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  1. I’m shocked.

    I met Alan on a few occasions, spoke to him on the phone last year when he told me about his illness, but he was still chirpy, and laughing it off. I shall miss him.


  2. Starter was reconditioned about 5 years ago, since then the car has done about 15,000 miles. Turned the key to start it last week, and just heard a  “clonk”, engine failed to turn. As usual, half the car has to be removed to remove it, but I’m getting pretty good at removing bits these days. Anyway, given it had been rebuilt before, and is 26 years old, I finally decided I would order one of the high-torque units from PNM, and strip/rebuild the old one at my leisure.

    Took the thing apart today,  never seen anything like this before. One of the magnets has broken, taken the steel shim with it, and jammed the motor inside. There was no warning signs, no other noises prior to it failing at all. Weird, but at least it happened in the garage, and I’m not going anywhere, or stuck somewhere.



  3. 9 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    I don't think ego came into it to be honest. With hindsight it's easy to criticise and point fingers.

    Yes I agree with you that successive governments for what, nearly a hundred years since the Spanish flu killed millions (much more than Covid), and a decade or two since SARS etc have done little. Have not done enough in our eyes now. But then I also assume they have had lobby groups after lobby groups, complainers and whingers, whiners and tossers all shouting for focus and attention on todays burning issue. Not saying they could not have planned better, just saying there were lots of competing issues.

    However let's turn to a more burning question ( at the risk of being labelled a James Hunt by a mod and others). Why are these things consistently emerging in the same region of the world and what are governments there doing to prevent outbreaks in the first place?

    For the sake of clarity and correctness, I think the phrase you’re looking for is ‘Berkshire hunt’, as opposed to ‘James Hunt’.

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  4. I reckon Max is a world champ material, and, as per usual, if he was in the right car, then he could prove it. But again, as usual, that won't happen because the Red Bull car is not that brilliant this year and it's down on power.

    Hulk did a fantastic job, and proved he's worthy of a seat for next year. Sadly, Papa Stroll will be playing the nepotism card, and thus the chance of him going to RP/Aston Martin is slim indeed.

    Anyone signing Vettel on his current performance is mad. He should call it a day.

  5. 14 hours ago, Dan E said:

    This should be on the unhappy thread but I am on the @Sparky drinking course so can’t be arsed. Does anyone else notice that everyone is driving at 25mph at the moment. 

    Presumably there are different courses in ascending levels to suit all abilities?

    I, 2, 3, 4, C8RKH, and The Bibs as the gold standard.

  6. 48 minutes ago, MadMick said:

    Why do you now have a death wish? Covid finally getting to you? Anyway cannot do that as the site would be lost without you 😍.

    For God’s sake don’t tell him that, it’s common knowledge we’ve been trying to get shot of him for ages.

  7. 15 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    But I am rather large and have 6 kids and four dogs and I need one to get around. You are just a hater and it is my right to have whatever car I want as I am entitled!  :)

    Personally, think it's all rather a faff to be honest. If you want a SUV have one., If the government wants to dissuade you then just hit it with a tax increase. Then if you still want one, so be it. Oh, generally they do all that already so what are the Government going to do with the lost tax revenues from these big cars?

    I heard they're planning on increasing taxes on red wine purchased in Scotland by 200% to compensate.

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  8. Now 1,059 miles, that's all the running-in. Oil and filter change today, and we're away. Thorough inspection and I can't find  any leaks from engine, gearbox or driveshafts. The engine is still very nice, smooth, with an addictive power delivery.

    TWAT noise is taking some getting used to, might have to buy a baseball cap, a shell-suit, trainers and some fake gold chains to hang round my neck, innit bro.

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