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  1. I have finally reached the end of the journey with these cars. Its now only a matter of maintenance and tuning. I am now doing major building work on my house! When covid is over and we can travel I will be traveling to Cortina to finally draw a line under my Lotus journey. My issues started when I was 10 years old and the Spy Who Loved Me came out at the cinema! I can finally put this to rest having built two Bond cars, when I only really aspired to the S1. I shall enjoy driving them when we are allowed. The good news for you all is my wife assures me as soon as I cop it she will be sellin
  2. Is your battery fully charged? If so and assuming you have’t been working under the dash, steering area or front boot (wires not disturbed) the most likely reason is the switch contacts. Turn the headlight switch on and off many times. If it still doesn't work check there is power to the relays. If so maybe a relay?
  3. Heres a picture of a pristine dr6 sump you might know. Look at the suspension height.Think this proves conclusively that some of the stock photos have the car weighted down for the pictures.
  4. my car in motion. If you draw across the waistline trim I they look almost identical.
  5. You were lucky there, both of my S1 and Turbo drivers door window wouldn’t close!
  6. Yep no harm in relays it will preserve the contacts over time. Be aware though it won’t fix a poor window set up. Far better to adjust all of the bits get it working with little resistance and if you wish add a relay. The windows get such little use I haven’t bothered to add relays. I have new motors on both drivers doors. They are off a corvette and many other US cars. They have been remanufactured and I bought both of mine from the USA, quite cheaply. Details on my blog somewher of the exact type for ordering. Heres a quick guide how to set up the window. Remove everything except the
  7. I have spent months messing around with the window operation on the S1 and Turbo. They now all work perfectly without any relays. They didn’t work properly when I got the cars because of many things. The torque of the motors was reduced in the S1 as the magnets were weak. The rest was down the the window frame adjustment. Too much resistant. There are lots of possible adjustments. It is possible for them to work really well If you spend enough time on them. I recently dismantled and adjusted the frame on the Turbo drivers door to stop a leak. Whilst I was at it I completely shimmed the frame
  8. Heres one where the car has been jacked up to align the decals and hasn’t settled back down.
  9. Some of the pictures of my car were done after the car had been jacked up. Heres one where it has been driven, look at the back wheel height and compare it to the arch. My entire suspension is new. The springs are also new as per the originals and I have factory rear shocks - no adjustment. I believe the rear height is correct and where it should be, Some of the well known pictures you see the car was weighted down to give it a lower stance. Heres a picture of the Bond ca4 and mine for comparison. Notice how high the front is sitting! I would say in these pics the rears are about the
  10. As above you can't remove the distributor and turn the oil pump because of the timing belt stopping the pulley on the other end rotating. I would leave the spark plugs out and crank. I think it took 2 mins and 30 secs for oil pressure to build from dry on my Turbo( check my blog figures are on there). Once you have some pressure start as normal. If you don't get pressure just by cranking, you could take the oil pump off, pack with graphogen and try again. In my experience no oil pressure just from cranking points to an oil pump rebuild. I know some on here will disagree. Because of the issues
  11. Ahh I thought you said weigh the car in the previous post! Yes I understand levelling. Thats why the landrover discovery I rebuilt the front suspension on must be put into tight tolerance mode using a computer before suspension align is attempted, although not many companies seem to know this, because they never read the Landrover alignment guide! I can’t see why you would weight the whole car on the Lotus? I want it set up for just me in it. I suspect this is all a bit irrelevant when you are just popping out for a coffee every now and then and not screaming around the track on a track day.
  12. I was thinking I should have published the cost of this as I went along. I think it would discourage quite a few from restoring. It is frightening how quickly costs escalate. My advice is buy the best possible one you can and just enjoy driving it knowing exactly how much you have paid.
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