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  1. Check out Dave Mason (thedavemason) on Instagram now he can make a good wooden knob
  2. Over the last few days I've been taking feedback from fellow owners and doing more research to which has led me to re-think my intake design. This morning I called Litchfield and re-scheduled my 'after' dyno for the 12th April. The intake is for me quite an important piece of the performance puzzle to get right and the market doesn't really seem to support the community by offering a fair priced system. I personally can not justify near £900 for an intake and know from my own experience that the HKS SSC system even though around the £500 marker (all in with taxes and delivery) offers possibly the worst filtration of any filter and therefore not something I will be putting back on my car! So the changes im now going to make to my initial design. No More Carbon The carbon pipe is going, yes externally it looks nice and is super lightweight, but the internal surface is rough, that can't be good and credit to @Jack for opening my eyes to this and the knock on effect this can cause to air flow and AFRs. With some help a test pipe has been made to replace the carbon tube. First, modelling and making the MAF flange, before welding to the correct size aluminium pipe and finishing with a swage on both ends. Must say very happy with the result and looks very professional. I guess I do debate whether to go powder coated (black), leave as is with the brushed ali, or cover in heat resistant gold wrap... at the moment it's not important so will leave the decision to a later date. Happy to hear what folks think on this... I sometimes wonder if too much gold in the engine bay looks a bit too bling. Bigger is Better I had been a bit worried that I'd played it too safe on the size of the ITG I'd ordered, and the thought isn't going away, so I've decided to go for a bigger box which would be more than sufficient to cope with any 'potential' future power upgrades such as manifolds and sport cats. What this means is that the original position of the intake needs to slightly change, equally my nice new ali pipe is likely to get cut up again as I re-work the new bigger filter. I'll also have to make a new mounting bracket for the intake box as the CupR solution will no longer work. Bigger box mean more work but I know its the better and right thing to do vs just try the easy option and make compromises. Give it a RAM! With the slight relocation needed with the bigger intake box, there is an opportunity to now incorporate a direct 'ram' feed from the side vent into the air intake inlet. At high speed this could provide very good benefit especially on track (eg Hangar Straight at Silverstone as a perfect example). Finding a balance... This is one that's hard to explain, the original design positioned the ITG far away from the main engine block and sitting directly above the side vent (hence originally not feeling the need for a 'ram'). The idea behind this being to help as best as possible to reduce heat soak. With the bigger intake, by the nature of being bigger, the intake will push out from the side of the clam and closer into the engine bay. I need to try and ensure the right balance of the intakes position to take a suitable ram feed, account for the bigger intake, and try and keep as far away from the main engine block as possible. Basically I don't want the intake to be sat next to the engine bay. So lots of work still to go... most likely ill be testing on track before dyno...
  3. Pictures of the B5 are deceiving it’s a lot deeper than it looks and has the top torso ‘hold’ I concur with George if you have B6 you should be running harnesses and in my opinion 5/6 point harnesses at that... B6 can get a ‘cut’ to the sides to help get in and out... but even with a cut they’re quite a hardcore seat for 95% road usage.
