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  1. It's very thin, shouldn't be a problem. Have sawed and filed stainless bolts many times. Need a vice and decent hack saw with new blade. Will try making some when I get a minute and put on here. So busy at the moment all my progress is stopped.
  2. Hi Vin, Havn't had time to do the screens yet but when I do will post a detailed account, I have the Lotus service bulletin for windscreen fitting and will post this also. Think the top ones are the same front and rear, only the rear lower tailgate being different. I have the top ones and was going to use these for design and metal thickness, then measure the angle of the aperture on the lower tailgate. Will then scribe this onto stainless and file till fit is good. The pictures Jon posted are spot on, just the angle needs to be checked as all thing Esprit seem to be somewhat Bespoke! You could install the trims just using sealant and no corner clips and hold the trims in position till it sets. You will have to bend the trims so there is no pressure on them. More difficult without the clips.
  3. Hi Jon, When you did the floor felt,1/2 inch. Did you take it up and over the fiberglass box sections on each sill, or did you cover just the floor? Also when you put in the front windscreen, what stops the lower edge of Dinitrol splaying out over the dash when the glass is lowered? Thanks.
  4. Hi Vin, Was going to cut the shape out of a flat piece of stainless then file and fit, using a hacksaw. I already have the top ones from S and J.
  5. Believe the nut is 1/4 BSF thread. Only problem is can't find one! Have ordered a standard BSF 1/4 nut. If it fits will look at tapping out a serrated nut.
  6. Yep S and J only have the Top ones, will have to make the bottom ones also!
  7. The sphim washer arrived. The diameter is too small, but worked with a little filing. The nut 1/4 UNF doesn't fit! Will try BSF and UNC!
  8. Have ordered 2x 1/4 UNF serrated nuts. Have had to order a lot so hope they work! Will post the outcome they could be adding to the draw of unusable purchases!,,,,
  9. Finally finished the fuel system. Made a new 10 mm aluminium plastic coated fuel pipe and used AN 6 elbow with an adapter. The SU fuel pump is a 3/8 BSP thread.used Locktite thread sealant, expensive but effective. Bending the pipe required a pipe bending tool, as it's quite soft, if you bend it without support the walls will collaspe and restrict fuel flow.
  10. Here's my solution. Remake the fuel pipe out of plastic coated 10 mm aluminium so that it goes over bulkhead and fits directly into an AN 6 elbow. Use a proper pipe bender so pipe does not collaspe. Then use an AN 6 to 3/8 BSP adapter to go directly into SU pump. Use Locktite sealant on thread. Wish someone told me this at the start, anyway hope it helps someone in the future . Here's the pictures!similar adapter on left to the one I used. Picture of pump finished just have to fit new clips.
  11. Jon, What is your suggested order of reassembly? Ie wires, binnacle, instruments dash etc?I never took the car apart! Also how does the dash fit on, is it bolted?
  12. Yep, lost one of them. They must be a British thread, no doubt will end up with a box of these that won't fit. Will put them in my fuel Union box!
  13. I finished the wiring and went down the new loom route. Had to convert it from single headlight motor to dual and dual blowers. Added additional wiring for triple fans. Left other Wiring as designed. Upgraded wires where necessary and used colour coding to match original. Further details on my restoration blog. Finished harness is a new exact copy of original with some uprated wires. Still only have two fuse boxes.
  14. Does anyone know what type and size of thread the serrated nut is that fits on the end of the headlight motor and hols the rotary arm on. It's not 6mm metric! My box of unusable parts grows larger by the day!!!
  15. Paul do you have any suggestions for the order of reassembly having done it? Ie. Veglia, binacle cables etc, which ones first? Thanks.
  16. Paul/ Jon, Will be spraying up some screws shortly. Jon were these screws the same as originals. We're the heads slotted or positive, and were they flat or domed? 3/4 or 1 inch long. Will be spraying some for other guys so want to get the screw correct. Will use black on the binnacle. Thanks.
  17. S75540 Shim Washer Din 988 10x16x0.5mm Availability: 78 In stock £0.55 Qty: Add to Basket OR Add to Wishlist Quick Overview Shim Washer Din 988 M10 x 16 x 0.5mm Shim Washer Din 988 10x16x0.5mm Double click on above image to view full picture Zoom Out Zoom In MORE VIEWS The 1 mm difference in diameter shouldn't be an issue will post here once I have installed them and let you know, The rods look great! I think the angle is more than enough, but to be sure assemble a pod and use the manual knob on the rear of the motor to raise the pod slowly and check for obstruction and snags prior to applying power.
  18. Yep that's it!Thanks. Will have to try and find one or make one. Ps nice job on your car! Will be outstanding when your finished. Got the rotor arm replaced from S and J, mine was worn in the centre so the light pod would slip when raising and lowering.
  19. Will try these first, thanks Jon. Will try these first, thanks Jon.
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