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  1. @DMH83 crazy to see how the cars transforming in such a short period of time! I think @MAG may have some competition Congrats Buddy!
  2. @MAG stop copying my anodised bolt obsession!
  3. I've been looking to make a version two of the intake to integrate an air straightener, I want to do this properly with a physical hold in place in addition to just the simple approach of epoxy. Some folks will remember that the pipe work I use is not a size which is 'off the shelf' and therefore the straighteners available online are too small (I tested them from three different suppliers!). So I've taken the step to make my own and today I got a few samples laser cut from scratch to ensure a tight and correct fitment. I'll be looking to have a few prototypes finished to test in the coming two weeks
  4. Appreciate the thought buddy but kinda don’t make or sell anything I don’t believe in myself
  5. PMSL... Thanks. The problem I have with this is that all these extinguishers (no disrespect) aren’t really worth it... they last circa five seconds if that. Do a bit of research and you’ll see it’s more looks vs practical. Plumbed in are ultimately best.
  6. These sensors do seem to go quite regularly so I'm sure will get resolved buddy.
  7. Thanks not too bad given its first time out for the year lol Thank You. Ref suspension for sure @Seriouslylotus is your guy to talk to... I know of no other who has invested and tested as much as he has with Nitron on the Exige S3
  8. I took a bit of time out to review the work I’ve been doing with Liteblox which may be of interest to folks as I realise I didn’t really cover the reasons for the change and ‘why’ on my previous update. I also had a great time last week with friends at Donington. Good to be out with the 430s and 410s. It was also a good first test of the AiM dash and SmartyCam setup. I dearly missed my rear wing and currently three seconds slower than last year New wing hopefully arrives in the coming weeks and the 8th July diarised at Donington to get back on it!
  9. Guys i'm looking at an option. @dixie v6 has been kind enough to provide some recommendations and shared some of his data insights. I have reservations on straighteners based on the risk of something fraying and going into the charger. The majority have no problem but given a few people still struggling I will revisit. I think I've found a way to make it work with a physical fixing which I'm going to look to create a test pipe. Its going to take me a little while as seems most of the good straighteners come via the states and if I do this I want to do it properly. Ill keep you updated on progress.
  10. Congrats @trcm I hadn’t thought about going ‘left’ but looks good... I might have to test one of mine now in that position! The noise so great isn’t it?!!!
  11. I actually had to purchase a bottle for the garage after the last time she found out! Yes drilled through, you can actually see through it as theres an opening and very safe, I used a M6 riv nut for the bolt to thread into the sill. Id suggest using a flush riv nut vs one with a large flange this way you get a flusher surface and in turn a tighter fit carbon to sill.
  12. I've had my Reverie carbon fibre rear diffuser for a few years now and I do love it albeit I know it may be too much for most folks... it does sit very low to the ground and often catches especially when driving on fast B roads, the protective heat film also doesn't last long, so it was ready for its yearly TLC. The silver bits are the original protection from Reverie, the gold from my last recon, I decided this time to replace it all as the silver was flaking in errors. With all the nasty stuff removed and a general clean up the gold film was ready for application. However before applying the shiny stuff the underside needed a bit of a repair as when the fins do have a big 'catch' they leave a frayed jagged edge which is very sharp. So each fin needs sanding back to return to a nice edge which isn't going to cut your finger in half if you run it over before a fin clear nail varnish is applied to seal and protect. The shiny stage can now begin. Now I always thought gold heat resistance film was all the same until @danwebster at HPE Auto educated me and pointed in the direction of Race.Parts where I found out actually there are some serious differences. Given this was to be applied under the exhaust system I decided to pay the extra and get the proper film. For sure there's gold film and then theres the proper stuff. Yearly recondition of the diffuser now complete and just missing some anodised bolts for final fixing
  13. @Mark030358 I might give you a call tomorrow and FaceTime or something if that's okay please
  14. Anyone using a Mac/Parallels with their AiM? Struggling especially with this firmware update which is mostly likely user error lol
  15. Thanks Tom - Like you I've seen some pretty awful combinations of carbon fibre interiors but I think the balance is right and for sure no more is needed! The jock strap is from the lotus cup holder, I found the cup holder is actually a lot better without it
  16. Have to say the full carpet set even though its extra weight is definitely worth its weight in improving the aesthetics and feel of the overall interior coming together with the alcantara and carbon fibre elements
  17. How time fly’s I can’t believe it’s over a month since I posted progress on the car and a lot has happened… both on the car front, on the garage/workshop refurb, oh and I guess lock down! With finishing off on the interior, with the recent retrim and carbon internal sills, a few bits stuck out namely the passenger airbag cover. So, I decided to replace it with a carbon one. I couldn’t quite get the fitment right with tape as it seemed to add a gap due to the thickness of the tape. In the end I purchased the original clips from Lotus and it fits perfectly! It may be somewhat OCD but I’ve never been keen on the silver bolts that are dotted around the car, so gradually started the process of replacing them with anodised black ones from ProBolt. I first started with the petrol cap, then the internal door sills, before finishing with the door cards. I do love this shot, it really shows off the lines of the Exige V6 especially with the extended sills and mirrors I may have become somewhat impatient as some bolts weren’t available due to the pandemic so upgraded to titanium in some cases lol The last part of the interior work for 2019/2020 winter was the gear shift surround, as you know both @GFWilliams and I managed to get the Lotus OEM 350 Sport Shifter retro fitted into our cars via Dan at HPE Auto. To say the upgrade is one of the top five upgrades to the car is an understatement! However, the original V6S warning signal switch isn’t a straight fit as the later models have a different switch setup, so I have my warning switch in close proximity but tucked nicely to the side and out the way. However, it leaves this hole in the shifter surround. I think it was @2GOOD who made me aware that the 311 Lotus has the same shifter design but doesn't have a hazard switch and Lotus cover it with a bung. So a quick look up on Deroure and I was able to find it and order. It seems a small part but it actually sits in quite nicely and helped ease the process of my next plan of attack. With the surround smoothed out nicely the surround was lovingly covered in carbon fibre for final skinning. Im a very very happy chappy with the final results and I cant thank enough the guys did an awesome job and sent me updates all the way through the process. I'll try and post some pics of the whole interior now and some of the shifter fitted. I think the interior winter upgrade program is now finished. Phew!
  18. Look great!!! What spec did you go for in terms of dimensions/offset.
  19. it’s very easy to install I think @Seriouslylotus has got it down to 30 minutes!
  20. Morning folks I have some pricing back for a group buy. Note the price Stephen and MAG got was on a special offer price. That said I’ve got figures so please DM me if genuinely interested (I don’t want to distract this particular thread from MAGS epic build diary). Looks like we need 3-5 folks to get this going.
  21. I guess the ‘ask’ has been around for a while and I should get my act in gear so if anyone is local to Gloucester and can lend me their Evora for a few days I should get what I need to make up an initial design. Ping me if anyone’s interested
  22. Just waiting back on them confirming price
  23. For folks interested im asking about a group buy
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