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  1. For anyone who is interested this is how I set up the gearbox. Selector fork 1/2 no gear synchro with no synchro gauges I used the tool in the previous picture. The Ferrrari method won't work as the synchro touches the adjacent gear wheels when engaged. I kept adjusting the spacer tool and moving the fork until au had exactly the same clearance on each side. Time consuming but effective. 4th gear stop adjustment I found the synchro slider touched the 4 th gear pinion with slight pressure to the fork. So I spaced it at 0.5 mm as I consider Y in the calc yo be zero.(see manual) reverse gear The wording if the manual is wrong. All you need. To do is space the reverse idler gear 3 mm away from the 1st intermediate gear. I used a 3 mm shim. now I'm setting the bearing one load on the drive shafts and the pinion backlash. Im using a balance guage with the diff clamped in position and a piece of string( method 2 in manual). Then luckily I have a dial guage to measure the backlash. All in all a satisfying job. I am tempted to take apart my S1 gearbox and rebuild it , trouble is is working perfectly! I may rebuild it out of boredom when this car is done.
  2. Yep I think that would work. Needs to be a cartridge so it can be injected.
  3. Ordered a 2.5 x 22 mm O ring fir the speedo outer drive. Hopefully it will fit!
  4. Well I wouldn't have got any sleep so found some M7 washers and the exhaust mount! Tested gear changes - real smooth! Once I get some Redline in there! Coated in ACF50!
  5. Well just some washers order then the diff. Bearing pre load and backlash to set. Oh and the exhaust system! I was going to sort the exhaust mount later. Now it looks as if I'll have another job!
  6. Gearbox just set the endstop position on the 4 th gear selector. Core plugs back in and all wire locked. Rear casing just about to go on and the top covers - should be finished today! Very pretty, but will it work?
  7. It makes sense for a O ring, but I can't find it in the parts manual. The Anglw drive has a grease nipple. If you block the hole opposite with a finger when you top it up the grease is forced down the shaft. Maybe enough to seal it? You can see the hole in the centre of the angle drive. If you block this the grease is forced up the shaft.5 th gear in. Should finish the gearbox tomorrow.
  8. This looked like it should have an oil seal. Having checked the parts manual it doesn't. So there nothing to stop oil leaking round it. Solution silicon or an O ring. Any ideas? Interestingly there's a grease nipple on the angle drive.
  9. Gearbox Unless your a real enthusiast and have some mechanical skill and a lot of time take it to Alan Voigt or Harry Martens! having said that I'm a bit keen and have just installed all of the selector shafts. I quite enjoyed this job and have derived a great deal of satisfaction from it. The only one left to adjust is the 3/4 shaft end adjustment. It's not difficult but very time consuming and with out the Lotus tools you have to be a bit inventive. This will be sweet as a nut! Just wire lock to put on, then the 5 th gear. Loctite 518 used to seal it up. I have tested all of the interlock plungers and gear operation, all working very well. I used the tool in the picture to set the fork on the 1/2 shaft. The gear idler I useda 3 mm piece of steel. Make sure you get the set screws correct on the rear casing. They are different lengths!
  10. Andy W had a great idea for setting the fork position on the 1/2nd shaft. It came from a Ferrari manual. Put it in neutral, set the fork to the centre with the synchro sleeve. Then select first and second gear measuring the synchro sleeve clearance on both sides adjusting the fork position till they are equal.
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