  4. I can go over -2 if needed on the front.
  5. I’ve not used him but I have heard the name before and from memory generally okay I believe.
  6. Thanks @Kristof Thys... pinged you a few PMs and really appreciate your feedback. On another note, with the missus out for the day, and looking after the little one who went for a power nap early, I decided to do a few quick jobs. First one being removing the OEM number plate brick on the rear, with a bit of heat it came away easily, however whoever fitted it decided to use glue vs double sided tape so unfortunately some of the matt black paint did peel off that said luckily it isn't visible and easily covered when re-attaching the plate. It does look better but I am a bit miffed about the paint peeling as means I can get the shorter plate which was the plan. Likely will get it fixed later in the year or at least added to 2019 winter maintenance. Being in the engine bay of late, I felt compelled to give it a little clean, first with AutoFinesse enigma, then a combination of Chemical Guys Trim Gel and Detailing Spray mixed and applied everywhere with a brush before wiped down with a microfibre cloth. Kind of a last minute thought mixing the two but it seems to have done the job. You can see a sneak peak of the test intake I've put together, note the enclosed ITG intake pushed as far away from the engine to help with heat soak. Also for the custom 1 of 1 milled engine plaque I made for myself thinking I'd be clever and have something special and one off, but in the end preferring the design I did for everyone else which I'll be replacing this with on my next batch. Surprising how much better the engine bay looks with a little clean. I hadn't really documented it over winter but I have looked to bring back a level of comfort to the interior, installing carpets to the sides, and managing to find a way to re-install my centre console without it catching on the Tillet (as im small I have my seat quite far forward). The aluminium centre channel part that splits the floor pan (passenger/driver) I removed and got powder coated, the triangle bit which it goes into (front facing) seemed riveted on so I wrapped that in satin black. The little updates to the interior have made a massive difference and the car is now feeling a little more premium I do wonder if everyone gets somewhat excited by the 'new' exiges with comments such as 'it just feels complete... better made.. etc' if its down to the new exiges actually having a proper interior. Theres still some work to be done on the interior in time, dash/binnacles in alcantara, I need to either make an alcantara sock or re-shape the steering cowl so that I can retain free movement for H&T without knocking my knees and clean up all the wiring, also carbon interior sills, then I think the interior will be done.
  7. HPE Auto (Bromsgrove) or Williams Automobiles (Chipping Sodbury).
  8. Managed to put my test intake together today and fit to the car. It continues to surprise how big and what appears overly complicated the OEM box is from factory. The intake design worked a treat with very little need for any changes to what was planned. After running the car idle the ECU seemed to take the new intake no problem. Ive then done about 15 miles today of general driving and medium pulls with no issues or error messages to report. Initial thoughts... the enclosed ITG unit I’m using doesn’t make as much noise as the HKS (this I guess has its benefits but I understand some folks want more NOISe). The ‘volume’ may change as I start to test under some hard pulls but at the moment I’m keen to take it easy to ensure the ECU learns. Throttle response/power again too early to comment and to be honest anything I say could be pure placebo... everything depends on the dyno which I’ll be measuring not only the usual power/torque but also air/fuel ratio to ensure all is safe.
  9. Thank You Yes real shame I didn’t meet him properly but now in conversation so hope to meet up soon. Thanks for the intro
  10. THIS IS EXACTLY IT.....! Its all about the baseline and increase from this point vs 'promised' bhp values
  11. I managed to get the morning dyno slot at Litchfield today. Must say as an operation, Litchfield is an inspiring place, some unreal builds in progress and very professional outfit. In a car park full of GTRs as far as the eye can see, Panda definitely felt the odd one out, but the guys where very interested in the Lotus and the car got a lot of attention. Being around soo much JDM machinery did make me remember how much I did enjoy my old R35 GTR as a ROAD car and found myself searching Autotrader and Pistonheads for a MY12. Maybe a new daily driver for the future to replace the R26 Megane. Strapped to the dyno and ready to get all four wheels spinning, Litchfield can spin the front wheels to match the rear so we were able to avoid any error issues. The test today was based on my car with a standard engine, standard exhaust setup, and standard air box. So standard power from factory is claimed to be 345bhp and 295lb ft of torque. Conscious that getting a perfect factory reading is near unheard of I wasn't too surprised by the results (which concur with the other results found on the forum) As with any dyno, folks will always have an opinion, but I feel todays result was honest and transparent. Yes the car doesn't hit factory numbers, but not many seem to anyway, now I have a benchmark to work from as I now move into designing my air intake system. Re-Test is next week so hoping the little ones are good on an evening so I can get building lol!
  12. I'll cover this more on my build thread but for completeness here is my dyno from today at Litchfield Motors, wheels spinning at front (same speed as rear), standard engine and air box.
  13. Tomorrow I officially start my next project. First testing the cars performance at Litchfield Motors on their very special dyno. Very excited and a bit anxious to see what my little car churns out in terms of power numbers as standard Assuming all goes well, I'll have a benchmark to work against with an intake design I've had in mind for a while which then gets re-tested on the 22nd March. It never stops! Im sure folks will contest any results (pre-warning) but for me I feel you cant get better than Litchfields setup for this type of testing and im led to believe they can spin the front wheels so im hoping all goes plain sailing (famous last words!). *Pic for dramatic purposes... will replace with a Lotus one tomorrow
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