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  1. A real shame you can't hang on a stunning car.
  2. It would be great until we all turn up a a Lotus day with the same jacket, then it might be a bit odd! Bibs, how about a licensed replica - I'll risk looking odd! Alan Partridge isn't having one, the price will Soar! Looks better in that scheme, although I would need a JPS to sit in with it, else I would be out of place!
  3. Well this thread is delving into some pretty boring but essential tenchnical stuff. Here's a reminder of what I am trying to achieve!
  4. Hi Dave, excellent post. I wasnt aware of your other blogs. I have already copied the sump picture and shall read the rest! Im lucky in a way. The MBP is indeed a later spec as is the crank and block. I traced back through the receipts, in 1988 the owner blew up the engine and paid to have a new 1/2 engine and rebuild. The car then had just over 40000 miles when the engine blew and went off road at 66000! This may explain why there is not much wear, coupled with all the new bits bought in the last 10 years of restoration. Like many this one has gone on long before I started on it! i wasn’t aware of the torque being affected so much by the friction level. There are a lot of errors possible when torquing up like the wrench used! Some just don’t work very well. I snapped a camber castor suspension bolt on the Disco by trying to torque it to 270 nms. It snapped before I realised the Teng wrench, which was new had broken! I shall revisit the big end bolts and ensure correct torque. Thanks. As I said it’s a learning process!
  5. I think the head is going to take a lot more time to sort out. Cleaning and valve clearances. There will be a lot of trial and error! The camshaft seals are also going to be replaced, together with resized thrust washers. No looking forward to that!
  6. Good spot. Firstly, can I suggest no one uses this as a reference manual! Many of the things I have discussed and photograph have not been shown in detail before for one reason or another. I don't claim to have any more knowledge than anyone else. I use the Lotus manual firstly, then take advice from experts. Everything I have done on this project has been researched. There may be omissions or errors. Inevitable when many jobs are boing done by me and documented for the first time. I accept no liability for loss if you use this blog to assemble your Lotus. It's purely for fun.I suggest sticking to the Lotus manual! Things like the pattern of sealant on the face of the block are not detailed anywhere. Also no experts have ever posted any detailed pictures, so this is my guess of where it should go. Copy it at your own risk, although I did post it so other people have some idea, I'm working from not a lot! We are of course being very pedantic on this thread. Engines are very robust and well designed. A little bit of permabond a few mm of centre will have little affect on the engine. The upside when you do everything your self is if at first it's no good you can just do it all again. As I have done many times on these projects. Dave and others thanks for keeping a watchful eye on this. This engine has been rebuilt before and very recently. Some things are done better than others. The MBH bearing mod. As I assemble this engine I am learning a great deal. I believe some things in the Lotus manual are now outdated. It was written about 40 years ago after all. Look at this picture of my MBH. Look at the face below the no 5 bearing. It's flush and has no recesses. Look at the bearing mod page. You have guessed it this MBH is from a later series engine where Lotus have redesigned the MBH so there is sufficient lubrication without the mod. Also the bearing shell doesn't need a notch. There's no Loctite on any threads. The thread end in the lower part of the upper picture touched briefly on the A136 when I was aligning the MBH, just hadn't wiped it off. Dave, what's your take on the crank shaft seals? Alignment tool or not?
  7. Well Chaps I'm really glad I decided to rebuild this engine. Look at this.RTV silicon used on a paper gasket. We all know where the RTV strands are going to end up! Wellseal for this I think! Oil pick up pipe in. Off to work later so a short stoppage to my engine building program. Overall well with the effort. A shame it was such a sloppy rebuild before as all the parts are in good shape!
  8. Thanks Wayne.. do you use an alignment tool to put it on the crank. I'm think you don't really need one. Just grease crank, slip on and bolt up evenly? Cheers.
  9. Thanks Steve, thats my gut feeling on this. The seals have probably changed a lot in 40'years.
  10. Hi Wayne, you may have seen on my resto blog I'm rebuilding the engine. I don't have the crank seal tools. Just wondering if you have any suggestions on how to put the seals back on? Thanks. Fabian.
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