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  1. Yokohama Advan A052 - These are the fastest tyre I've had on the Exige on track!
  2. The original V6S splitter is actually quite flexible but it can crack easily if hit at the wrong angle. The Sliplo solution @Jcx referances which I've packaged is not going to stop a direct crack but help to try and prevent the 'scratching' and scraping especially for those splitters which arent flexible such as the carbon fibre ones on the 410/430 setups. More info can be found here: with recent installs on @Bispal and @RRSSS 430Cups.
  3. Girodisc are great if you live in the US but when you try and bring to the U.K. shipping (esp due to the weight) and customs kill the cost benefit for us folks in U.K. and Europe Im also not too keen on the Girodisc lock in whereby you only have them as the source of discs/parts going forward.
  4. YES - I will be using for track although due to new job and other priorities I won't be doing the same volume of track days as I did in the Lotus. The big costs are tyres and as @Tex has commented brakes. Theres very little I can do ref tyres, tyre costs will be a lot higher than the Lotus, although slightly cheaper than the Porsche variant. The BIG cost is the brakes with pads costing around £1,300 and discs around £12K. This is a problem, and one in which I feel is stopping more 600LT owners getting on track. So I've already started plans to create a ceramic to iron rotor conversi
  5. I was worried about the soundtrack of the exhaust as many said it was quite muted... however I've been quite impressed, maybe its the noise/vibrations that enhance the 'feel', for sure the exhaust is not a complaint for me.... albeit I can see a better design to remove valves from the cat back
  6. Hi Guys - Sorry for the delay! New job has diverted attention and then had some issues trying to log into accounts etc with new laptop. Anyway seems like the cats out the bag! What can I say... well its been a journey getting into the position to be able to make the step into a 600LT and feel very very lucky. Initial impressions are best described by Sarah's feedback after she took the car out for a drive on her own, to quote "Its like the R35 GTR and the Lotus got together on a Friday night, had too much to drink and got carried away with each other and made this!" For sure t
  7. Hey Guys... After seven years of owning and developing this car from new it’s time for me to move on and seek a new project. So I'm now putting my car up for sale. Conscious everyones going to be asking what I'm looking to upgrade to and at this time you'll just have to wait For sure @Alias23 continues for all so no worries on that front. As you’ll know from this build thread the car has wanted for nothing, with over £36,000 of upgrades (exc. Install costs) all detailed below, with a service frequency and breadth which is arguably unnecessary but keeps my OCD at bay and ensures the
  8. Hopefully @GFWilliams doesn’t mind me saying this but we have agreed to bring two seperate CF sill options to the market that cater for two different types of buyer and look. I’ll be working on evolving the Alias23 option into a carbon version (arguably a more aggressive track look) whilst George under HellSlow will work on an OEM+ option which will be focused on OCD levels of quality for the purists.
  9. alias23


    Now I’m wishing I bought into Burberry last week when I’d pressed to deal but got side tracked on a work call and didn’t complete!
  10. @GFWilliams a very worth while note "Weave will be 45 degrees out from the middle of the car, but the edges will have carbon which had the weave all the way over the edge to the bottom, meaning it is a no compromise solution. For reference, the OEM ones have a (admittedly neat) join half way through the edge. Other aftermarket ones seem to have given up with the edges... " the edge is the hard bit for sure! Good luck buddy 👍
  11. Not at this time. I may look to make the reinforcement kit if there's enough interest but its quite a lot of work - hence why currently a one off for my car.
  12. I was intending to go 380 Cup but things got a little carried away with my original plans using 430 uprights. At this time I hadn’t thought of offering this configuration namely as the cost is rather silly compared to what you can get with the 380 cup option available. Yes if you look back through the thread I made some internal brackets which have proven very good for extra strength.
  13. alias23


    Just found this thread and with shares hitting new lows back in the game of topping up so thought I'd join the conversation. BP is at the lowest its been for a long long time so started to top up. Previously also done well with Lamprell, Fresnillo, and Weir but their still not low enough yet... Always got my eye on Treatt but they seem to remain rock solid at the moment.
  14. I've looked into this in the past.. my recommendation would be to buy the external flange/cover assembly (parts 3, 4, and 5). Then find a decent tuner who can then fit you the cut off and extinguisher. The cut off and extinguisher are nothing specific or special, a decent tuner can source the right items and fit.
  15. @Gordon S and I managed to get out to Silverstone on Monday, we were blessed with good weather, and I managed to achieve better performance with the new setup. Very happy and for sure the new wing really does make the car can't stop looking at the rear lol
  16. If you’re looking at simply installing side skirts then someone like Back On Track in Guildford could probably help.
  17. YES (Ti actually) but waiting on the end plate countersunks which should arrive next week
  18. End plates came back and I'm absolutely chuffed with the results. The Motorworks did a fantastic job spraying the exterior of the endplates whilst also giving me a nice edging which really makes the wing look OEM+ and less bolt on. Over the weekend I met up with a few fellow folks from TLF as we commissioned a private day at Thruxton skid pan. A great time with friends and learning a bit of car control. Next up vents incoming for the front clam
  19. Thanks @Bravo73 Are you guys just after the ‘straight’ look version I’ve seen on previous Evora’s? Dont discredit the wood versions, it’s easy to think it’s a lot of £££ for just wood but I can tell you the cost of painting to get the right finish is ££££! I do the side sills for the V6 in 6mm plastic which had a decent natural finish that’s close to OEM. Id be open to making up a design for an Evora if there’s enough interest. I’d just need to borrow an Evora for a few hours to make up a template...
  20. Conscious I've been very quite of late... fact is I've just been stacked and trying to get the right balance between family, work work, Alias23 bits, oh and finding a spare slot on track has been pretty difficult. That said the group buy organised for the 380 Cup CF wings are being packed and shipped this week - So we should see some new additions to the Big Wing Gang club very soon! ... and yes weekends have resorted in packing!!!! For the keen eyed, you'll see I've finally managed to sort my own wing game out, the funny story for the last month or two has be
  21. I've found 1mm toe out at the front to be have a great effect on turn in on track. At the rear im pretty much neutral on toe, would be interested to hear what you've seen running well on the rear if you mind sharing?
  22. I know of this car... the previous owner to the current, it was in impeccable condition and when it was up for sale in the past I was seriously tempted! If I hadn't recently just purchased a new daily I'd be back into counting pennies to try and make this work!
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