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  1. It was ever thus, the windscreen on my previous 400 cracked a few years ago. Stone flew up from the car in front. It took weeks for the replacement windscreen to arrive, which was broken, the next one arrived but they broke the windscreen trims and on and on. I feel your pain.
  2. My first Evora was a Silver LE with an Oyster interior, AU59DRX, noticed its not on the list, I was wondering whether the owner is not on the Forum or whether the reg has been changed. Tris...
  3. I had forgotten the reaction this car causes, not been able to use it much during Covid, so taking it out in public is a novelty. Took 'Ethel' for a little run into Howth near Dublin yesterday. With the weather in Ireland everyone is out and about enjoying the weather. Lotus' are rare in Ireland and Evora's even more so, don't think I've seen another one here. Everyone we passed was staring, thumbs uping or making positive comments. We nearly caused an accident when the driver of a car was hanging out of his window trying to take a photo. My GF made a comment which summed it up "Why is everyone one sta.... oh of course I forgot which car we are in, and how much attention it gets." Gotta love this car.
  4. For me the Evora and Emira actually represent two different audiences. The Evora has never been a mass market car, if howmanyleft is accurate, only 500 or so sold in total in the UK. It is an analogue car, few drivers aids, all of which can be turned off and minimalist approach to the interior and non essential equipment. The Emira is more a mass market machine, it is a more direct competitor to the Porsches of this world, because it has the options and interior that that market seems to demand. That world demands shiny toys and displays which show you lots of fundamentally useless information and a car that mollycoddles you. This is the larger market but more competitive market. Give me the analogue car, something where I am the driver, and I decide where the edge is for myself, if I get it wrong it's my fault. I didn't buy my Evora for the interior, although I like the interior. I bought it for how it sounds, drives, goes around corners and puts a huge grin on my face. If the Emira opens up a new buying audience I think it will be good for everyone. if it sells in the volumes they are hoping it just makes my Lotus look rarer and more exotic. 🙂 Tris...
  5. I wonder if the bigger influence on price will be whether existing Evora owners decide to change to the Emira, flood the market and dealers drop the prices to get rid of stock? The other influence could be whether or not all the orders for the Emira are genuine or there are people hoping to sell their build slot for a profit. A friend made a profit selling his build slot for the Cayman GT4. I don’t know whether that is still a thing or not. Seems to me at least that there are still hurdles to overcome before the first production cars roll out. It sounded like they are still building the production line. After some serious thought I am going to stick with my Evora. Fortunately Ken ‘have I got a deal for you’ Morgan formerly of Snows Lotus isn’t around to influence me any more. Tris…
  6. Mine arrived this evening. @Bibs Thank you for organising. Tris…
  7. Ah ha, that would explain the association then.
  8. Slightly surprised to see an Avon Tyres Ad using what look like Evoras as the car. Have Avon ever been a supplier for the Evora?
  9. Random Lotus Evora TV Sighting: Lucifer Session 2 - “A Good Day to Die” Blue Evora in the Bad guys garage/shed.
  10. Great stuff Tef-Gel, use it all the time on high tech racing boats especially between carbon and aluminium. Sticky as hell so don’t get it on your clothes.
  11. No build plate, apparently the owners weren’t interested (You draw your conclusions on that one), and no sub woofer for the Hethel editions. What the logic was I’m still not sure. In fairness you did get the forged wheels and colour matched callipers etc. I did love the Motorsport Black paint on mine, in the right light the car turned gold.
  12. When your dog and your car just happen to match. #BorderCollieGT410Sport
  13. Where you in a Sport 410 or a GT410 Sport (Someone should shot who ever comes up with the model names). My experience in the GT410 Sport is, while the suspension is tight and firm it is by no means uncomfortable on a B or C Road. I don't know whether there is a different between the two 410 models. I've always been amazed at how much better the suspension setup on Evora's is compared to the Cayman I drove while the LE was in the shop. Couldn't get rid of the Cayman quick enough. Tris...
  14. Over the last 6 years I've owned a Launch Edition, a 400 and now a GT410 Sport. If I look back at each car as I've gone along, I would say that the best one for commuting was the LE, ride is softer and for motorway/A road cruising it is great. It had enough power and speed to do everything that was required with enough pace for fun on B roads. The ride was the most comfortable of the three cars. If I was still doing the mad mileage I was at that time I would happily go back to that car. I had a Porsche Cayman as a hire car when someone crashed into the LE and I much preferred the LE to that. The GT410 Sport is definitely a track focused car, the ride is noticeably stiffer than the 400 and much stiffer than the LE and while it is not uncomfortable or unpleasant you do notice it. I'm not commuting any more and while I would happily live with it just because it is so much fun when you can open it up, it isn't as relaxing. The 400 sits somewhere in the middle, and I know that sounds like a cop out, but its ride is more compliant than the 410 and it has more power than the LE. Throughout the time I owned it, I never really felt the difference between the 400 and LE was that great and always had a slightly nagging suspicion I should have kept the LE. The first time I test drove a 400 I decided to stay with the LE. Then I did a second with Ken 'have I got a deal for you' Morgan at Snows and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Which come to think of it was how I ended up with the 410... Interior wise I always liked the LE's wrap around feel and apart from feeling I was looking at a Cylon with the Red Display colour I had no complaints. I'm really annoyed the 4xx series don't have the change gear lights, I loved those. The 400 interior is a nice place to be and the 410's is also, personally I don't miss the side pockets. It stops my GF from storing random make up things and tissue boxes etc in there. Ultimately as with all things Lotus it will be down to your personal choice, the softer LE ride was great for commuting, I moved from an EP3 Honda Civic Type R and the ride in the LE was much easier to live with. The 410 is huge fun B road blasting, grips like the wheels are covered in epoxy, except when its cold or very wet, when it is 'interesting' but that's down to the tyres. I find there is more difference between the 410 and the 400 than the LE and the 400. The 410 is definably more focused and although none of the changes are big the aggregation of those changes makes for a very different car. All three are great cars and I haven't regretted owning any of them. Its just frustrating not being able to drive the 410 due to the lockdown and now the shitty weather. Tris...
  15. Have you tried the window reset sequence? Open window and hold switch down for a few seconds until you hear a clicking noise. Wind window all the way up and hold switch up, again until you hear a click. No guarantee but I’ve seen it cure a number of problems , so is a good start Tris...
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