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  1. Chillidoggy's post in The Sound of the Esprit was marked as the answer   
    In my view, unless they’re real good ‘uns, like an obvious bottom-end knocking, it’s not easy using videos to decide engine condition. I wouldn’t want to risk any advice based on them, anyway.
    They say there’s no substitute for sitting in front of a doctor for a decent diagnosis. If you can actually get an appointment, of course………🙄
  2. Chillidoggy's post in Protech shocks - ride height..... simple question ...... was marked as the answer   
    The height should be measured from below the chassis crossmembers, front and rear. Check the service notes, but I think they're both supposed to be 170mm.
  3. Chillidoggy's post in Alunox exhaust manifold - Did you retain the locking plates? was marked as the answer   
    I used the hi temp aerospace K-nuts with no locking plates. No problems since the install, and after many thousand miles. I’ve just reused them again since the engine rebuild. Not cheap, but they work well. Make sure your cylinder head port faces are in good condition, and use the steel shim gaskets, not the composite ones.
    Demon Tweeks supplied the nuts.
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