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  1. Sorry having trouble uploading pictures, it's the parts manual reference for the light pod and motor diagram.
  2. There's a very thin washer, not show here, that fits behind part3, it's essential as it ensures the wheel within the motor housing is located correctly so that the switches inside cut out at the right time. It's very thin. Haven't got a picture.
  3. Went down to think auto. Got some 10 mm aluminium fuel pipe and a AN elbow connector. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm getting closer to finishing this. They did not have the connector BSP to fit the SU pump. So I ordered one off ebay. It fits the SU pump but not the AN fiting. I ordered the wrong AN size. Didn't realise the AN sizing refers to the Outer diameter of the pipe it fits and not the thread size with BSP fittings. I will get it right eventually, once I have collected all the AN sizes!After wasting a lot of cash on fittings that don't work! When I get the solution I will post it all here so no one else has this hassle.
  4. Could anyone who has any tartan s1 interior pictures please post them on here, they would be really useful when I do the retrim. Thanks.
  5. Anyone know where I can get a washer that will fit behind the headlight motor arm, it's very thin S and J don't sell them, the pod won't work properly without it?
  6. Do we know for sure the screws were sprayed in Nextel, would think the coating would flake off? What size screws were they. Will rebuild the booth if required.
  7. Now you tell me, have already dismantled the spray booth! Was planing on black coated screws?
  8. What a surprise, the final Nextel coat was as easy to spray as the primer. Just need to keep it all wet and follow the manufacturers guide for mixture and temp. This stuff turns to a felt like surface on its own as it drys, sort of growing it's own fibres. Amazing! Think I'm a convert or just got lucky! Can overspray it if the coverage isn't good as long as you do it pretty quickly after the first coat. Do not mist coat with this stuff!
  9. Paul is that the glove box from S and J, and is it screwed to the underside of the steel crossmember?pressumably that's your fan switch overide on the right.
  10. Nextel! Don't! Find something else. Primer on. This was the easy part. Look forward to rubbing it all down! Would have been a lot easier if it was done when the body was sprayed. But you can do anything if your determined enough. attachment=31336:image.jpg]
  11. We'll have fitted it. I have the two part fairing and spoiler blade. The blade wedges between the body and the fairing. There are two bolts. One on each end.
  12. Is the tunnel felt glued and the floor felt held by the carpet clips or glued also?
  13. Looks great! Thanks for posting the pictures still need to do my screens, but this had spurred me on. Does that glass sit at the same height as the surround or slightly lower to allow for the trims. Are the edges of the glass, top and sides spaced evenly? How many tubes of Dinitrol did you use. Thanks.
  14. Just noticed the demist vent grill fitted to the dash is the opposite way round on some cars, I have to bend and fit these do you know if this way is correct? Also infront of the binnacle do the larger vent holes meet in the middle? I have seen this on pictures, but don't know if it's correct either?
  15. Paul, please could you post some pictures of the retrim and details, as I will have to do this soon. Presumably 1/2 inch felt on tunnel and floor? I already have the carpet. Thanks. Also how was putting the glass in, any tips.
  16. Anyone who has problems with their headlight motors here's some tips based on my experience. I have independant S2 type set up. Got them working but there are a lot of problems. Suggest that when your adjusting the arm length you don't apply any power but used the knob on the motor to manually raise the pod and check for fouling before using power. Also don't run the motors without the arm attached to the rotor as the microswitch inside may not work. This leads to the motor running continuously. On mine one of the arms was bent slightly which I didn't notice. When I run the motor the arm jammed on the motor support bolt. I quickly cut power and was lucky no damage was done. To get them to work required some fault finding. when they would not work the first thing I checked was the earthing. I found an error, one of the relay earth wires was not connected. Easy to check with meter in resistance mode. Still would not work so I checked integrity of power supply wires no relays. They were ok. The motors were working with main beam but not the light switch. I tested the blue power supply to the relays. With the lights on there was no power. I traced the fault to the fuse box. The fuses were corroded and not making contact. Cleaned them and all is working.
  17. How does the spoiler blade fit onto the rest of the fairing? Is it bolted, screwed or glued?
  18. Thanks. Where did you guys buy it from? Also where in the circuit did you install it.
  19. Can anyone suggest a microswitch and mounting location for the bonnet headlamp motor inhibit. Pictures would be a great help. Thanks.
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