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  1. The Lotus pipe that came fits the banjo, but won't fit over the pump. It could probably be stretched onto the pump inlet with silicon lubricant, but not really a satisfactory solution. The cross over pipe which has no barbs risks the pipes coming off. My car had clips on the pipe but interestingly P clips with rubber held the fuel hose to the chasis so the fuel pipe couldn't detach.
  2. Well done! I hope your heater works, you might need it in Finland!
  3. Thanks Steve, I thought of that, but then wondered why this has never been brought up before? I then started to think it's because the pump is different
  4. The other tank has a smaller banjo forvtge regulator return pipe. the crossover pipe has no bars and is just a pipe, not good! I have checked. I believe the tank outlets were pipes on later turbos, no banjos. The pump is correct from 1986 inlet 12 mm outlet 9 mm. Maybe my 81 car originally had a different pump???
  5. Hi Rich, I think it's original just can't see how it can connect to a 12 mm inlet? Maybe the bosch pump is different? I have had two Lotus fuel pipes supplied and they don't fit!
  6. Here's what the banjo looks likeso this has to connect to the 12 mm Bosch fuel pump inlet! The design of this is really lacking unless of course the original pump had a smaller inlet 10 mm? Anyone else got this set up? Maybe it's not original?
  7. Fuel Pump Gotta love these projects! The original fuel banjo outlet from tank is 10 mm, the banjo bolt is either 1/2 inch or 13 mm. But the bosche fuel pump inlet is 12 mm. So how did the original 10 mm banjo,outlet connect to the 12 mm bosche pump? Any ideas? I'm guessing maybe the original pump was not 12 mm inlet?
  8. New auto spark connectors finish off the new door mirror harness I made. Yes I am still building this!
  9. I rebuilt my S1 and found the cap angle not satisfactory. Had to hold them in place with silicon. The Turbo is the same. Not many people would notice. Strain on the coupling with the original tanks transferred to the body via the screws. Probably someone on here has seen the cracks that are caused by this around the filler hole in the body?
  10. You were lucky. Normally the cap sits at an angle unless you put strain on the screws around the filler neck. Some cars are cracked around the filler hole screws because of it.
  11. Fuel filler neck connection Have you ever looked closely at your fuel cap and noticed it's either off centre or at an angle to the body? If your like me you have spent hours trying to get it right with only marginal success. To get it anywhere near results in strain on the body around the filler connection. Well I have found a solution. A Mocal flexible filler hose. 57 mm. I got it from Daemon tweeks. Disregard the size in the picture, I found 57 mm fits. I have also managed to source Terminal connectors that are very similar to the ones Lotus used. They are 6 mm spade type witha plastic case. They lock when pressed on. I got them from Autosparks at a very reasonable price.
  12. Hi Stuart, thanks. Would like to see your cars! Just need to make some time to pick the seats up.
  13. Well I have nearly got the second tank in on the real one. I want this finished fir the summer so will be going fir it after the next two weeks. Second tank is nearly in, so I'm back to where I was before. Gearbox figured out how to remove the reverse gear and spindal, just undo the bolt on the outside of the case that pins it in and slide it out! Very easy, I wish I. Knew that before the aquablasting! Now need to get this case aquablasted and then the gearbox can be reassembled. I have a spring balance for shim calibration and a new half shaft with new bearing from PNM. Should take too long to put back together, maybe a day of two if there are problems. The new gear wheel is waiting to go in with new synchro. O have just purchased a 12 volt blue tooth FM transmitter for £10. What is that you say? Well you plug it into the cigarette lighter. It links via blue tooth with your iPhone and converts the audio signals into an FM signal you can tune in in your cockpit stereo. Hands free telephone and iPhone music with no Wires! Sounds to good to be true, maybe the sound quality will be awful, but worth a try for £10. Downside I now have to wire in both cigarette lighters! My seats are finished, so just have to pick them up from Mr Fulcher in Norfolk and install them. The fun part of this project! All new Hyde from Andrew Muirhead and the original James Bond Colour, Lotus Gold. An incredible effort of months of work, but worth it - 1981 were back good as new!
  14. Tanks out job. But if your not worried about originality you could put a different cover in that could be installed without removing the tanks. Tanks out means engine dropped or out! You can borrow my cutter if you wish, just pm me. Easy to cut out and I have a hole location pattern taken on an Essex, thanks to Richard on here.
  15. Door Weather seal strip Have ordered some from Woolies Trim. On my car it's the thinner one about 11 mm. Use the clips also from Woolies. Their code for it is 152A.
  16. Speaker covers all and one tank fitted. As with anything bespoke a little effort is required but I think it was worth all the effort and didn't take long. I'm also very please I put the rear speakers in. I chose Sony and they sound excellent when coupled with the forward ones.
  17. Hi Steve, just saw this. Looks like you sorted it? If not I can take pics etc as my gearbox is still in bits.
  18. You were lucky. I had to change the wiper motor on the S1 after I had assembled it. Brain surgery is probably easier and much much more comfortable. I had many bruises after that particular job! I learned from that. The Turbo wiper system was fully tested before the windscreen and dash were built up!
  19. Definately don't put the dash in until all the electrics are perfect. Especially the wiper system. If it need attention do it know, especially the motor change or any parts of the mechanism. Two people helps if the screen is in!
  20. Tanks fit really easily, 1/2 inch off the long side. It makes a huge difference. I'm using s closed cell foam underneath. The new fuel sender is now fitted. I had to test the tank fit with the rear speaker covers in situ. No issues. Here's some pics. S and J sports cars made the covers.
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