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  1. Hi Fabian,

    Amazing restoration, and so very inspiring and informative!  I saw that you have the same ignition switch arrangement as I do, and I am in need of a replacment ignition switch.  You wrote that it was from a Triumph via Rimmer Bros. Do you have the part number or any idea which Triumph it's from? 


    1. Lotusfab


      Hi Albert,

      I think it came off a TR6. There are many of these ignition switches in the catelogue and they are all very similar looking but wont fit. I bought a few that didnt fit before I got the correct one. The wiring colour coding was wrong to the switch so redid it all. Im away at the moment will have a look when I get back to see if I can find a part number. Cheers Fabian.

    2. Lotusfab


      Hi have got home and can't find the receipt for the switch so dont know the model number. The steering locks do vary and some take a diffeent diameter switch. Best thing to do is measure your switch diameter and call rimmer bros. Get them to get one from a TR6 with the same diameter, thats how I did it once I had identified possible switche from their parts catelogue. The other switch supplier moss-europe. Look at the pictures on there website, but get them to meaure diameter before ordering. Hope this helps. Cheers Fabian.

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