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  1. Yes it was the LOT day, but I was in my white exige. I did see a couple of evoras, how did you get on with the circuit, did the evora take well to the wet conditions? I wished I wasn't on semi slicks when it started to rain.
  2. We got back yesterday from a spa track day. Long queues of trucks on the Calais side too and hundreds of immigrants at the terminal. We locked the doors and managed to drive straight in to the check in. Does sound like it turned into a war zone last night.
  3. A car pulled up to our side in the the lane next to us and a guy started waving his arms and shouted 'nice car'. He didn't really care about the handful of cars that he was holding up behind him lol
  4. Simply Stunning! Congratulations
  5. They are stunning, but are they quite high sided? I think it would be a challenge to get in and out. Great for a track focussed car though.
  6. Thanks for that, really great read. Looking forward to a euro trip in a year or two. I have done plenty of euro trackdays but my dream is an Alps tour.
  7. Just had mine changed at the weekend by autoglas. Large stone clipped the top of the windscreen and then it started cracking downward. It took a week to get the screen in but a further 2 weeks to get all the seals and new pillar caps. The engineer had never repaired an evora before but many Elise's and he also had a noble to repair in the afternoon. Looks like a top job. I paid the excess but the total invoice was around £1200
  8. I good excuse to try and drive your car each week
  9. Would definately advise a trickle charger, I killed my battery in 2 weeks when I first got it.
  10. Filling up at a petrol station at the weekend, went to pay for the fuel and got back to the car and my better half was saying how many people were starring at the evora and taking pictures etc.. She was hidden in the back unnoticed while little one was in his baby seat in the front. People were hanging around to watch it drive off, so sport mode on and a boot full of revs down the road, rude not to really?!?!
  11. I'm not a huge fan of coloured calipers but I think they look really nice here
  12. I have this exhaust and decat combo, added a k & n panel filter and didn't notice any difference in performance. There is a slight sucking noise from the n/s under acceleration. I find the exhaust and decat is just right, I wouldn't want to go any louder, after a few hours of driving through the peaks with the windows down my ears were ringing a little when I got home. Just right
  13. Hi Dave Thanks for your efforts with the very comprehensive guide, I will give this a go over the next couple of weekends Cheers G
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