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  1. Just got round to ignition barrel problem. The end of the barrel is missing, does anyone know the cross part reference? Was it used on the Triumph?Also,considering replacing bearings inside column has anyone done this yet? Have bought Talbot Simca dash from ebay, when it arrives will post whether it can be used for spares for the Veglia display.
  2. These Veglia display bulb holders are used on Talbot Simca, available from there owners club. This was display before restoration. The alcohol based cleaner was used to clean guages. Still working on them. Will post as I complete.
  3. Hi chaps, Will soon be painting underside using black stone chip paint and sound deadening material. Does anyone have any pictures of there own underside?Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, A great big thanks to Dave who has done an outstanding job bringing the car to where it is now. So much so only took about an hour to get the engine running after 4 years!A slight water pump leak easily fixed and it runs perfectly! I'm totally new to Lotus but always wanted an s1, thanks Dave for making it happen. I've got millions of questions for you guys- any help much appreciated. Already half rebuilt Veglia Guages. Took them apart and tested with multimeter. Battery guage appears to be a bi- metallic strip heated by a coil. Slight corrosion but works with about 12v. Some bulb holders missing. They are same ones as used on Talbot Simca. Some members of the Talbot club provided me with some replacements. Managed to purchase Talbot Simca Dash off ebay. Will find out if the other instruments are the same and use for spares. Cleaned instruments using IPA fluid. Plastic parts soaked in vinegar to clean, together with small metal parts. Seems to work quite well!
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