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  1. Hi Dave, expect the full video in about three weeks. The camera man is very talented, so should be some of the best Esprit footage ever. The two CV owner was able to drive up for the shoot, although he's not nearby. We go through all the differences the Bond cars have from the normal production cars. I managed to pick up a stone chip on the Turbo screen by manoeuvring a few feet behind the filming car at high speed. Worth it to get the footage though. Cameras were mounted inside, outside the cars with a drone doing aerial shots. Can’t wait to see the final cut. Keep an Eye out for Classic and Sports car Bond edition in October. Oh the skis now tested to 80 Mph, with some sharp turns!
  2. Thanks with all the issues I have had with the engine rebuilds 1200 miles and 10 hours in plus 30 degrees gives me confidence its finally sorted.
  3. Car has done over 1200 miles. Operated for 10 hours in 30 degrees to film the above with no issues.
  4. Just completed filming for a youtube video on the Bondvivant channel. Why is it the Turbos and 2 CV are always left out of the Top Gear Bond episodes and all the others? Quick snapshot during a break.
  5. Dunsfold today For filming!
  6. Hi Rolls, good to see your still progressing. That doesn’t look like Marcasite to me. Heres an old post that might help.
  7. Makes no sense to buy a car for full restoration and outsource the work. Better to buy one done and know the full cost when you buy it. I have learned that after my experience with two restorations.
  8. So did I, someone got a good deal if the pictures look as good as the car. Maybe £70k for a S1 is unrealistic? They still seem cheap compared with many lesser cars out there selling for over £100k. I think they should have a much higher profile than they do. Maybe we need to arrange some Lotus meet ups, like the Lotus day at Mercedes Benz world.
  9. As good as when it went on, but it took serious effort to get the application correct. I had to spray each section continuously in metal prep to keep, it wet for 20 mins I seem to remember. This is to etch the metal and thats after all the other prep! I painted the gear selector rod and didn’t prep it with the same attention. The coating started to peel! Unless you are going to apply it absolutely as per the instructions don’t use PoR 15 because it will flake and make a very messy problem!
  10. You can topcoat it to stop uv degradation. Probably not necessary for a chassis but I top coated mine.
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