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  1. Took the opportunity to grease the wheel bearings, adjust the hub end float with a dial gauge, measure the runout and fit new inner felt seals. I was shown how to correctly pack the bearings by an SKF expert who worked for them for ten years. funny who you come across! Oh and I cleaned and greased the calliper pins, anti rattle plate and checked the piston operation. Happy to say its all perfect still. Brake dust does build up though which I cleaned off. Constant work to keep these cars tip top!
  2. New front discs fitted. Now just the steering U/Js to replace I was lucky and got new old stock compomotive hubs fitted too. I am using new protech adjustable front shocks. I really don’t like them and will be replacing them. They ones I have only fit with the adjusting knob removed! Car is running great and a pleasure to drive now the wheels are correctly balanced!
  3. I run synthetic oil in my S1 and Turbo. The molecules are smaller and more consistent, so it could leak if seals are in poor condition. In that case they should be replaced anyway. I also use 10W60, more oil pressure when hot. The S1 sender is very sensitive to resistance. If the spade connection to it is not making good contact it can result in spurious oil pressure readings. Could it have been disturbed when you changed the oil?
  4. Wow, I have heard about this machine, but never seen it. Funny I was telling the manager at HL motors about it today. Why they don’t use that now 8 will never know. Apparently they get a lot of new Porsches with steering shake and their Road Force machine is the only thing that can stop the shaking.
  5. Well chaps I have some important news concerning steering wheel shake. I had an issue with this on the Turbo at about 65 mph. I decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Most of the car is new or reconditioned. The steering rack and all the front suspension has been replaced. I have split rim wheels on the front which I built. I had both front wheels balanced a total of three times and still had shake problems of differing severity. As you know, if you read earlier,I found play in the steering column and wheel, which I fixed. The steering wheel was still shaking at 65 mph. I decided that despite the wheels having been balanced three times they must be out. I took them to HL motors in Twickenham for a road force balance. There are only two garages in the south that have the machine, as far as I know. The other is in Chingford NE London. I asked the guy to record the imbalance before he started. One wheel was 15 g out the other 35g! This is massive and not what you would expect after three lots of balancing. He did the job and I fitted them to the car today and tested it.The result perfect, no steering shake. The Road force machine stimulates wheel loading by pressing a roller at 1000 lbs force onto the tyre whilst the balance is checked. It can also detect imperfections in the wheel roundness. In my opinion for split rim wheels a normal wheel balance is not sufficient. I don't think you can get a conventional wheel balance and then rule this out as the cause if your steering wheel is shaking. Road Force balance is the way ahead. After a lot of messing around with inferior systems its all sorted really easily! I now need to replace both steering U/Js and the discs. After that I will have replaced just about everything on the car!
  6. Rear suspension Both driveshafts now replaced with the heavy duty ones from Lotusbits. Offside rear bearing replaced with new old stock. Nearside perfect so a clean and grease was all that was needed. There are two things left to do that annoy me. A light intermittent rattle in the steering column, so I have a new column to fit over the next few days. The other thing is the sticky speedo needle. Most S1 s suffer from this issue. The plastic Veglia needles bend outwards over the years and rub on the clear perspex, stopping them from working. I heated the needles and bent them back eight years ago but now they are curved again! This time I will use spacers to move the perspex away. Then thats it until the next maintenance items appear. I am glad the Jubilee motivated me to go through everything on the car. Its now running extremely well and a pleasure to drive.
  7. Back to serious stuff. The rear wheel bearings on the S1 can be split apart, cleaned greased and reassembled if the races are ok. They probably will be as they are over engineered. There is a clip in the middle which comes off. You can then split the bearings and take all the balls out. This is preferable to buying new ones. The originals fit really well and have little play.I have almost finished replacing the nearside driveshaft and servicing the bearing. I held off on this until after the pageant, as sometimes these jobs are unpredictable. Should have it all torqued up tomorrow and then a test drive! Unfortunately, speed restricted unlike Brooklands!
  8. Thanks. Wow, I didn’t realise he was editor of flight! I used to spend all my time looking at the jobs section in there! All three judges were very fair and complementary! Saw this yesterday, excellent on the big screen!
  9. Hi Dean, I would like to come, but due to distance and work I don’t th8nk I can make it this time. Just had a great day at Brooklands. The S1 took first place in class, pride of ownership concours! I had a chance to exceed the speed limit! IMG_5951.MOV IMG_5952.MOV
  10. 60 th anniversary James Bond The Spy Who Loved me, currently showing in the surrey area! I will have to go as the last time I was 10 years old in 1977!
  11. Matt Oxley on here sold me some. You must fit these the plastic ones are absolute rubbish. The door will move around as they wear.
  12. At last Lotus makes it onto the Official James. bond instagram. Remember to go on there and comment. After all the Esprit is one of the most Iconic Bond cars and deserves a much higher profile than it currently owns.
  13. Anyone going in their Lotus? Its at OCKHAM surrey, just off the M25 at the A3 turn off.
  14. My car as put on the other threads.
  15. I wasn’t allowed to say anything before the event , but all the work was to to prepare the car for the extreme driving conditions, 2.6 mph for 70 mins. It all worked perfectly even the drive of over an hour in heavy rain on the way home. Thanks to Andy on here who helped with the mechanical jobs and Jon who gave me some blower fan guidance. I think I will leave it installed as it all worked so well. Also thanks to Lotusbits who came up with a cam cover at short notice.
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