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  1. I've looked into this in the past.. my recommendation would be to buy the external flange/cover assembly (parts 3, 4, and 5). Then find a decent tuner who can then fit you the cut off and extinguisher. The cut off and extinguisher are nothing specific or special, a decent tuner can source the right items and fit.
  2. @Gordon S and I managed to get out to Silverstone on Monday, we were blessed with good weather, and I managed to achieve better performance with the new setup. Very happy and for sure the new wing really does make the car can't stop looking at the rear lol
  3. If you’re looking at simply installing side skirts then someone like Back On Track in Guildford could probably help.
  4. YES (Ti actually) but waiting on the end plate countersunks which should arrive next week
  5. End plates came back and I'm absolutely chuffed with the results. The Motorworks did a fantastic job spraying the exterior of the endplates whilst also giving me a nice edging which really makes the wing look OEM+ and less bolt on. Over the weekend I met up with a few fellow folks from TLF as we commissioned a private day at Thruxton skid pan. A great time with friends and learning a bit of car control. Next up vents incoming for the front clam
  6. I see it... although wonder if it should be spaced out more?
  7. Thanks @Bravo73 Are you guys just after the ‘straight’ look version I’ve seen on previous Evora’s? Dont discredit the wood versions, it’s easy to think it’s a lot of £££ for just wood but I can tell you the cost of painting to get the right finish is ££££! I do the side sills for the V6 in 6mm plastic which had a decent natural finish that’s close to OEM. Id be open to making up a design for an Evora if there’s enough interest. I’d just need to borrow an Evora for a few hours to make up a template...
  8. Conscious I've been very quite of late... fact is I've just been stacked and trying to get the right balance between family, work work, Alias23 bits, oh and finding a spare slot on track has been pretty difficult. That said the group buy organised for the 380 Cup CF wings are being packed and shipped this week - So we should see some new additions to the Big Wing Gang club very soon! ... and yes weekends have resorted in packing!!!! For the keen eyed, you'll see I've finally managed to sort my own wing game out, the funny story for the last month or two has be
  9. I've found 1mm toe out at the front to be have a great effect on turn in on track. At the rear im pretty much neutral on toe, would be interested to hear what you've seen running well on the rear if you mind sharing?
  10. I know of this car... the previous owner to the current, it was in impeccable condition and when it was up for sale in the past I was seriously tempted! If I hadn't recently just purchased a new daily I'd be back into counting pennies to try and make this work!
  11. @Jack how are you running with no cats and no ECU remap? Surely its kicking out errors?
  12. I didn’t think they had packaged a solution good to know. Can’t see any pricing for a total
  13. For me the problem with the out of the box SSC kit is that you retain the manifolds/cats which to me doesn’t support a true end to end system. The 460 KT kit is end to end and for me the outright winner. Unless you can stump up the extra cash for the @Mattmahope setup
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