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  2. Typical. Fixed the the side lights lost indicators.Sorted them and lost fog light. Haha what fun. IN The end it turned out just to be a bad earth. RESULT
  3. Not yet. Unfortunately had a short spell in hospital last week so have been unable to show the motor. Had one chap view but think he expected concourse which mine is not.Plenty of swap offers none the less however there's a more than good chance I'm going to keep it. Can't find anything out there that's remotely close to the "oddball" rarity of my Elite Regards Gavin
  4. Dan thanks for the info, will have a look today. Let you know how I get on and hopefully of in to the night once again. Regards Gavin
  5. Help popped the lights on the way home the other night to find the dash board in darkness . Wasn't too distressed so off I went however after numerous flashes from other drivers discovered I had lost the rear lights aswell. In addition gone are the front side lights, rear window dehumidifier,dashboard illumination, and fog light. Front dipped, full beam and break lights work as normal. Checked bulbs and fuses all fine baffled. relays? Help needed please from day time only driver
  6. Hi Unfortunately for me I must part with my 1981 s2.2 in altair green £40k+ worth of receipts very good cond if interested give me a nudge Regards Gavin
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