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  2. What would you guys project a new almost fully spec'd (£60k list) Exige S coupe to be worth in 2 years time?
  3. Bibs, not expecting anyone to divulge exact figures just want an idea on what a typical dealer has to play with as I am in the final throws of purchasing one. I would expect Tesco to have at least 40% on anything they sell
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have had an extended test drive in a roadster and loved it. The driving experience was even better than I was expecting, the noise was amazing and the interior rubbish as expected but I guess you don't buy them for the interior! I am in the final throws of doing a deal on a coupe and just trying to make sure I am 100% doing the right thing.
  5. I am curious what sort of margin are in them?
  6. Would anyone know what the cost to a lotus dealer a new Exige S would approximately be? Fairly high spec, say £7k of options taking total sale price to £60.5k
  7. Has anyone gone from an E92 M3 or somthing similar to a Lotus Exige S? My mileage has dropped significantly from 12k a year to more like 2k a year due to having to comute 3 times a week on a train so all my M3 gets used for is a 3 mile run to my local office and back a couple of times a week plus the odd fun drive. At the weekend we now use my g/f car to cart around the kids, shopping etc. So I am starting to think I would like something a bit more special than the M3 and am thinking the Exige S ticks the box. I would also like to start doing 3/4 track days a year in my own car and the Exige would be ideal for this (me and a friend hire a caterham a couple of times a year at the moment). Should I be considering anything else? What would the exige be like on a long run? Whats the exige likely to cost on tyres/brakes if used on trackdays?
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