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  1. These are the vents I have, just need the bottom vent part. note the spacing is not uniform.
  2. Well after some deliberation:- Just reviewed the Lotus heritage certificate, the car was originally Bronze with cream leather and brown Marcasite. The engine is not the original, but is a Lotus Esprit 907 engine as confirmed by the serial numbers. With this in mind and considering I am copying the bond car I have decided to reglass the binacle fit the vents and go early S1. Even though the demist system currently fitted is better, in reality the car will never venture out when it is required. The previous owner had already acquired the center ashtray and vent grills from the early car. He also had the interior retrimmed to tartan. Only problem is the seat headrests are also tartan. For those bond fans out there Nick Fulcher re trimmed the headrests to green bcause when they started filming the Tartan headrests clashed with Roger Moore complecxtion. So green headrests, center ashtray and dash vents. Only a little more work required- think the timescale is slipping but then it's not changing rooms!
  3. Thanks Jon, Look very similar to the Élan vents. Are the two infron of the binnacle attached by a joint in the same air pipe?
  4. Were there 3 demist vents in the dash, painted with Nextel. Two infront of the binacle and one on the far side? Also does anyone know if they were also used on the Élan, with the same parts 12/13. Thanks.
  5. Mmmmmmm this has got me thinking!The demist system as fitted to my S1 is the same as the S2 and was a Lotus improvement aimed at solving demist issues. However the binnacle vent may cause discolouration of the Nextel coating, as the air always contains contaminants and, being light grey, this would be easily visible. So am now thinking whether it would be worth changing it back to the first S1 setup? Any thoughts out there?
  6. Thanks Paul. Have a late S1, so keeping all original parts and restoring to best possible condition. The cars were improved and modified by Lotus as they gained experience. Mine being a late car has many improvements as seen on the S2. Always wanted the bond car and that's why this will be Tartan trim and centre ashtray. No point in rebuilding a car to its factory spec if you don't like the trim or colour, mine was Bronze with cream Leather - which I think is gross! Don't think there's any such thing as a concours S1, they just weren't built to that standard, but so far Gordon Masson has the best and most original car I have seen.
  7. Is this the Motorla LT558????? Shown in the lower picture, the radio knobs look like a Motorola design?attachment=30531:image.jpg] Or does anyone know if this pioneer was an option? If someone has pictures of the S1 radios it would be a great help.
  8. Looking for the original radio, a Motorola LT558. Have to believe someone has one somewhere, doesn't matter if it doesn't work. Wonder how many months this will take?
  9. The end result of 9 months work and scouring the Internet, a fully rebuilt steering columb with new keys! The blanks came from S and J but the local locksmith said they are Leyland keys and he stocks them also. As I said before the new ignition switch is off a triumph and was supplied by Rimmer Bros. Spent hours rubbing down the Binnacle and other bits for Nextel coating. Two grades of paper down most of the binnacle glue gone. Slight repair required on edge of plywood then a few more hours of rubbing down and ready for primer. Plan to rebuild and dry fit all parts and pipes prior to Nextel so no damage occurs to the finish. Think this will take a while!
  10. Bought some Nextel a while back but wasn't sure whether it was original, so thanks for that. Will press ahead and get the parts you mentioned done.
  11. Thanks Jon, that's helpful. Do you know if the binnacle and dash were originally painted in Nextel suede coating? That's the light grey in the picture above. IT was used when the original bond car was restored by Nick Fulcher the Original lotus trimmer, but was wondering whether Lotus actually used it or if it was a replacement for a similar material? It's easy to buy but difficult to spray and get a good suede type finish.
  12. DECALS! Got Esprit decals with I bought this partially done project. Marked them out and went to put them one but noticed they looked different to a photograph of the Bond car - the script was different. an American chap on the forum had an original S1 with the decals intact and was kind enough to supply a photo. Have reproduced the original with decal fever. At about £6 pair if you have just resprayed this will save you time and money. Here's the result, and there's more about this in another thread. Of course doesn't really matter as no one will notice, we're all privileged just to own any Lotus! attachment=30486:image.jpg]second picture original bond car from museum. First picture the new decal. Ps If any moderator is reading please could they turn pictures up the correct way, thanks.
  13. Hi Jon, If you want accurate esprit decals I spent months sorting them. The info where to get them is in the exterior section on here if you haven't already seen it. The decals supplies by some dealers are inaccurate.
