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  1. I arrived at Gatwick from the US a few years ago, all the screens that told you which baggage carousel belonged to which flights were knackered. It was like a riot in the reclaim hall. I managed to spot my suitcase, though.

    When I got home, I thought it strange as the padlock key didn't work and I had to cut it off. Imagine my wife's disappointment when instead of the no doubt eagerly-awaited small block Chevy bits, and Muncie M21 gearbox spares, it was full of skimpy ladies underwear, mini-skirts, make-up, and girlie novels. Took a bit of explaining that I wasn't a closet transvestite, and had simply picked up the wrong case.

    So, I had to drive all the way back to Gatwick to swop cases.


  2. Mate, she is a total Motor-Bird, end of. Always looking at tasty motors, always gives us blokes a load of old verbal if she thinks we're talking bollox. Never stops me buying guitars, or band gear, either.

    32 years of married bliss!

  3. That'll be the split-crotch knickers I wore yesterday? I'm such a tart, I really must stop bending over in a suggestive manner in front of lecherous old blokes I've only just met.

    And no, it's not yellow!

    I haven't got any pics, Jim! My son took some, and no doubt he's still snoring like a good one!

  4. I can't comment on Esprits as I haven't got one, but I can say that the only time I managed any satisfactory balance with my Dax Cobra was having it done dynamically.

    The 3-piece Compomotive wheels were an absolute nightmare to balance. I questioned whether 3-piece wheels are the work of Satan himself, and I reckon I'd have sold my left bollock to cure the shuddering through the steering wheel at one point!

    If you have a balance problem, and this cures it, then so be it, it's money well spent.

  5. When I joined this forum, I was under the illusion that I would be able to find all kinds of expert help on all matters Esprit. But really, no-one has actually come up with a definite angle of dangle for inserting your nozzle.


    Seriously, what the hell kind of instruction is "9 o'clock"? I can just see my missus stood in the filling station looking at her watch waiting until it's time to fill the car up...........

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