benefit point of view, I think @CHANGESsolution is impossible to beat. The only reason I didn’t do it was due to the wife and I wanting to drive the car as much as possible this year, I’d already rebuilt the engine so spent an inordinate amount of time on the car, and I know I would also have taken quite a while over the inlet job because I’m a pedant.

    Check out ‘High Performance Esprits’ group on Facebook and search Peter Harding’s posts, he’s made a beautiful job of it.


  11. 19 minutes ago, Dan E said:

    So picked it on Thursday, it is running perfectly, I actually haven’t driven any other car/van since. So Sparkles has done a fantastic job. It been everywhere including Tesco’s. My office over looks the car park and there have been many selfies with it 🤩

    BUT the leather squeaking on the drivers side seat against the centre cubby hole I think, it is driving me to distraction. Have ordered some more Hide feed to see if that will sort it out this weekend, if anyone can think of a decent reason this is Sparkles fault I’m all ears 

    Just so you know, the Watford Exotics refund policy is identical to that of RyanAir.

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