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  1. Have totally repainted engine bay in epoxy heat resistant satin black paint and completed sound deadening of tunnel. Just harness to fit and will put back on chasis. Have devised a lever system to lower body onto chasis. Will involve destruction of bedstead created to hold body off chasis for work underneath.
  2. Hi Vin, Nothing's simple with and S1! Have inspected new harness against old. The harness was supplied by S and J. The good points. The colour coding on the wires appears correct. It has all connectors are there except one white plastic one which has been replaced by spade contractors. It's all new and obviously the wires are unused and excellent condition, as are all connectors. The bad points. The harness is not identical to the original. Some of the branches are in slightly different positions and the lengths vary. The wire gauge used is different from the original, I have not checked every wire for the correct gauging, but assume it's correctly guaged. Steve told me I may have to modify the headlight circuit. It has the Veglia connectors. Have a look at the picture. The keen eyed amongst you will notice the yellow and purple wire is missing! This is for the fasten belts light. Phoned S and J, they say not all cars have fasten belt light fitted and that's why there's no wire? Of course I can get this harness working, but there is a chance there might be problems with it that go beyond the light and belt circuits. Steve at S An J offered a refund. Now in a dilemma. Have to decide today as need to get harness back in car and body back on chasis. Steve says he has fitted this harness before. Might just fit and see what happens?
  3. Hi Iain, it was professionally painted, but nothing left of original black work as was over painted when I got car. Now putting it all back together. All new parts or powder coat.
  4. Thanks Paul. Didn't come up on my search. Excellent paint job!
  5. If your not in a rush will tell you exactly how good the new harness is after fitting.
  6. Thanks Iain, that's really helpful. Are the tanks secured only by the bolt on the underside?
  7. Hi Paul, Had a look it very basic and gives no clue as to how the tanks are attack to the body or fuel pipe routing etc.
  8. Hi Vin, didn't do bodywork or repaint, done professionally. Hi Iain, good idea will check for level. Do you have any pics?
  9. About to start reassembling. Does anyone have any pictures of the fuel system rebuild, as this would greatly help? Thanks.
  10. Been working on body and heater assembly. Bulkhead was partially rotten so totally replaced and varnished, re glassed it. Plan to paint boot areas with Epoxy paint. West system resin mixed with black pigment. This mimics the original Lotus Trimite manufactured paint. The paint will bond to the fiberglass as this method is used in the boat industry. Nearly ready for total reassembly. Fuel tanks need to go back in. Does anyone have any pictures of fuel tanks in situ, shelving and boot boards. Thanks.
  11. Hi All, Has anyone got some pictures of all the areas around the rear side window, boot etc that were originally painted black by Lotus on the S1. I need to paint them but would like to get them factory correct. Thanks.
  12. Hi Vin, You will still need to use Wiring diagram for colour codes. Loom is in plastic package, have not yet got round to fitting as have just had to replace entire plywood bulkhead. According to Steve at S and J all connectors are there. Only minor modification may be required for light pod motors. Will let you know when I get round to electrics, should be soon as need to rewire partially prior to putting body back on chasis.
  13. Have gone down the S and J route. Their loom looks pretty good with connectors etc done. The are other companies in the uk that will manufacture a loom using the original connectors and colours for the same price as S and J. My wiring harness was pretty worn in the engine Bay Area. Could have repaired it as have a Physics degree and electronics experience, but just not enough time. Colour codes match on new one and easy to plug together all bits. Also have piece of mind all wires are new so less chance of problems later.
  14. Hi Vin, Have just removed the screen and the piece above. There was no foam. Plan to rebound glass using Butyl windscreen tape as the original is no longer available. Cheers.
  15. Hi there, Has anyone please got a picture of the brackets that hold the rear light clusters into the body shell. I have to make some but have never seen them before? Thanks.
  16. Hi there, Have restored seat runners. Drill through and file off end stops on lower runner at ends only. Remove plastic. Powder coat. The replace plastic and rivet through hole. I have got some new plastic inserts 3 printed. They have to be filed to fit. But then work. See my lotus esprit s1 blog.
  17. Thanks Paul, will have a look. Have you got any pictures? Thanks.
  18. Hi All, does anyone have any pictures or know how the rear light pods are held in the bodyshell and the light clusters attatched? Will need to fit them soon. Thanks.
  19. For anyone who has tried to separate the seat runners they will no how difficult it is to separate them. The only way to do it is to remove one pair of end stops in the lower part of the rail by filing or drilling them out. My solution is to drill through each end stop on the lower rail and rivet afterwards to prevent the plastic component from coming out. The roller bearing is such a tight fit any slight raised surface at the end of the rail will prevent it from coming out. Have just started to reassemble the rails. The new parts I had made are a tight fit. Just need to file them down slightly to get the rail action perfect. Here is a picture of a riveted rail works perfect just need to paint rivet black.
  20. Going to try VHT satin black epoxy based paint for the high temperature areas in the engine bay. It's not resistant to UV light but since there is no direct exposure chalking should not be a problem. Apparently Lotus used Satin black expoxy manufactured by Trimite paints who are still in business today. They can supply the paint but only in 5 litre cans. So going to use the American VHT brand which is readily available on the internet.
  21. Hi there, Have not got round to reassembling yet. Only filled a tiny amount off the stops enough to lever the runners out. Broke 2 getting them out so printed some more. My plan is to rivet the stops and paint the rivet black if the stops are not big enough to work. Will put some pictures on the forum when I get round to it. Cheers.
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