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  1. Folks ... I have an update ... will post later after work but @Bibs great point and definitely helped make an improvement to the kit as of this afternoon
  2. Over the weekend I managed to get a little work done on test fitting the mesh discs on the intake side of the car. I tried two sizes to be safe and found the one size fitted perfectly inside the OEM intake elbow which is retained and connected to the back of the carbon scoops. The idea behind using a fabricated mesh disc is to keep the install simple and clean whilst also allowing the scoops to be used regardless of if using an aftermarket intake or OEM airbox. Have to say im very happy with the test fit. The disc is pretty tight on fitment but will be further secured using a jubilee clip around the outside of the intake elbow. Forgive the dirty car! This is the view when you get your head into the scoop and look up ... not that any normal person does this haha The discs are fabricated from stainless steel so my original plan of anodising black is not going to work. Thanks @GFWilliams for the reminder... so im going to get them powder coated black. Really happy how the kit is coming on
  3. Hi Bud... well just heard tonight one chap running the intake with the same system you have and currently all he reports is good. However I’ve never personally tested. If you do wish to go down the ECU route let me know and I can put you in touch with RRR. I’m hoping to get back on intakes this week so will seek to give an update on progress end of week.
  4. Reinforcement plates should be back in stock in the next month or so Same with street and track splitters (although I do have a track splitter spare at the moment).
  5. The run in needs to include a gradual increase of revs through out the run in period. Start low revs then half way start building it up etc..
  6. I go to all that effort of powder coating and it then lives in that dirty engine bay lol The solenoid is where I've had mine now for about 3-4 years and not had an issue buddy Just ensure you take your time with run in!
  7. Very happy to hear I can swap them over thanks @Tex @PhilT @The Pits
  8. Williams Automobiles - So are you local to the South West?
  9. Sure you're not confusing with Trofeo? If that's the case I've got one more track day in my rears lol hence wanting to triple confirm!
  10. Really impressed with how much you've improved the car @MAG over a short period of time! Like @GFWilliams for me one of the best things about alias23 is seeing ideas, designs, and products on fellow owners cars.
  11. I didn’t think you could do that on the Cup2s?
  12. Just go for maximum camber on front and back!
  13. Hi Elliott - Just picking up on the 'full' 2bular system. Do you mean full end to end system replacing headers, cats, exhaust etc? If so be aware the ECU will not be able to adapt to both a change of intake and headers without some ECU remap work I'm afraid.
  14. To be honest still working through the pre orders... may have a few spare in December but to be honest talking may be one or two as I generally make them in batches. Alias23 is more a community/owner based thing vs a full blown 24/7/365 operating business so I try to do as much as I can whilst balancing life haha but ping me on [email protected] and I can ping you if I find I have spares
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