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  1. I had a quick look at the car to try and find out why the engine cut out. The fuel pump appears to be working. I couldnt hear it against the road noise whenI broke down. The fault I believe lies in the ignition system. Either the new coil or the lumenition amp. I copied the amp wiring from what was there before. Big mistake! The circuit and advice from the company who made the amp say never take the positive feed from the ignition coil. Use the feed on the other side of the ballast resistor. Anyhow diagnostics will sort it all out. I look forward to shimming the suspension and perfecting the drive.
  2. Glad they are of use. Good luck with the rebuild. Thanks Roo, I noticed that as well. A weird coincidence, or is it?
  3. Thanks. I havnt torqued them yet, but the suspension is still high. It could be the adjustable upper links. I need to getbthe geometry correct then assess.
  4. As everything is new on my car including the tanks and all the pipes Im stumped as to why this failed. Ill have to break it apart and check! I need tonsource a sutable inline filter. There are a lot that are for racing cars that may be suitable.
  5. Im starting to think I must add an inline filter before the pump. My S1 has a filter before the carbs and I have never had an issue that is fuel related. I was enjoying the first drive until this happened. The Turbo boost was Impressive. There seemed to be quite a few passers by who were enjoying the fact I had broken down! Never mind I shall confuse the hell out of them when I break down with skis on the car! If its winter I might be able to ski home. The next issue is the suspension. The rear still sits too high. It needs a full geometric align. I have new springs for the rear but I cant see they will have much effect on ride height. Maybe adjustable shocks are the only way to go. Im trying to source another fuel pump. The one I had on there was quite noisy. Can anyone recomend one?
  6. It did quite well on the MOT. It failed initially for the headlight angles and two of the nuts on the brake pipes were seeping fluid. Tightened them up and realigned the lights and a pass! Not bad considering all the work!
  7. Wow, hadnt noticed that! I just had an embarassing trip out. After the triumph of the mot I went out and broke down. My new fuel pump failed! Now I have to find out why. An embarassing tow home by a Landrrover! This is mybfirst Lotus breakdown. I suspect contamination, but then everything is new? Although it did run for a few minutes with no fuel which may have caused an issue!
  8. Well I just got my MOT! The suspension needs sorting next, align etc. The tuning need pefrecting although easily passed the emission test. CO 2.7 max 4.5 HC 54 ppm max 1200 PPM now to get the Bond plate on it!
  9. Have a look on my blog. i explain in detail how the gear change works.
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