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  1. Perfect, thanks. Can't believe I havn't come across Dolphin glaze before. I've been using Isopon for over forty years. It looks great I'll give it ago.
  2. Have you got the spray sheild fitted behind? I reckon they have modified the seal and its wider than the oringal. Just wanted some confirmation. The only reason I can think of for 2.5 mm is if the clearance is need for the spray sheild. My engine has never had the spray sheild fitted. A builder I know throws them away on each rebuild.
  3. Engine rebuild Is this info of date? The new seals seem to fit flush on both sides? 2.5 mm would mean the front if the seal sticks out?? I've cleaned all,the fiberglass away and am now reviewing the manual for the rebuild. I'm double checking everything on this build.
  4. Nice, but a money pit - I speak from personal experience!
  5. The number plate is ok! Interesting fuel caps, wheel centres and thru wheel arch trim, The good thing is they are keeping the dream alive! Mine should be rolling with skis very soon!
  6. Corgi have just designed a new range of James Bond models. Judging by the ski racks they should have contacted me first! Ohhh and the wheels!
  7. Its all over, last ski rack laid up, happy days! The suns out and my ski racks are moulded!
  8. Hi Gary, welcome to the Lotus Forums. I'm so pleased they fixed up the S1 for you. I hope your enjoying driving it. Its a great privilege to own an S1. Im especially jealous of your instrument panel! I think it a fantastic addition to the car. Hope you bring it along to some Lotus events. I built 1/2 of the one in this blog some years back and have been in my garage for the last 4.5 years trying to build the FYEO Turbo Esprit with skis(on the other blog of mine here). It must be brilliant to get such a big suprise of a fully restored car. I really enjoyed watching the show and I' m really pleased they picked you. Thanks for posting on here.
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