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  1. Sorry for the lack of a proper write up and pictures following the mirror install... work and life has got in the way I'm afraid but happy to report the mirrors are doing very well. Super sturdy, albeit I will when I get a moment add some lock tie stuff, also the visibility is better. Some pics from a few weeks ago at Donington with BookATrack. I guess zooming in you can see the mirrors Suffice to say I continue to be very happy with the look of the car, the only last bit to complete is the rear hatch replacing with the Cup360 rear louvred panel I got from @Seriouslylotus earlier this year. Hopefully this will be completed in the coming week. What I did find annoying at Donington was the gear shift, as many will have read I already have the SSC cables, however on this recent trip I found it becoming a problem. My oils are changed every 3-4 track days so generally always fresh oil. I am suspecting I need the gearbox oil cooler as a next step so will be having one installed soon. Out of interest I also filmed my engine to try and check the health of my engine mounts. I know engines generally rock a little, but for me it felt a little too much, especially under hard throttle (19 seconds on). Quite a bit of research suggests the shift can be improved with better engine mounts in addition to benefiting throttle response. A bit of research and a call to Greg's Race Parts and a set of Innovative Mounts have been ordered. Its not even winter yet and I seem to have already gotten into my winter build!
  2. alias23

    Uprated Drivetrain Mounts

    Full set 75A debating weather to install them all or just front and rear...
  3. alias23

    Uprated Drivetrain Mounts

    They should arrive with me before end of week but not booked in for install for a few weeks I’m afraid.
  4. More work started this evening 😝
  5. Remove and powdercoat is easiest option
  6. Thanks I’ve ordered a set at 75a stiffness. Have you felt a major differance to throttle response and shifting?
  7. alias23

    How did you do it?

    Your missus can’t heel and toe?! 😲
  8. I need to get some proper pictures but here’s one I found from a recent geo at HPEAuto.
  9. My fronts last about a year if not longer... remember my car gets a lot of time on track.
  10. I threw the Pagids in the bin because of the pad transfer issue... went PFC and not looked back awesome!
  11. Yes the visibility is better! Sorry for the delay responding!
  12. @GFWilliams I’ll have my mounts and gearbox oil cooler installed before you.... PS. Do you even go on track?
  13. How are you getting on with these mounts near a year of you having them I believe? Keen to understand how much vibration at idle and street usage please.
  14. alias23

    Crap Gear Shift!

    Seems to suggest changing selector forks as one area but that appears to pretty much mean full gearbox rebuild Looks like gearbox oil cooler is needed as a minimum. Unsure which one to get Komotec or H111 both seem to locate the cooler in different areas of the car. Anyone got any recommendations on which is better?
  15. The gear shift on my V6 is becoming a problem on track. I already have updated SSC cables. I replace fluids with Motul every 3-4 track days. What have folks done that has actually worked and made a differance? Equally anyone installed the inokinetic shifter to a V6 or updated engine mounts and can provide real feedback? Thanks