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  1. Yes, Gary, but I can't be bothered with all the jacking up malarkey! I'm too old and decrepit for that, and if anything makes it easier to do jobs on the car, then I'm more likely to do them! The question is: Is it easier to maintain an Esprit using a pit?

  2. Hmmmm. I reckon that size matters in this case. It needs to be wide enough, deep enough, and long enough to get out of. Scissor lifts are no good for my garage, I'd end up shoving the car through the roof, I can see it now. The wife comes out with a cup of tea, I get distracted, and bingo!

  3. It's occurred to me that if I want to maintain an Esprit, I'd best devise a method of getting underneath one. As they appear to be lower than a snake's belly, and I don't have enough headroom for a scissor lift, I'm considering making an inspection pit.


    Anyone done that? If so, what are the pitfalls? (Sorry, couldn't resist but it's a serious question).

  4. Well, on first attempt at insurance using, the best for a £25,000 car with 5,000 miles for me is £148, which is cheaper than my shitbox Mondeo, FFS! But it should leave some cash for all the spares I will undoubtedly need to buy.


    But is it worth taking out an AA or RAC membership, rather than the Green Flag they offer on the policy?

  5. I got radar trapped going down to the Dordogne a while back. I was in an MG ZT190 doing 120mph, kept my foot in it, no-one caught me, and I never heard another thing about it.

    I do know that they had a really big purge years ago due to so many people being killed on French roads. It was like some kind of religious fervour had arrived, and everything changed virtually overnight. They're a lot hotter now than they used to be. I had to blow in a bag the last time I went to Le Mans, but to be fair, I was in the Cobra, and I was speeding. As luck should have it, they were more interested I the car, and I got away with it, although I'd only had one beer, but one never knows.

    Oh, and if you're going to the south of France, you might want to make sure your air-con is working!

  6. Much obliged, chaps. I would like to buy an S4, S4S or a GT3. But it depends on finance, and the prices are a little bit out of reach for some of the nicer examples at the moment, so I'm doing some homework and research while I'm waiting.

  7. Got a few questions that I'd appreciate if someone could answer for me;


    1. Insurance - I'm guessing a specialist rather than mainstream. Adrian Flux, maybe? anyone else I should try?
    2. Which Esprit spares supplier to use?
    3. Who's the 'main' spares dealer?
    4. How good is the spares availability in general?
    5. Has anyone got a diagram of the GT3/S4 interior dimensions? They used to produce them in Autocar, or Motor, can't remember which one. Seat squab to roof is the important one for me. Long body, short legs!
    6. Car tax - nowhere can I find any info on the prices of the VED. How much is it likely to be?
    7. Do they need 95 RON or 98RON petrol?



  8. Has it got air-conditioning? Because it sounds it could be an A/C pump rattle to me. Belt-related, whatever the belts drive on the engine (I've no idea). I'd be inclined to disconnect whatever belt I could get away with, run the engine and see the noise disappears before I did anything else. In my experience, bottom-end failure noise is usually deeper than what I can hear on the videos, though.


    But, whilst I am an engineer, I am also a complete Lotus virgin, hence I could well be talking rubbish. Which is not unknown.

  9. Seems to me that the garage have got the car back, know they're supposed to fix it, but actually have no idea how to do so, or what's wrong with it. That's extremely embarrassing for a Lotus garage, isn't it?

    If it were me I'd be tempted to tell them to simply trailer it back home and sort it myself with the aid and in-depth knowledge of the splendid chaps here, or ask for a refund, as it's clearly not fit for purpose. Whatever, I hope it's sorted to your satisfaction soon, Stimpy.

    I might have a look at the remaining black S4 that Snow has, I haven't decided yet, but will be asking some searching questions about their service back-up and warranty if I do.

  10. Is this turning into a competition? If so I thought Led Zeppelin at Earls Court in 1975 was better.


    But if not, then JB at the Albert Hall a few years ago, can't remember exactly when. Two drummers, and very good indeed. Of the many times I v'e seen him, that was his best gig for me.

  11. Nice collection Ian. Love that carved topped SG.

    Moxie's is that orange? Have you had that specially made to match your Explorer?



    Yes, the Carved Top is pretty sexy. Reminds me of the missus somehow.



  12. Going off topic, I know, but the Stag driveshafts are simple splined inners and outers, and can be prone to locking up on cornering. It goes like this: You turn into a corner, the inner driveshaft slides up inside the outer due to compliance in the suspension bushes. When you exit the corner, put power on and straightened up out of the corner, the driveshaft would lock. As you eased off the power, the back end of the car would lurch sideways as the driveshaft unloaded, and unlocked, which was disconcerting to say the least. It felt to me like a wheel was coming off the car. No matter what I did to them, and whatever combination of lubricant I greased them with, I never stopped the problem.


    There was a conversion which involved a hybrid of Triumph and Datsun parts, but I never got around to it. Previous to that, I'd had a pair of 240Z Datsuns (mechanically very nice cars, but bodies made from recycled rusty metal and rotted like hell), their driveshafts were double jointed, with balls inbetween the sliding splines so that they would never lock up. Shame the Stag ones weren't the same. If BL had sorted out the problems with the Stag before they launched it, the story would have been quite different. There were very few 4-seater convertibles, and few that looked as good.


    As soon as I sold my Stag, I went straight out and bought a Reliant Scimitar GTC, the 4-seat convertible, which was a brilliant car. I then bought another Scimitar for the missus. Loved them to bits, and miss them.


    Anyway, I'm hijacking Stimpy's thread and I've only been a member for five minutes, so I'll shut up. Sorry about that, I promise to keep quiet in future.

  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum, and I'm pleased to see there are other music nuts here!


    From left to right, 2012 Yamaha SG3000, 1973 Gibson SG Custom in walnut, 2009 Gibson SG Carved Top in autumn burst, and Gibson '67 Re-issue Flying V.



  14. I bought a 1973 Stag years ago. Tahiti blue, alloys, looked absolutely stunning, sounded great. But as a driving experience, the rear suspension was awful, as was the 3-speed auto gearbox, and it was the most unreliable car I've ever owned. The Triumph V8 engine let go the first week I had it. I fitted the 12-vane water pump, new enlarged radiator, a Kenlowe fan plus the mechanical one, and an engine oil cooler. It STILL ran hot!


    I couldn't wait to get shot of the thing. I lost £7,000 in a year on it. When I eventually sold it I had a party to celebrate its departure.


    A friend of mine used to say that everyone should own a Stag at some point in their lives.....................but I don't talk to him any more.

  15. Hi, I'm Ian, and I am considering a Lotus Esprit purchase once funds permit. I've looked around and it seems like a very good forum, loads of support and advice. Not the sort of place to come to be talked out of a purchase, though!


    Sorry if that sounds like I'm at an AA meeting.

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