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  1. the83man


  2. It's here on You Tube... B is for Build - Evora
  3. I usually go to the Hill Top meet anyway, so that would suit me fine but happy to ring the changes and come to Banbury for a change. Perhaps both!
  4. JayEmm, it's getting boring. How long does it take you to do your food shopping and how many comparisons do you make before dropping a loaf in the basket? You say you want an Evora 400 - go buy one from your nearest or favourite dealer. I appreciate that it's a big decision but .............
  5. I'm sure Lotus used to call that "Champagne".
  6. Quite right..... You've also got the 'engine at the back, radiator at the front' problem to account for. The water jacket in the engine will reach normal temp quite quickly but it will be some time before the full system is up to temp, particularly in winter. It is too easy to drag lots of cold water through the system and into the engine if you do not allow the system to warm up fully. This was one of the main reasons for head gasket failure on VHPD S1 Exige motors - thermal shock of dragging cold water from the front of the car when flooring the throttle immediately the water temp gauge sho
  7. Really? Both of them? I can see that the slave might be in there but surely not the master?
  8. Surely the 'weight' of the clutch is dependant upon the hydraulics (bore, stroke, volume etc) so maybe a new master or slave cylinder can make a heavy clutch lighter? Either the master or slave cylinder could be faulty and I would say that changing both master and slave cylinders should be tried before resorting to a plate change?
  9. So Glen, Did you drive it home or did the weather scupper your plans??
  10. Just me then! ....and I didn't start any rumours!
  11. A Mk2 Cortina Lotus is 930KG..............
  12. Yes, but not because of failure. I had it changed as part of my purchase deal on the grounds that I wasn't convinced that it wasn't a bit tired and it meant that the car had a thorough 'going over' before I took delivery. It was, quite simply, part of the deal that we agreed. Peace of mind all round and costs shared.
  13. I wish I knew Andy. I have no time for Porsche and I simply do not understand why they have such a cast-iron reputation that is clearly unfounded.
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