  14. Yep finger trouble, could you move it please? Good spot, don't know got picture off internet.
  15. For those of you reading this blog and thinking of restoring your Lotus the biggest delays were caused by lack of information and Mis information. The Lotus manual has practically no useful info except the circuit diagram and some mechanical bits. The parts manual is of more use. Every job required more time in research than it took to rebuild. This forum was invaluable, but there is still a great lack of pictures from guys who have done all of these jobs to a high standard. On this blog I wil try to put pictures on as a starting point. The next job I have coming up is the tailgate windscreen fitting. Will post how it was done here. This job alone I have been researching for months. Surprisingly this is one of the few jobs Lotus details in their Esprit manual. Have to rewire entire front loom will try and photograph some of that but it's pretty boring stuff! The most important thing will be working out current loads and counting wire strands to ensure circuits cannot be overloaded. The steering will also be reassembled soon. Just finished the entire repair of the steering columb to include new nylon pins, as the originals were sheard when the colum was removed. These were compressed into the holes using a vice. The ignition switch is new and is available from Rimmer Bros, it's off a triumph. Have new key blanks on order from S and J sports cars. Have to give them full credit for being the only source of some parts. Also PMN engineering provided a replacement steering Lock and Key - spent 3 months searching and had almost given up. They are also excellent for fabricating bespoke parts.
  16. Was thinking of making these as an exact fit from patterns to Tony's picture spec. Only thought would be the bulkhead carpet has to be sized large enough to be fitted down to the engine cutout as in Tony's picture and long enough on top to glue over vent pipes and push under edge trim. If this is the case might be wise to save time and get a set from S and J, any thoughts now you have them to inspect and try?
  17. Has anyone got any detailed pictures of the esprit s1 under carpet felt that are original as will have to do this soon. Was hoping to create a picture database on here for anyone who's thinking of this in the future. Here's some to start. Original foam show in last picture. As I understand it the felt is 1/2 inch. Think it was held in position by the carpet fixings and not glued. The capers pressed into the studs on top. Midway up the door card the foam covers a type of cork which is covered in foam. Does anyone know if the black on the inside of the finisher is how it left the factory? Some resto cars have body colour here.
  18. The quarter window seals push on to the window edges. News ones are available from S and J sportscars and are a reasonable price. They have a joint in the top middle of the window. I glued this joint together using a type of industrial super glue, like permabond. How to fit the finishers over the plastic silver trim?this is how I did it. 1. Firstly mark length of silver trim. At the front it finishes where window chrome ends and at rear it finishes at end of finisher. used test piece of silver trim and tried cutting with knife. Found it difficult to cut straight. So used a hack saw blade, cut the trim along its length except where it goes around front windscreen. Then filed smooth. This gave a much better finish, although you can't really see the cut edge. Holding in a vice was the best solution, moving the strip along as you cut and file. 2. Once cut place on body in required position an secure with masking tape. Dry fit finisher over top and adjust until best fit. In order to curve silver trim at front window corner make cuts to allow the silver trim to bend without kinks. 3. Remove finisher and rivet the silver trim to the car body using silicone sealant at all rivet holes. 4. re-drill new rivet holes where required and dry fit finisher. When perfect silicone lower edge all the way along and rivet into position. The whole job took two days to get right without rushing. hope this helps.
  19. Both finishers now on and silver trim complete!B posts fitted. Both finishers now on and silver trim complete!B posts job fit rear screen and chrome trims
  20. Hi Jon, Used pipe from S and j. If a valve is used it has to allow air movement in both directions for tank expansion or to stop a vacume forming in tank. But most importantly when inverted it must shut off. To achieve this a ball bering covers a breather hole when inverted. The valve in your picture looks like a non return valve and not a rollover valve, You will have to investigate further. Spoke to an expert who said you could vent the pipe directly down out through the front of the wheel arch on both sides using a rollover valve. Then another chap explained why Lotus used a long pipe that crosses over. The reason is fumes. There is less chance of fumes with a longer pipe. In the parts manual type vent system if the car rolls over the end of the pipe which exits through the driver side forward of the wheel arch is higher than the fuel tank and therefore fuel will not leak out. Took me months to find ll this out. The Lotus way is cheaper as it does not use any valves, but it's more untidy in the car - although you cannot see the pipes when installed.
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