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  1. Where you in a Sport 410 or a GT410 Sport (Someone should shot who ever comes up with the model names). My experience in the GT410 Sport is, while the suspension is tight and firm it is by no means uncomfortable on a B or C Road. I don't know whether there is a different between the two 410 models. I've always been amazed at how much better the suspension setup on Evora's is compared to the Cayman I drove while the LE was in the shop. Couldn't get rid of the Cayman quick enough. Tris...
  2. Over the last 6 years I've owned a Launch Edition, a 400 and now a GT410 Sport. If I look back at each car as I've gone along, I would say that the best one for commuting was the LE, ride is softer and for motorway/A road cruising it is great. It had enough power and speed to do everything that was required with enough pace for fun on B roads. The ride was the most comfortable of the three cars. If I was still doing the mad mileage I was at that time I would happily go back to that car. I had a Porsche Cayman as a hire car when someone crashed into the LE and I much preferred the LE to that. The GT410 Sport is definitely a track focused car, the ride is noticeably stiffer than the 400 and much stiffer than the LE and while it is not uncomfortable or unpleasant you do notice it. I'm not commuting any more and while I would happily live with it just because it is so much fun when you can open it up, it isn't as relaxing. The 400 sits somewhere in the middle, and I know that sounds like a cop out, but its ride is more compliant than the 410 and it has more power than the LE. Throughout the time I owned it, I never really felt the difference between the 400 and LE was that great and always had a slightly nagging suspicion I should have kept the LE. The first time I test drove a 400 I decided to stay with the LE. Then I did a second with Ken 'have I got a deal for you' Morgan at Snows and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Which come to think of it was how I ended up with the 410... Interior wise I always liked the LE's wrap around feel and apart from feeling I was looking at a Cylon with the Red Display colour I had no complaints. I'm really annoyed the 4xx series don't have the change gear lights, I loved those. The 400 interior is a nice place to be and the 410's is also, personally I don't miss the side pockets. It stops my GF from storing random make up things and tissue boxes etc in there. Ultimately as with all things Lotus it will be down to your personal choice, the softer LE ride was great for commuting, I moved from an EP3 Honda Civic Type R and the ride in the LE was much easier to live with. The 410 is huge fun B road blasting, grips like the wheels are covered in epoxy, except when its cold or very wet, when it is 'interesting' but that's down to the tyres. I find there is more difference between the 410 and the 400 than the LE and the 400. The 410 is definably more focused and although none of the changes are big the aggregation of those changes makes for a very different car. All three are great cars and I haven't regretted owning any of them. Its just frustrating not being able to drive the 410 due to the lockdown and now the shitty weather. Tris...
  3. Have you tried the window reset sequence? Open window and hold switch down for a few seconds until you hear a clicking noise. Wind window all the way up and hold switch up, again until you hear a click. No guarantee but I’ve seen it cure a number of problems , so is a good start Tris...
  4. Personally I like the contrast of Black and White.... The silver rim does give a nice touch though.
  5. All dressed up and no where to go...
  6. I had PS4 on my 400, did 18,000 miles on them and still had 4-5mm of tread left when I changed to my GT410 Sport. No track days obviously. The Cup 2s are definitely grippier than the PS4 in warm dry conditions, but when it is cold and wet, they can make the drive 'interesting' unless you are able to warm them up and keep them warm. My plan is to let the Cup2s wear down and replace them with PS4, I'm not likely to do track days and based on everything I've read the performance difference between the two tyres is small enough that I won't really notice the difference, my pocket however will definitely notice the difference. Tris...
  7. For the interior panels of a GT410 Sport? I seem to have found just about every other Service Manual Guide and booklet except the one which deals with how the Interior panels are fitted. Planning to do a bit of Audio upgrading, and need to remove the interior door panels in particular so I can run new cabling etc. Any help gratefully accepted. Thanks Tris...
  8. I’d get them to redesign the concave top of the doors so they self drain rather than emptying onto my leg every time I open the door when it’s wet!
  9. Tris...

    Lurking in HYS

    In Hamble.
  10. Brought new 410 in for its first service and get directed to park in front of my old 400. Looks like she has a new home with a Custom plate on her. Anyone on here?
  11. Great view from the window this morning.
  12. Great write up for the US Spec Evora GT here:
  13. Thanks Dave, Ken mentioned that he’d sold that car. Nice car. It was interesting being able to compare the looks between the two cars. Tris...
  14. @Spinney standard suspension setup. Not the ‘Touring’ option and definitely not the Paid upgrade. I wouldn’t know what to do with adjustable suspension. @PAR Number of reasons for the change but Ken genuinely organised a ‘No Brainer’ deal. Even SWMBO said you can’t not take that. I wasn’t exactly certain whether I’d notice the difference between the cars but I really have. I would describe it as being a good example of the ‘Aggregation of Marginal Gains’. The car does everything just a little bit better than the 400, which in itself is an exceptional car. It is lighter, it has more power, it grips better, it rides better etc. The sum of the improvements is a much different car. In practical terms you do notice the tighter suspension, it rides very differently, you notice undulations in the road that the 400 flattens out. It isn’t uncomfortable by any means but you do notice the extra stiffness. I had a long drive with 400 to bring her to Snows and a long drive back, so had a proper back to back on the same roads. Other things I noticed; Weirdly the 410 was noticeably quieter when cruising at speed, which surprised me. Interior is another step up in quality really nice place to be. Gear shift is improved particularly on the down shift. I felt the car was livelier, can’t really put a finger on why, but even though I’m still running in it feels more eager. I would say the 400 is the better Touring car, the ride is softer and more compliant. No question the 410 is more performance focused but is perfectly livable with. I am a happy owner. Tris...
  15. On the back of a recovery truck on the M4... Sad to see, hopefully not to Serious.
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