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  1. 6 minutes ago, Colin P said:

    Yes, many interviews of Warren Mitchell where he tells stories of bigots approaching him and telling him that they support Alfs views and how he then explains to them that Alf is the butt of the joke and he is actually attacking the attitudes of those people that have approached him. 


    Too stupid to realise that the whole aim of the programme is to poke fun at those with prejudiced views.

    ‘Little Britain’ was the same. In fact, so was ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ again if I remember rightly. If we look back, most comedies were like it.

  2. 21 minutes ago, pete said:

    Some think it worthwhile, what it must do is try harder to be impartial in the eyes of the public not the BBC

    The usual load of old shite served up by a staunchly left-wing media outlet, which claims in its title to be “independent”, when in fact it is anything but. Instead, it is in fact far more biased than the organisation it’s reporting on.

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  3. 15 hours ago, USAndretti42 said:

    Isn't that alos true of commercial stations as their advertisers pass the cost onto their customers?


    Who else is going to pay for it, if not their clients?

  4. Some thoughts:-

    I don’t know if the V8 master cylinders were different, but if they have different part numbers that could give an initial indication.

    If the pedal is too “long”, then an increase in brake master cylinder size would help. But first what kind of travel are you measuring?

    Reference altering the pedal ratio. You need as direct a push as possible into the master cylinder, and you may have to adjust the servo bracket angle and possibly height to compensate.

    If the pedal is too “light”, then you may have too much servo assistance. Unless there’s a way of reducing or controlling it, you could move to an electric vacuum pump in that case, which would allow you to adjust the vacuum level, similar to my brake kits.

    Finally with any changes, the effects (should there be any) on the KH ABS should be considered.

  5. I’d second the use of an Alunox exhaust manifold. Mine’s been on for about 15K miles now, and the only thing I’ve had go wrong with it was when the useless “support bracket” broke and fell off after a couple of months. 14K miles later, the turbo isn’t showing any signs of doing the same, so I’m calling that a win!

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  6. Mark, the black nylon fuel lines are NLA. And they’re very difficult for an amateur to form. I looked into doing it but chickened-out when I saw how difficult it was.

    So, when I replaced them during the engine rebuild, I used black, nylon-covered rubber with the same ID, available from a variety of sources, and fabricated a new hose bracket for support. I used the original fittings, O-clips and fuel line clips.

    You could also use Aeroquip-style hose and fittings. 


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  7. 13 hours ago, Sparky said:

    Was up at @Doulou 's today, swapping out his lovely SE's gearbox for a SWLC recon.  Fun times as one of the lower link inboard bush bolts wouldn't move.  Eventually got it to turn using leg power, but in fact it was rotating the entire bush in the link.  Not quite ready for suspension bushes at this time, so had to get a bit creative to get a driveshaft out and back in again.  Then, the horror!  It started - once.  Then wouldn't start again.  Checked live to solenoid, switched live from ignition, and engine earth - all good.  I hate coincidences, but Occam's razor tells me the starter/solenoid is buggered.  Unless anyone has any wonderful suggestions?  On a bright note, I get to do another suspension refresh.  Yaaay.


    That new kitchen flooring looks great.

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