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  1. Last night was EPIC! Had a great evening track day session with a number of Exige V6s, Cups, and a 410... really good fun and great conditions. Happy to report the car performed very well except for the pretty worn Cup2s I should have probably replaced before show time. This was a good test for the intake, again pretty warm summer conditions to have to deal with, and also a drive by noise limit of 98db. At no point did the car receive a noise warning and by no way was there any short shifting or letting off... lets say it was a full throttle session which this little clip demonstrates Hopefully a proper video to come when I get time. Looking at offline data shows the car consistently performed lap on lap with no perceived degradation of power leading from heat soak, as a standard practise I do open the rear hatch when back in the pits to help with cool down post each session. I'm still very happy with the design and its position in the engine bay. Great evening and soo good to see more and more of the Exige V6S on track!
  2. Hi I'm sorry but I didn't receive a PM im afraid. I'll send you one now
  3. @ArthouseCompany probably too late but @mcx has his DJ wing for sale I believe.
  4. Is that standard exhaust @Jack? Obviously not the wrap... but under the wrap.
  5. He’s already got a KT system from a previous upgrade
  6. Still the same timescale about a month so aiming to ship early august for the first pre-orders Hi Ross our first batch is sold out I’m afraid. However we have a pre-order on our second batch which will guarantee you a kit when we go into official product launch mid/end August. I’ll ping you a mail with the details if you like. Imran
  7. Great work Matt very keen to hear how this project goes!
  8. A quick update the Ali blocks arrived today. These will be individually cnc machined to make the MAF flanges. Hoping to book the CNC bench end of next week to make a start
  9. @GFWilliams is this the car you said you'd hidden 20kg of weight under both the drivers and passenger seat?
  10. The amount of work involved in this is unreal! Congrats buddy! When do I need to send money for a set
  11. I think there’s a lot of people very keen to get your feedback on the inokinetic! So hurry up with the install
  12. Which ECU is it running then if also got full manifolds?
  13. I’m talking about the ‘old’ one not the new one.. given what’s been said in terms of what he likes in a car and how he wants to use a car maybe the GT4 is a better solution hence the recommendation.
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