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  1. It did quite well on the MOT. It failed initially for the headlight angles and two of the nuts on the brake pipes were seeping fluid. Tightened them up and realigned the lights and a pass! Not bad considering all the work!
  2. Wow, hadnt noticed that! I just had an embarassing trip out. After the triumph of the mot I went out and broke down. My new fuel pump failed! Now I have to find out why. An embarassing tow home by a Landrrover! This is mybfirst Lotus breakdown. I suspect contamination, but then everything is new? Although it did run for a few minutes with no fuel which may have caused an issue!
  3. Well I just got my MOT! The suspension needs sorting next, align etc. The tuning need pefrecting although easily passed the emission test. CO 2.7 max 4.5 HC 54 ppm max 1200 PPM now to get the Bond plate on it!
  4. Have a look on my blog. i explain in detail how the gear change works.
  5. Just the water deflector to fit and the cover is restored. The louvres are being painted. Lot of work just in the engine cover! Jobs left... water deflector bolt on tailgate and fit seals bolt on louvres MOT number plate change not quite sure what ill do after this, maybe therapy and a holiday!
  6. Thanks chaps, yep you could be correct. i had stowed the choke as soon as she started. I need to get some more experience. Just about to get the tailgate louvres sprayed over the next few days.
  7. At the moment when I start the car, which is much easier when the battery is low with the new ignition coil, the engine dies if you try to accelerate. It only happens when the engine is cold and has just been started. After five minutes or so its fine. I wonder if the spring filters are an issue. I may remove them and see what effect it has. Incidently I fitted the spring filters, they werent in the crbs when I took them apart. Maybe they block to easily so Lotus removed them?
  8. My Dellortos have the spring fitted in the pump jets. I believe they act as a fine filter. Has anyone else fitted them? I am considering removing them, but they are shown on the parts diagram.
  9. Tailgate ready to go back on. Lumenition Mega Spark 4 installed. Starts easier. Seems to be about a volt extra at the coil. Still needs more tuning. Waiting for screws formthe engine cover and the seals to arrive. Then the MOT.
  10. Got a new grille on the internet, shame to open it! The closer you get to the end the more jobs that keep appearing! Still this has to be it now surely! Tailgate is ready for fitting just need bolts. Engine cover needs catches, hinges and the louvre. Then engine bay trim and its done. Apart from painting the tailgate Louvre, but that has to wait until the ski rack design is complete.
  11. Bond louvres finished, ready for paint..... Now to repair the ABS trim! You cant buy this, so a laborious process to repair! Tempting to skimp on these restos, but when its already consumed a mountain of cash and nearly four years of effort you might as well do it right!
  12. Ok. I have now replaced the sender, instrument and all contacts in the temperature system. The temperature guage still overreads. The calibration is wrong! I have been tuning the engine after replacing all of the idle jets. Im still not happy with it as there is a slight hunting at idle. Im replacing the ignition coil and ballast resistor with a mega spark luminition. I will retune and see if this corrects the hunting issue. All the panels are now painted and once I have replaced the ABS glass trim the tailgate can go back on. The louvres are finished and ready for paint, but I think I may do this aftervthe ski racks are sorted.
  13. Yep,thanks Thomas. I have renewed the voltage stablizer, instrument, sender and put new copper connectors on. I may try putting new contacts on the guage wires. I only did those to the regulator. Trouble is its a tiny gap - like brain surgery unless you take the whole binnacle appart!
  14. Temerature control Well I have now replaced the temperature guage with another one. It over reads as well, but its about 10 degrees and its more consistent upto 90 degrees. I have a fan switch that operates at 90 degrees and turns off at 80 degrees. I now have a laser thermometer and have extensively tested the system. At 82 degrees the thermostat opens. Water flows through the rad. The fans do not come on until the temperature builds up to over 90degres at the rad. The temperature guage is reading about 100 degrees. It stays there and the car seems happy. Temperature wise its all good. Indication wise the system is more of a trend indicator. I think if it started to go above the 100 mark you would have an issue! I may have a go at recalibrating the old guage. Maybe they are all like this? Tailgate louvres now have the brace fitted and are ready for fiberglassing.
  15. Well its nearly there! The last window just went in. The tailgate is nearly ready for spraying. This took a great deal of work. I have decided to renew all of the idle jets. Size 40. Just need to fit the tailgate. Then its MOT and number plate change! Ohh, the dash is coming out again. I have a really good condition temp guage to fit - hope its calibrated! Never ever put the steering wheel back on, quater windows back in, drvers seat or windscreen until everything is working. Its so much easier!
  16. Dellortos Im a novice with these sort of carbs, apart from tuning them. I have been looking into the Dellorto operation. I started the car today and it seemed unbalanced. Also the idle had dropped. After pulling the leads off and checking No2 had stopped firing! I put an earlier flat spot from idle down to the ignition. Well Im lucky No2 had stopped firing. It forced ne to investgate further. I removed the idle jet and found it was blocked! I cleaned it and switched both the main and idle jets with No1 cylinder. Put it all back and No2 is working again. And so is No1. I read the idle jet supplies fuel for idle but the mixture screw adjusts the idle mixture. The idle jet helps the progression from idle to main jet when accelerating. Thats interesting because I think it explans the flat spots on acceleration which seems to have gone now I cleaned the jet out! The idle jets and holders are the two on the left with the rubber washers. The tiny bit at the bottom is the idle jet , which pulls off. These are 40s which means 0.4 mm. (Hole size in jet). The fuel travels up through the jet from the fuel well and is mixed with air which enters through the side holes. Heres a good diagram of the fuel. I dont think its a Dellorto but the principle is the same. I now have to retune the engine as the settings might have changed! The good thing about the Dellortos is you can access the idle and main jets through the top cover very easily. Took about five minutes to get them out. interestingly all of the parts were cleaned in a special solution in a sonic bath!!!Only one quater window now and the tailgate to finish and its done!
  17. Rear quater window Do not remove! Thats my advice. To replace this neatly is really tricky! At least skill level 10/10! The problem is the original sealing systemmis no longer available. You can buy sealant tape. Whether or not it would hold in this area is debatable. So its Dinitrol. Yes the problem here is spacer blocks and the many different surfaces it will have to seal against. Make life simple and leave them in! Heres one done and the tailgate glazing. Leave the tailgate glazing in as well. It takes ages to do this all and is very tricky and I have had a lot of practice! Unfortunately, due to lack of rulers and wooden blocks the other side tomorrow!
  18. Had to adjust the handbrake today. As always not much ino in the manual on this. The left rear caliper wasnt fully engaging. I adjusted the entire system accessing the cables from the plate behind the drivers seat. The problem was the balance device wasnt centered. It took a while but in the end I got each caliper mechanism to travel exactly the same amount and release fully with no tension in either cable. Handbrake operation is now very good. I replaced the handbrake plate in sdie the sill with a new one , so no play whatsoever! Tailgate I'm now restoring the tailgate. Theres a lot of work involved as It has to be James Bond spec. I hope to complete it and get it back in the car in the next few days. My last bit of fiberglassing! The tailgate glass surround is made of ABS plastic. Pretty silly as it gets very hot above the engine. ,My trim piece is damaged so Im going to repair the missing section using 1.5 mm ABS sheet. I also have to make some new ABS door edge protectors when I get time.
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