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  1. I see that the bastion of morality, RyanAir, has announced it will still continue to run its flights to Spain as planned. Of course, that’s because it won’t have to refund anyone if the flight isn’t cancelled.

  2. They chanced it, so they cannot complain. What's the betting the majority have no insurance cover?

    The travel companies and airlines haven't covered themselves in glory by bleating about it, either.

  3. Seems to me there are ‘experts’ wherever I look these days, the vast majority of whom have never ventured outside a teaching establishment in their entire lives, yet they're happy tell the rest of us plebs what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

    Warhol was right.

  4. 1 hour ago, Sparky said:

    I could have stretched the fan fit to 27 pages, but significantly less is more, wouldn't you agree? 🙂

    Indeed, although some haven’t learnt that particular skill yet.

    Anyway, what all this handing out Watford Exotics Group merchandise? Those gin mugs are like gold dust, you can’t simply hand them out to any old Dan, Dick or Harry!

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  5. 1 hour ago, red vtec said:

    One of the teachers at my school  is now a leader of the NUT, he was a bloody shit teacher and was always more interested in left wing politics. He was a lazy bastard.

    One thing I can say is that as far as I can remember, there were never any political statements, or other political bullshit mentioned by any of my teachers, right from primary school to secondary.

    However, when I got to college in the east end of London, the Electrotech lecturer had been a personal friend of Blair Peach, the New Zealander that was killed in the Southall riots, and electrics lectures were spent debating left-wing and communist politics, with the students in full right-wing attack mode, just to piss him off. When it came to exam time, we’d wasted so much time on all that political bullshit, he just told us what questions were going to be on the exam paper, so we all passed with flying colours. 

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  6. The kittens are getting bigger, and more adventurous. They’ve tried one on a lead for walkies, which was moderately successful, but painfully slow. The other one couldn’t figure it out at all, so that’s work in progress.






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  7. 16 hours ago, Rolls said:

    I was under the impression copper grease should never be used on Alloys... not 100% but do recall reading that somewhere.

     Nonsense. I’ve never had any issues with copper grease, and I’ve had that frame out four times over the last 6 years. Unless you’re driving the car in the sea, the chances of corrosion without grease far outweighs any possibility of galvanic action. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, mg4lotus said:

    That is one school. Do you know which teachers weren't pulling their weight? Or was it the headmaster? Or was it the trust? Or was it the pupils? Or was it the parents?

    Does anybody know of other teachers who aren't pulling their weight?

    I have no connection with schools other than having been a pupil and being the parent of pupils. Some teachers were good and others not so good.

    When I was a pupil there was no pandemic and no Internet so I don't know how my good teachers would have fared today.

    The situation is complex, stereotyping and generalising is something you might expect some politicians to do. There are good and bad politicians.

    When I were a lad the teachers ruled with a rod of iron, it was just like being in the ‘Kelsey Grammar’ sketch from ‘Little Britain’. Pretty sure we’d never have got away with 4 days off school , never mind 4 months.

  9. 27 minutes ago, TdM said:

    I'd agree with this, even in none pandemic times you can't get an appointment so you give up. Last year I rang them up (waited in the queue) I had a mole that has started to scab up. Receptionist says, you'll want an emergency appointment, could be cancer. We don't have any at the moment, I suggest you ring back first thing every day until you can get one.

    What kind of system is that!?

    A crappy one.

    I complained in person to the practice manager about their online booking service, and was told it’s in perfect working order. So, on the spot I challenged here to log on with my details and get me an appointment. She failed miserably, and told me it was because my GP worked part-time. FFS they ALL only work part time, I know this because one of the HCA’s that works there told me so.

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