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  1. On 15/03/2022 at 21:23, Cdm2018 said:


    really wanting to travel around Ireland do the ring of Kerry etc but would need to do it with some mates as my wife definitely make it a nightmare ! 

    Picture of my car after having the side scoops fitted , not everyone’s cup of tea but I like them even though the price was inflated by import duty 😮


    Cannonball Ireland do a Super Car tour of Ireland every year. It’s a three day tour around Ireland stopping off in towns and going through villages raising money for charity. You stay in nice hotels etc. Not cheap but supposed to be a good event.

  2. I wonder if the bigger influence on price will be whether existing Evora owners decide to change to the Emira,  flood the market and dealers drop the prices to get rid of stock?

    The other influence could be whether or not all the orders for the Emira are genuine or there are people hoping to sell their build slot for a profit. A friend made a profit selling his build slot for the Cayman GT4. I don’t know whether that is still a thing or not. 

    Seems to me at least that there are still hurdles to overcome before the first production cars roll out. It sounded like they are still building the production line.

    After some serious thought I am going to stick with my Evora. Fortunately Ken ‘have I got a deal for you’ Morgan formerly of Snows Lotus isn’t around to influence me any more.


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  3. On 29/09/2020 at 17:20, Julian73 said:

    Stray away from copper grease, this will not prevent corrosion infant it will an electronic path.  Better to use a product such as USS Ultra Tef-Gel



    Great stuff Tef-Gel, use it all the time on high tech racing boats especially between carbon and aluminium. 

    Sticky as hell so don’t get it on your clothes. 

  4. On 29/09/2020 at 12:55, Colin P said:

    Bloody expensive way of getting a Hethel Edition!! 

    I found it far easier to get a Hethel Edition and then get the dealer to knock a load of money off of it!!

    Most Hethel's don't have a build plate, mine doesn't (I don't think it has a sub woofer either).

    No build plate, apparently the owners weren’t interested (You draw your conclusions on that one), and no sub woofer for the Hethel editions.

    What the logic was I’m still not sure. 

    In fairness you did get the forged wheels and colour matched callipers etc.

    I did love the Motorsport Black paint on mine, in the right light the car turned gold.

  5. 2 hours ago, jep said:

     the 410 really surprised me in being the first Lotus I have driven (which includes S300 Esprit) that failed to modulate a bumpy B road in the manner I was expecting. 

    Where you in a Sport 410 or a GT410 Sport (Someone should shot who ever comes up with the model names).

    My experience in the GT410 Sport is, while the suspension is tight and firm it is by no means uncomfortable on a B or C Road. I don't know whether there is a different between the two 410 models. I've always been amazed at how much better the suspension setup on Evora's is compared to the Cayman I drove while the LE was in the shop.

    Couldn't get rid of the Cayman quick enough.


  6. I had PS4 on my 400, did 18,000 miles on them and still had 4-5mm of tread left when I changed to my GT410 Sport. No track days obviously. 

    The Cup 2s are definitely grippier than the PS4 in warm dry conditions, but when it is cold and wet, they can make the drive 'interesting' unless you are able to warm them up and keep them warm.

    My plan is to let the Cup2s wear down and replace them with PS4, I'm not likely to do track days and based on everything I've read the performance difference between the two tyres is small enough that I won't really notice the difference, my pocket however will definitely notice the difference.


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