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    1997 Lotus Esprit
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    Hks adjustable turbos, kat back exhaust
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  1. You guys are awesome. I have the one from Walmart on its way now.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a 97 Esprit V8. I recently installed new injectors, now for the first time ever I can hear a clicking noise coming from the charcoal canister. I can only hear this when the key is in the on position. The noise does not always make itself known. When it does, it does not stop until I turn the key back off. If it does make the noise and I turn the key off it does not always do it if I turn the key right back to the on position. Is there anywhere I can order a new canister or solenoid? I have checked Jae, nappa, autozone, oreily, and a lotus/lamb dealer. All of them come up with nothing. I checked a few websites across the ocean and they do not manufacturer these parts anymore. Is there another vehicle that I can pull a canister or solenoid off of maybe? Thanks everyone.
  3. I will be checking the codes but right now my main problem is getting that clutch line. Still just waiting for that call to get one shipped here. I may have found a shop that can do the crimps but they need to see the hose which I can not get to them until at least Monday. So either way it is going to be a few days.
  4. So I had to leave JAE a message to call me back. Would anyone say that the braided line is better to install than the plastic?
  5. Awesome. Anyone have a phone number? I have spoken with eight different places in my area and surrounding area and none of them will touch it. This is one of the reasons I have to start doing it myself. I have a guy who knows how to work on vehicles like this but he does not have the tools to crimp any hoses or lines. I will be needing to order the part as is in that case.
  6. Awesome. Since I also have a 97' v8 I will assume it is the right one. Any idea how I get ahold of a new one. Or do they come in most auto stores? Like I said earlier this is the first car I have really actually tried to learn anything on and I am just starting out so I do not know much.
  7. Hey guys I am looking for a clutch line right now. I was in the shop on this website and I found all sorts of stuff for carbon fiber and brakes and exhaust but no clutch lines. I typed clutch in the search and zero results appeared. Am I doing something wrong? The line that comes right off of the container where the brake fluid goes was made of a hard plastic and split in one spot (see picture). Was that line supposed to be metal? The guy at the shopped asked me to find out because it is the only plastic line on the clutch system, the rest being metal. He does not want to put a plastic line on if it should be metal and I would agree on this.
  8. I will definitely check that. Unfortunately the thing that came up yesterday landed the car in a shop for a quick hose fix. I hope. One of the clutch lines on the car went when we took it out for a test run after dumping some fluid in it. I think it was engine repair. My dad's idea. I did not think that it would help but he was convinced it would. She seemed to start a little better. As I said though a clutch line went out and I was really mad. So I am having a shop put a new one on. Wish I could have them do the engine stuff but it seems like every place in my area has no idea how to work on European cars. So as soon as we get her back in a few days I will be doing the test and I will definitely check that right side compared to the left side. Yes the engine light is on.
  9. Okay thanks. I had a battery issue. Fixed that two nights ago. The main problem is the car starts hard, real hard, cold. And if it is run to normal temp. And turned off it won't start for at least 20 min. Not even from a jump. If it is around 60 on the temp. gauge it starts fine. Okay thanks. I had a battery issue. Fixed that two nights ago. The main problem is the car starts hard, real hard, cold. And if it is run to normal temp. And turned off it won't start for at least 20 min. Not even from a jump. If it is around 60 on the temp. gauge it starts fine. I will not be able to do the readings today. Something has come up. I am also going to sign up for full membership tonight after work. Cause it says my posts are limited without it. I also need those manuals and parts list.
  10. Well I actually live at 4960 elevation. So my minimum compression will be between yours and sea level. Definitely closer to yours. I do not have an owners manual, as the person that we got the car from did not have it. I am strongly considering becoming a full member of this site, so that I have the standard specs for the car. Being only 400 ft in difference from you though, would I be safe to assume that getting it to 128-130 psi would be a good compression for the vehicle? Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put up those numbers for a dry and wet compression check. I do not think that I was lied to, by two different shops, about the same thing, when I did not tell either of them what the other said. I do believe that they don't know what the actual compression should be, but one of them had said that some of the numbers were 50% off. Like 127 and 70, I believe I heard as low as 47. That was a dry test so if they were telling the truth then the vehicle would definitely be way out of range. One more note. I was there for the second compression test. After looking over what you said earlier I realized that the engine was not at normal operating temp. You said that it needs to be at normal temp. I assume that even though it was cold, with those numbers, that would still mean a compression issue?
  11. Okay. Good stuff there. Thank you for the responses. Did wheel bearings on my truck today for the first time in my life. So tomorrow I will be checking compression on the Lotus. I will post the numbers I get from that. Thanks again guys.
  12. Hi everyone. Before I get started I know next to nothing about motors. My dad was a mechanic, but do to circumstances, he no longer has his sight and has to tell me how to do everything. I have a 97' Esprit. Been having a lot of diffuculties with it. Two shops have told me that the compression is way to low, while the third said that there was no way the compression was low. The third shop said that a car like this may need to have a wet test done for the compression. I have the tool to do a compression check that my dad can tell me how to use. MY QUESTION RIGHT NOW IS, DO I NEED TO DO A WET TEST OR DRY? I do not know exactly what that means, my dad does however and will be able to help me.
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