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  1. You might be surprised - I think the Porsche GT product attracts quite a different buyer as opposed to say something like the 991 C4S Cab...I wouldn't want to deal in unsubstantiated generalisations you understand, but most (not all) GT cars tend to be bought by those who understand what it is that they are buying. I would expect to see quite a few GT4s on trackdays – as you do GT3s etc…
  2. I don't think so. The Sport button activates auto-blip on downshift and the third radiator (for additional oil cooling) I believe. I will do once I'm a little further into ownership - too early to compare at the moment as the GT4 isn't yet run in. The only thing I can say is that the electric steering on the GT4 is better than I had expected - still not as communicative as the LF1 of course, but very little else is, it's a true highlight of the car and an absolute joy - but better than I had hoped for and been led to believe it might be.
  3. It's arrived. First impressions from yesterday; after only 60 miles and a few hours into ownership: It's a little too early to really open it up so I'm staying below 4,500 rpm for now, but it feels solid and quick. The steering is better than I thought it might be...The interior is great and the 918 seats are excellent, much better than the folding buckets I had in the GT3 RS. I'm glad I went with little things like the yellow seatbelts, steering wheel marker and stitching to match the PCCB callipers. I know it will be a great car once I've run it in after a while and the engine sounds re
  4. Okay - I'll bite... I am a Porsche fan and a serial owner of the marque, not because I ‘fawn’ over the brand, but because Porsche make (on the whole) excellent cars; they are not without issues – 991 GT3 engine failures, bore scoring et al…, but on the whole, great cars with a real driver focus and solid reliability and residuals. The GT cars are the pinnacle of the brand and something I aspired to own as soon as I bought my very first 997 C2 a decade ago. The GT department is not a marketing gimmick; it is a separate engineering division, turning out very special cars that quite lit
  5. LF1 Number 10 with Westover Sports Cars in Poole and for sale...
  6. I was lucky enough to be one of the people who 'cashed out' at the top of the 997.2 GT3 RS market, I owned my car for 12 months, I drove it 4,500 miles around the Alps and to Le Mans twice and made a 60% profit on was never bought as an investment; I bought it to enjoy and drive and I did - I was just lucky with a rising market.
  7. The option to purchase the new GT3 RS has gone to all 918 customers first - all of whom will have taken up the option I am sure, as I am aware that cars are being traded before delivery at a considerable premium...and I'm sure they were offered the GT4 as well if they wanted it. The rest of the GT4 allocation was unofficially reserved I think for 'good' customers; those with a histroy of multiple GT car ownership or frequent customers (those who change their cars at least every 12 months). I am aware that 'vetting' took place to try to weed out speculators and those who are seeking to 'fli
  8. I do Bibs - but I also know that the residuals will be strong and that it could be 'depreciation free motoring' for at least a year or so...and it gives me a chance to perhaps obtain a GT3 RS at some point! Porsche seem to be big on loyalty!
  9. So I got a call last Friday offering me a Cayman GT4 – I think Porsche have created additional capacity and UK allocations based upon demand as I am aware of a few others who had similar calls at the end of last week…a simple message from Porsche: You can have a GT4, but we need a deposit immediately (within the next few hours) and the car specified by the weekend. The GT4 should be delivered in October. Those of you with whom I have spoken will know that I originally bought the LF1 as I could not get an allocation of a GT4 or GT3 RS after a small ‘falling out’ with Porsche GB over my sale
  10. A fantastic day - great to see so many LF1s in one place and to meet you all. Again, a huge thanks to Paul for organising. My car is now safely in the custody of my Valeter...
  11. Wow - that's - distinctive...
  12. Hello Paul, Cottage Pie for me please! Thanks again for taking on all of the administration and organisation of this visit - no small task and it is very much appreciated. Mark.
  13. Hello Paul, Mine (#10) was bought from Westover Sports Cars in Poole, Dorset.
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