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  1. Nice video Tom, good angle and amazing quality! How are you finding the gearbox in your car when you're pushing it?
  2. Is it the lifeline box that is in the cubby hole behind the handbrake? If so, fairly simple to operate, would currently be in 'test mode' if it's in the centre with no lights on meaning that if you press the internal or external extinguisher button, a test light will come on somewhere on the face of the box. From memory, if you push the switch towards the driver, it will do a battery check and an orange light will show. The switch will spring back to the centre when checking the battery. If you go the other way, you will arm the extinguisher, and a red light will show on the box. This means yo
  3. You don't have to attend a Lotus Cup round, some Lotus people can get you them, you just need to go to the right place... Hangar111 can do them! I would highly recommend the ZZR tyre, as it is brilliant on track, and seems to be better on mileage too we found. Also doesn't harm the wallet as much!
  4. I would speak to Hangar 111, as it seems that Komotec Tec do an lsd for the Exige V6, and since Hangar 111 are the UK distributor they will be able to get it for you. I'm sure they would be more than happy to fit it for you too, but I would suggest giving them a ring. Their website is
  5. Very enjoyable weekend, excellent organisation and some good results for our race car! Anyone got any pictures of the pale green Elise Cup R, #34 from Cup UK and Elise Trophy that I could have please?
  6. Got slightly lost in explanation, but car was set to Cup R geo by Lotus Motorsport at its first service, not Hangar111. As Pits has said, stiffen the damper by turning the adjustment on the bottom of the damper. I would advise keeping note of what you have done, and measure it with either clicks from full hard, or clicks from full soft. You will feel the clicks when you turn the adjuster. If you keep note, it makes it easier to change according to the weather. Just out of interest, which driver?
  7. I knew the car pretty well, my Dad was the first owner! Lotus asked us if they could have it for their stand at the goodwood Festival of Speed, and they got it signed by their reserve driver at the time. Kimi and Romian were too busy apparently Great car, hope you enjoy it!
  8. There is no pin because it's fully plumbed in and controlled electrically. <-- Just realised TopCat beat me to it... You can disarm by leaving the fire extinguisher box switch in the middle position. There are marks on the box to tell you what each switch position does. We have never had a problem on our V6 Cup or our Elise Cup R, just leave the covers on when in transport and remember to disarm it and you'll be fine!
  9. Does it have a signature in the door?
  10. Just out of interest, where did you buy yours from and what's the reg on it?
  11. lotus34


    What series do you race in? I've see the R300 series and those are quick, but I wouldn't say that they would comfortably beat a CupR, it would certainly be a close race though!
  12. Very nice video, amazing how Tiff's motorsport career was thanks to a lucky win of that Formula Ford car! P.s. Nice green Elise Cup R at 5.08
  13. My favourite colour on the V6 exige! Same as my Dad's V6 Cup was, looked great and was even taken to the Goodwood Festival of Speed as Lotus wanted to change up the colour scheme a bit. Got loads of attention as you can imagine!
  14. I believe, may be wrong and happy to be corrected if so, that the 340r is related to the Elise in the same way the 211 is related to the Exige... It's more of a model in its own right than a version of the Elise really in my mind.
  15. lotus34

    Lotus Evora 400

    £72000 is 72000 British Pounds
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