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  1. This is the bracket. Should the board bolt to the bracket with the welded bar and two bolts facing down? There would then be a flat surface on top for the carpet?
  2. Thanks Simon, that one of the best posts I've seen, show you how to do the job. Thankyou.
  3. Will post no problem, might take a week or two to get it sorted.
  4. Hi Paul, have hot the small brackets already fitted. Was referring to the larger ones that bolt through the bulkhead to hold the boot boards.
  5. The latest info I have makes sense. The long doubling of the pipe makes it less likely fumes with be a problem. If the car inverted the breather exiting just in front of the rear wheel arch would be above the fuel tank and so the fuel could not run out unless the breather was ruptured. Unlikely event. The valves above would still work and might be a better solution, but I think longer breather lines should be used to help prevent fumes. Think I'm going down the valveless route( have the valves already, so will revert to plan A if not satisfied.
  6. Thanks, will have a look. Shame the images have gone that's looks like a great write up!
  7. Is it riveted through the same holes a the finisher?
  8. Well have been given incorrect info on this. Apparently UK cars didn't have the rollover valve, just federal cars. If short pipes are used more chance of fumes. With the parts manual vent pipe type installation a rollover valve is not required because the vent pipe outlet is lower than the tank ( higher if the car inverts). Should have thought of this myself, never mind Collin Chapman did already! Ps pipe exit is single pipe just infront of rear wheel. The wheel arch hole is for the boot board I think?
  9. Thanks Vin, any pictures - is it glued or friction fit with finisher?
  10. Does the boot board bracket (next to bulkhead) bolt to the boot board using the welded strip with two bolts on so that the bolts face down and the carpet lies flat on top? Any pictures appreciated. Also there are two metal brackets with a finger grip on top, havn't got a clue. Where these go?
  11. Has anyone fitted the silver trim to the inside of the finisher? Any advice appreciated. Do you have to cut the downward piece so that it can fit over the roof?
  12. Thanks John, that's not far might pop in and see what they have.
  13. There are already holes in each wheel arch where the vent pipes go. Am trying to get some original Esprit rollover valves, but if I can't I already have the ones above. Plan is to machine off the centre nut into a circle of a suitable pipe diameter. The pipe will push onto the new circle making a seal with the open vent in the pipe. With then connect the original vent pipe either side using adapters.
  14. It's the original pump, as far as I'm aware.
  15. Phil, I'm approaching rear windscreen fitting, how did they go in - do you have any pics?
  16. The internal diameter of the new unions is smaller than that of the fuel lines, so they will not fit directly. A female/ male adaptor is needed to increase the internal diameter, Still amazed Lotus didn't make a part Identical to the above with the correct diameter for the fuel line, or maybe they did, but the only fuel lines available now have a larger diameter? Will need someone with an original S1 to give us the answer?
  17. Hi Paul, Have you put the finishers back on yet. If so did you fit the silver plastic trim on the inside edge and did you have to cut the plastic moulding to fit it? Any pictures would be great, just coming up to putting these bits on, like all this Lotus there no guidance!cheers.
  18. FUEL PUMP UNION The saga of the SU fuel pump continues! The Burlen fitting is the correct one for the pump that seals against the rubber O ring. However is seems Lotus did use the straight connector in the first picture, not an ideal solution. Has anyone with an S1 also got this union? If I use the Burlen fitting the male thread diameter is smaller than the female part on the fuel line. Because an adaptor is not available off the shelf I would have to make one, or have one made. There would be extra joints, adding weight, more chance of leaking and the job would drag on. The seal with an adapter would be dependant on the thread, no different to using the straight union ( except more joints). So I have come full circle. I will use the original straight connector. The fibre washer and O ring serve no purpose with this fitting and will be discarded. The thread seal is the only thing stopping the pump from leaking. Because of this will use Locktite 577 rather than PTFE tape to seal the thread. The stuffs expensive but it works! Hopefully I can now assemble the fuel system and get back to the wiring. WIRING Have finished the engine bay apart from the loom addition needed for the fuel pump which has migrated over the other side of the engine bay. Am matching the original colour coding, the wiring is very cheap about 25p meter. The engine bay wiring is simple the new loom came with a plug connector for the Lucas distributor. The main alternator wires are identically to the original loom. They carry the current to the front of the car. This is good news as the new loom is for an early S1. I have additions of dual headlamp motors and dual blower. Inspection of the original loom shows Lotus added them after the loom was constructed. Addition of the circuits should be straight forward (for a Lotus). There aren't too many wires in this loom. It's really easy with the test meter to work out where they start and finish. That with a colour coded wiring diagram kindly provided by Phil, so far it's easy.
  19. This is the valve I have decided to use. It's not ideal as it's supposed to be tank mounted, but it's reasonable value compared to the rest and available on ebay. Plan to adapt it as required and use as an inline valve from the filler pipe which will vent throughout each wheel arch.
  20. Also I was incorrect the adapter sold by S and J does not fit! Definitely need to invest in some engineering equipment and make my own parts!
  21. Well one step forward two steps back. Even though these are the correct union for the pump apparently Lotus did use the original unions, I had in the picture, sealed with thread sealant. For the engineers amongst us a very poor solution. If I has a lathe I would just make my own!
  22. Now need to change the male diameter back to that need to accept the Esprit fuel pipes. A suitable adapter piece is available from S and J sportscars.
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