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  1. Hi All, does anyone have any pictures or know how the rear light pods are held in the bodyshell and the light clusters attatched? Will need to fit them soon. Thanks.
  2. For anyone who has tried to separate the seat runners they will no how difficult it is to separate them. The only way to do it is to remove one pair of end stops in the lower part of the rail by filing or drilling them out. My solution is to drill through each end stop on the lower rail and rivet afterwards to prevent the plastic component from coming out. The roller bearing is such a tight fit any slight raised surface at the end of the rail will prevent it from coming out. Have just started to reassemble the rails. The new parts I had made are a tight fit. Just need to file them down slightly to get the rail action perfect. Here is a picture of a riveted rail works perfect just need to paint rivet black.
  3. Going to try VHT satin black epoxy based paint for the high temperature areas in the engine bay. It's not resistant to UV light but since there is no direct exposure chalking should not be a problem. Apparently Lotus used Satin black expoxy manufactured by Trimite paints who are still in business today. They can supply the paint but only in 5 litre cans. So going to use the American VHT brand which is readily available on the internet.
  4. Hi there, Have not got round to reassembling yet. Only filled a tiny amount off the stops enough to lever the runners out. Broke 2 getting them out so printed some more. My plan is to rivet the stops and paint the rivet black if the stops are not big enough to work. Will put some pictures on the forum when I get round to it. Cheers.
  5. Used a file to remove end stop in runner. Then removed tabs with roller bearings, new printed tab shown in picture, havn't had time to fit yet.Seat runners came back as new from powder coater. Will post picture later.
  6. Excellent job Vin. Just about to paint the s1. Did you use a plastic primer prior to the satin black enamel on the underside front and only stone chip paint in the wheel arches? Was looking at heat resistant paint for the engine bay, which paint did you settle on? Cheers Fab.
  7. The seat rail runner has now been fabricated, judge for yourself. If anyone needs any parts replicated google Digits2 widgets. They made this in a few days!
  8. Took seat rails apart for powder coating and broke two of the plastic inserts. As these are not available only option make some new ones. 3D printing them at the moment. Will be able to manufacture more if required, not cheap though! Want to keep car as original as possible. With 3 D printing can make any nylon or plastic part, no problem!
  9. Thanks Phil, managed to reassemble Veglias and all working at the moment.
  10. Ignition switch - spent three weeks and travelled all over trying to get a switch. There seem to be two types fitted to the S1. This smaller diameter switch is very rare and cannot be supplied by any of the main dealers. The only switch that will fit comes from an MGB, but needs minor modification before it will work! Moss Europe stock to MGB switch. The steering lock was made by Lowe and Fletcher, a company still operating today! They were similar to British Leyland parts but may have been specially made for Lotus as the only other one I could find had slightly different dimensions.
  11. Fuel tanks although quite reasonable, needed improving. So used degrease, prime and seal the tanks. Prior to this they were shot lasted and powder coated. Took 3 days to complete tanks and a lot of effort!
  12. Hi Vin, Bearings had reached end of their useful life. So stripped column apart. Had to drill out rivets holding upper bearing housing to shaft. The lower bearing is of an old design with loose ball bearings held in place by grease. The upper bearing was difficult to find but eventually found a perfect match online. It's now sealed and of modern design. Was very easy to rebuild and now operates as good as when first produced.
  13. Steering column repaired, all bearing replaced. Got them from specialist bearing company online. Measured originals with micrometer and vernier calipers.
  14. The only common part in the Talbot Simca dash are the Bulb holders. The other instruments are made by smiths and all better design and quality than the Veglia. The Smiths internal components could be used to repair a Veglia display with a little work.
  15. Hello all. Does anyone know the answer to the following. When the esprit was manufactured was the engine bay lower area left unpainted in the fiberglass colour or was it sprayed black? Also was the front boot area left unpainted? I'm considering painting mine, but would like to rebuild as close to original as possible. thanks all.
  16. Just got round to ignition barrel problem. The end of the barrel is missing, does anyone know the cross part reference? Was it used on the Triumph?Also,considering replacing bearings inside column has anyone done this yet? Have bought Talbot Simca dash from ebay, when it arrives will post whether it can be used for spares for the Veglia display.
  17. These Veglia display bulb holders are used on Talbot Simca, available from there owners club. This was display before restoration. The alcohol based cleaner was used to clean guages. Still working on them. Will post as I complete.
  18. Hi chaps, Will soon be painting underside using black stone chip paint and sound deadening material. Does anyone have any pictures of there own underside?Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, A great big thanks to Dave who has done an outstanding job bringing the car to where it is now. So much so only took about an hour to get the engine running after 4 years!A slight water pump leak easily fixed and it runs perfectly! I'm totally new to Lotus but always wanted an s1, thanks Dave for making it happen. I've got millions of questions for you guys- any help much appreciated. Already half rebuilt Veglia Guages. Took them apart and tested with multimeter. Battery guage appears to be a bi- metallic strip heated by a coil. Slight corrosion but works with about 12v. Some bulb holders missing. They are same ones as used on Talbot Simca. Some members of the Talbot club provided me with some replacements. Managed to purchase Talbot Simca Dash off ebay. Will find out if the other instruments are the same and use for spares. Cleaned instruments using IPA fluid. Plastic parts soaked in vinegar to clean, together with small metal parts. Seems to work quite well!
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