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  1. Have measured the ignition wires. Each strand is .3mm, counting he strand I believe they are 17 amp. The equivalent 17 amp wire is thinner because the insulation thickness is reduced, thanks Jon for pointing this out. Have decided to fit the new harness and if I don't like it, remove the harness refurb the original and do the Job again. Have managed to switch over the plug connectors from the original loom. Easy when you know how they work. Each metal connector has a tab. When pushed into the plastic housing the tab springs out and stops the connector from being removed. To remove them use a small screwdriver to bend the tab in, then pull out the wire. The new harness already has these type of connectors so you then just push them in. didn't take very long to switch them all over. have cleaned the fuse boxes and fitted them for a circuit test. Converting the light circuits will be a challenge, as I have not seen them working before. Incidentally all the fuses are Lucus and 17 amp continuous 35amp peak. Except one of the ignition circuit fuses which is 35 amp.
  2. Hi Jon, Thanks, didn't think of that. Will google and measure the conductor area with a micrometer and do some calcs. If your right that will save a lot of hassle. Have been using Autosparks for all colour coded extra wires, qtheir really helpful and dispatch is quick.
  3. Have been working on the new Loom. Most of the circuits are now identified. Have found several connector blocks missing, ignition wipers and switchesa. The Loom does not have the seat belt, choke switch, double blowers, double headlight motor circuits. Also the wire guage has been reduced from the original. The original fuses are mostly 17Amp. Lucas changed the wiring specs some years ago and reduced all gauging slightly. However, here there are significant differences. Probably because the new loom is an S1 loom and my old loom is more like that of an S2. The picture shows the old loom wiring against the new. The new wires are much thinner. If they have been doubled this will be acceptable or they may still be sufficient to carry the loads. But will have to check every circuit and rewire as necessary. Option B pull the whole lot out, refurb the old loom and put it back in. At the moment I'm favouring option A. Press on check all circuits after at the end
  4. For those of you considering a new loom there's a lot of work involved to upgrade and modify circuits, if they are missing. It's also is expensive. My new loom has several relays added that were not in the original for the lights. New is great when it's done, but repairing the old loom in hindsight would have been quicker. Can post more detailed info on the rewire as I go along if anyone is interested.
  5. This is the back of the reversible 7 inch fan. The Kenlowe fits perfectly, but isn't cheap. It seems to be more efficient and use less amps than the competition. Three fixing kits, from that well known universal supplier! If tripple Kenlowes can't cool this down, nothing can. Have to remake the original fan loom. Another job. Have started to rewire. The new loom has missing circuits, so are fabricating them using the same colour coded wires. Have saved the dual headlamp motor harness from the old loom. The dual blower circuit is also salvageable as they were both added to the original loom after initial production, on my car anyway. Have started to fit horns. I have used two snail type one on each side of radiator. The bodyshell has wiring holes already cut out for the dual horns.
  6. Hi Jon, Thanks, that's exactly the bit I was after, the cable routing around the heater box. Seems I have the later S2 style box with vents on lower front. Does anyone have an S2 picture from the same view as above?
  7. Has anyone got any internal pictures of the S1 wiring loom and its general installation within the vehicle? Thanks.
  8. Front spoiler. Have repaired the mounting on one side and radiator now installed. Cooling fans are 3 Kenlowe 7 inch bespoke units. They are very efficient and use only 3.6 A each. I am remaking the original Lotus wiring to the fans with 17 A green and yellow cable and waterproof connectors. The fans can be removed and reversed within each unit for either blow or suck as required. The blades are ultra efficient curved design. There is insufficient space to mount the fans behind the radiator because of the anti roll bar. So they will go in front and be used in the blow configuration. More pictures to follow.
  9. Well thanks Choppa, spot on! Just checked it and it fits perfectly over the throttle cable. You can just make out the three holes in this picture. Why are all my pictures inverted?
  10. Car came as a project and thus bit was in one of the many boxes. With have to start looking for three holes in a line on the body. Will start with the throttle linkage, thanks. Reminds me of those Airfix models always one bit left over!
  11. Hi Vin, Think the bracket is upside down, just put it on temporarily to get parts out of way till I got round to fitting. The gaiter came with the car just cleaned it up. I have another brand new original round gear knob but was going to fit at end. Just covered all bits for Nextel coating. Can take a picture of bracket when I have finished if you wish. Does anyone have a picture of the reverse light switch and know where it is fitted? Thought it was in the gearstick mechanism but can't find it?
  12. Well there's always one bit left over and this is it! Anyone got any ideas of where it goes?the steering finished.
  13. What are the torque settings?if anyone needs any other info ask and I'll post if I have a picture or answer. A u clamp at the top of the column attaches to the base of the Veglia display with a U clamp.
  14. Took these pictures, not sure if they help much. The shims behind bracket, 2 each side. Can see bottom of slot that allows vertical movement. Universal joint very limited clearance from chasis. Shims and vertical position are critical. Top of steering column has two metal halves that are held together by a rubber ring. The steering wheel pushes over. If you are missing these like I was, S and J supplied them. The indicator light etc screw around the column and are self explanatory. The steering wheel has a metal pin to flick the indicator switch. All very hi tec!washer and nut on end.
  15. Took these pictures, not sure if they help much. The shims behind bracket, 2 each side. Can see bottom of slot that allows vertical movement. Universal joint very limited clearance from chasis. Shims and vertical position are critical.
  16. Did take any pictures of the job, but used these Lotus engineering notes.
  17. Steering After some effort it's done. There are two shims each side. The steering rack mounts allow up and down movement. The rack also can also be adjusted in roll. I had to dismantel all fixings and adjust the rack upwards and roll it away from the chasis before tightening the clamps to the recommend torque from the Lotus manual. Without this the universal joint kept fouling on the chasis. I then followed the phasing procedure, although I found it better to connect the steering column last having phased the intermediate shaft and lower universal joint. You really need two people if you connect the steering columb to the intermediate shaft first and tthen attempt to insert the spline into the top half of the lower universal joint. Worth all the effort the wheel requires a constant force when turning and feels balanced. All the new bearings and new joints have made a big difference.
  18. It's in the large boot board. Seems good value for all that compared to all the other bits I have bought.
  19. That looks really good, will definately order some. My wheel arch carpets were glued and the upper shelve carpets. Don't know about the rest as I have new boot boards. Did the rear quarter light carpet come in the pack? Did you use hi temp contact adhesive?
  20. Was going to make some by measuring the lower angle of the window and using the upper clips for the design, but if you have some going spare I would be interested?
  21. Radios - don't belive the Motorolla LT558 exists! Can't get a picture of one and nobody has seen one. So went for the Philips Lotus option which was far easier to obtain, a bit of luck always helps.
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