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  1. Hi unfortunately we sold out today... will look towards another pre order for a new batch when I get time. Ping me a message with your email and I’ll let you know when I do as they go quick! Thanks
  2. @Mike430 not at this time as its a completely different design. However it is in the plan for 2020 at some point.
  3. Yes I did it works well no issues I think a fair point, there wasn’t enough room in the gap (if that makes sense) to turn the material in and ensure the buttons had the room to function without restriction. That said maybe a pattern could be made to expose the buttons more but it just becomes complicated and tbf I was more than ok to just get it trimmed. 100% agree the carbon dipped version @Mark030358 has done just looks amazing ... keen to hear his feedback when he gets back on the buttons post dip. I just personally didn’t want to risk it and I’ve always wanted the binnacle trimmed alongside the dash vents and sides etc.
  4. @Seriouslylotus I need to sort either resistors or deselect in Lotus Tech just haven’t had time to turn it off. @Jeroenvg I was driving in either race or full traction off mode (can’t remember) but everything very normal.
  5. Bloody lovely @MAG I think you’ve fitted yours better than I have looking at that line at the top and alignment to the sill! Good job!!!! So happy they’ve worked out for you especially given the effort to make these just right and they definitely look right on your car with the growing number of carbon additions! As per the instructions you’ve got to get a ‘feel’ for offering them up and aligning to get it spot on and right for the adhesive part!
  6. If I was purchasing again I'd go Komotec!
  7. So the binnacle (and other dash bits) have arrived and started to test fit the new internal sills
  8. The actual improvement to the gear shift can only be achieved by a retro fit of the 350 Sport+ gear shift. I think you have a 350 already so you have the shifter, the gearbox cooler would be a complimentary items to help manage those track day conditions and longevity of your gearbox. My gearbox cooler is located under the car (vent in under tray) I was worried about the design being prone to damage and unfortunately mine did fail and required a replacement. The replacement came with additional mesh and shielding which has proved a good enhancement to the design. That said if I was to do it again, especially with enlarged side scoops, I'd be going with a solution which housed the cooler in the actual side vent which I think would be slightly safer and create more airflow for cooling. Another alternative is to forget all coolers and go with a Laminova setup.
  9. You may want to send Dan the instructions... will be more than an hour but an easy job for him.
  10. @Karls who did you get a quote from out of interest as looking to do the same. I've reached out to a friend at Ultimate Auto Detailing up near Worcester way - Pending a price.
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