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  2. Paint and interior. Suppose it all depends if you want to own a car that's limited to 81 units. It does look awesome, but I think I would be more interested if there was a bit of a power hike or something.
  3. Very tempting. Not sure I'd be as keen taking a limited edition on track though.....
  4. Knowing that I'm into the final 10 days offshore. Then home to see the wife, get the GTR sold and then to the F1 at Silverstone
  5. Sounds awesome, glad to see some more options becoming available. I had a custom exhaust made for the GTR, ws going to see if he could do one for the exige should I get one
  6. Doesn't look good. Have to admit I honestly feel if he was ever going to make a full recovery it would have been months ago. Can't see it happening now
  7. Would be PS4 for me. But considering the PS3 only gets used as a DVD player just now, no point changing
  8. Moxie I'm not sure where your see the evora on iracing. They only have the lotus 49 and 79. Unless there has been updated while I'm offshore. I thought the new Indy car was the only update Assetto corsa has the evora.
  9. The black edition looks awesome
  10. It's all a bit surreal. I was part of the crew on the vessel back in March when CNN came on board to film rovs. Even the news crew thought it was all a bit suspicious
  11. Wow, that looks awesome
  12. No need to worry because it won't happen and if it does I'm getting out of the country
  13. I thought that too at first, but now after a month or so it feels normal
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