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  1. I don't actually see any damage personally... just a little wear and tear...
  2. Hi,


    how much do you want for your side sills ?? Do they need painting or will they match the mat plastic bits like on a cup ? 



    1. alias23


      Pinged you a direct message buddy ;)

  3. I believe you can get the upgraded pulley from monkey wrench in the US, unsure on the remap. You also have PB Racing who have a pulley/remap package but they’re not in the UK. Why not Komotec/H111 out of interest? At least proven for the setup your talking about (KT390) and UK based.
  4. Sorry but that didn’t work for me... just take a pic on your phone and upload?
  5. @NW76 from memory didn’t you buy from LM Corse? How did you find the fit and quality? For those that aren’t carbon obsessed but look for some extra styling... I now have side sills available cut from satin black plastic now available unpainted 😉
  6. It is rather disappointing to see this... I would expect better.
  7. alias23

    Exige picture & video thread

    I AM OBSSESSED WITH THIS GUYS VIDEOS RIGHT NOW.... I THINK IVE WATCHED EVERYONE HES LAUNCHED ABOUT FIVE TIMES AT LEAST! This latest just makes everything just feel soo much fun and I love the mix of seriousness, humour, and driving. I NEED MORE INFO ON THIS CAR IF ANYONES GOT IT! Specifically - Confirmation on if this has an LSD lol as no way can he have soo much fun with standard diff surely...
  8. I’d generally say I change my oils every three track days.
  9. Check my build thread... you'll see the decision I took and why... Page 17
  10. alias23

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    @Mark030358 the only issue to which isn't an issue as should be done as part of the upgrade to 460, is the clutch, assuming this is done then you should be okay. I've heard of one gearbox failure on a 460 but this car was 100% track car and heavily heavily used, so not the standard. All in all done correctly the 460 kit is excellent and im now massively jealous of your future upgrade 😭
  11. Very random... not used the car for a week and a bit... turn the car on and blowers working at full speed and fan speed changes as per the norm. Any idea what happened?
  12. Sorry didn’t mean it to come across patronising buddy. if you wind the rubbers up is the gap the same, if so then maybe highlights the striker is too long and needs winding in. Just one test maybe. Alternatively take it to Dave 😉
  13. I did find with mine that there was a fine balance between adjustment of the stricker pin and rubber conicals. It took me a fair amount of time and patience to get mine right.
  14. I'd try the other two rubbers at the front just to check as they may be too high for the ledge they fit on which is causing the gap. If that makes sense.
  15. Which bolts have you adjusted?