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  1. Okay folks so based on MetWeather this weekend we may get lucky So assuming it remains relatively dry then im good and suggest we start formalising ideas for logistics. C&M opens the doors at 9am, weekends are obviously their busiest days of the week, Im thinking ill probably try and get there for 9.30am and look to pre-book parking to be safe ( If theres enough call for those in the South West happy to meet up again at the Air Balloon at around 8.20/8.30 to convoy over together.
  2. This is a cool idea although need more pics to see the whole of car etc... how did you bend the mesh so nicely. Working with mesh is one of my pet hates lol
  3. May be worth while doing the pre book parking in advance let’s see what weather looks like Tuesday
  4. Well I don't think I've had a delivery of soo much carbon fibre in my life 😆 I also got a sample of a new product ill be testing Its been a long journey what with the original courier who lost us a month in time (won't happen again!). However happy to say the package has landed! Thanks to everyone for their patience! I'll check all parts and numbers later today (currently at work work) then start work on applying the mesh for the non intake side before getting everything packed and ready for shipping out
  5. A few updates to share... I think folks will notice that this winter my focus is currently on the interior which is odd given that last year I made the effort to remove as much as possible 😆 Anyway with the AiM dash install and a need to re-wire for the SmartyCam behind the seats it felt a good idea to remove the whole interior including the side carpets. I have longed for a full carpet setup but after one supplier sent me a LHD set three times 😱 I gave up... so I decided with some help from a friend to make my own set! Using a 350 Sport we were able to take a design, add a few tweaks, and finally make a proper cut for testing. At this point nothing is 'stuck down' but I've very happy with how its turned out and love the proper cut outs for the footwell mats and seat fixings. The last thing I wanted was to have to cut these bits out manually with a stanley knife. Carpet used was just test carpet so I'll now go on to get them made in a better quality carpet for final fitment! I also managed to find a cup holder on eBay, I've found by removing the black leather bit you can get most cups sitting nice and secure, so hopefully no more coffee spillages! Finally all my interior bits (including AiM dash binnacle) have been sent of for a re-trim in Alcantara so more interior updates to come in the coming weeks!
  6. You could also take that lead from the front service panel this way you can have the rear boot closed etc... this is what I've done.
  7. Always thought silver on the v6 was under rated! Looks great!
  8. Great stuff I've looked at this one a few times myself! Congrats
  9. WOWOWOWOWOW - That looks awesome @Mark030358 looking forward to seeing that fitted and buttons working
  10. It’s the street version which has the same overhang as OEM, I think the one your thinking of is the track version which has double the overhang
  11. So my Lithium battery I think is on its way out... partially my fault as I left it unplugged for a few weeks... so today I placed my order for a new setup which I'm quite excited about especially as it involves a bit of sexy carbon fibre
  12. The position of the filter is directly on top of the exit of the side intake scoop so it’s getting a lot of air already, it’s also far away from the engine bay, so heat soak isn’t really noticeable. Dont get me wrong I’m sure there’s some but on track (15 min sessions) I’ve never noticed any decrease in performance or times through out the day. The other challenge is as you add more ‘design and functional’ bits you complicate and in turn increase costs. So it’s a balance
  13. Just to say folks I've got a few spaces left on my next production run ALIAS23 INTAKE KIT
  14. I just don't think there is room under the car and the front side grills are typically blocked by the rads.
  15. @geartox these look very interesting, where is the ducting fed from?
  16. What ... an update that doesn’t include carbon 😜
  17. I've not personally tested on a 380 so couldn't confirm one way or another. However I am aware of one customer who has installed on a 380 at his own risk and was positive on the result.
  18. I met with AiM today, they've taken a good bulk of the recommendations and prioritised those which make sense for the majority eg cruise control etc... Looks like they'll be working fast to get an update out soon
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