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  1. The first thing to do is test the temperature gauge is correct. Take the sender out and put it in boiling water with a thermometer. Let it cool and compare the gauge against the actual temperature. If its wrong check the contacts are good, power to it is ok (voltage regulator) and finally recalibrate the gauge. If its correct there is a genuine problem with the cooling system. 140 is very very hot, so probably a gauge problem. I had exactly this and it was just the gauge over reading. I find it hard to believe it can reach 140 degrees in 10 mins, unless of course there are other symptoms?
  2. In my case it cost more but involved a new valve.
  3. Get Pete at PNM to refurb it. £240 roughly
  4. It will be a fantastic car when done.
  5. Turbo cars are the equivalent of doing an A level, whereas the S1 is more GCSE! There are so many more systems and complexity on the Turbo cars and it will take much longer to build and refine. It also costs much more to restore, as there are so many more parts. Have a look at the parts manual that gives a clue to the amount of work required. The body is so much more complex with all the extra fairings and skirts. Once you have it in one piece the work really starts. The Turbo adds so many more issues. The car looks great. Not sure what Steve is charging ,but I don’t think I could have afforde
  6. Looks good Dave. You may have a pressure tester already, but if not this may save you a lot of hassle later. When you have all the pipes connected and coolant in you connect this to the header tank and pump up to whatever the cap is rated at 10 or 15 PSI. It allows you to rapidly find any coolant leaks before you run the engine. It should be able to hold the pressure overnight if all is well. Its so easy to use and avoids a dodgy cooling system damaging your engine with tiny leaks you can’t locate when driving the car. The hand pump has a gauge on it, very easy to pump up to whatever you n
  7. Once Covid is over take a trip to Deezerland. Remember Miami motor museum had the Bond collection, well some of it has been moved to Orlando. Deezer Action Park, awesome cars in the collection. Heres a preview...
  8. You’ll have to replicate the number plate!
  9. Hi Dave who is rebuilding the distributor?
  10. Engine Tuning I finally got to the bottom of the engine stumble at 2600 rpm. Its not the idle jet size or the pump jets, its the ignition timing! The distributor I have does not have the correct advance curve. The timing at 3500 rpm is correct, but this puts the idle timing off. Most people would probably think its fine. The solution is to replace the distributor with a solid state system and have a sensor ring welded to the crankshaft pulley or find a company that can set up the advance curve on the distributor, so its correct at idle and 3500 rpm. I know upping the idle jet size ha
  11. Pete at PNM has over 40 years experience and can rebuild it probably using most of what you have, he will do a great job. Mike at Lotus bits can machine all of it to a much higher standard than it was originally. They did all my machining work and it is amongst the best you can get, see my blog. S and J Sports cars and Southwest Lotus centre can also rebuild the engine. You will have to approach them and see what best matches what you require. The 907 is fairly straightforward to rebuild. The difficulty comes when measuring parts against book tolerances. These measurements acn
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