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  1. I used S and J for the S1 and Distributor doctor for the second. Does the 123 distributor seal against the oil flow? Not sure how it is designed.
  2. Doubt it!😬😬😬😬😬😬 Pleased to see I got the binding colour correct!
  3. I had both distributors refurbished, so didn’t have to do that luckily!
  4. My worst cam job is getting the internal grub screw out and cleaning the internal oilway!
  5. Coming on really well Dave. Whoever it was that had worked on the car before clearly didn’t have a clue, it must have leaked oil everywhere and not been drivable!
  6. 😀😀😀😀Well I was looking too but I thought I could get an engine build, even though I don't need one, for the same money!
  7. Just found this video it can be used to compare with my car. The lighting affects how the paint looks. I’ll let you in on a secret. The FYEO car in the picture is two different colours. The bonnet was broken and they got the car resprayed. Presumably they ordered A19 paint and didn’t check it. We all know the formulation was changed. The bonnet and wings appear A19 and the rear is the original colour which is identical to my car. If you look carefully you can see more reflection and metallic in the A19 paint.
  8. Recent visit to Bell and Colvill new service and sales centre in Guildford
  9. I have a mega spark coil with a ballast resistor, so reduced running voltage. The yellow/white by passes the resistor on mine to give the full 12v for start.
  10. Start Voltage Upgrade I have continued to improve this car since it was finished. The latest upgrade, thanks to Andy on here. Some time ago I upgraded to a high torque starter motor. If you do this the new starter motor has no facility for connecting the white/yellow start wire. This wire with the Lotus starter motor carries full 12 v for boosting the coil voltage during the start. You loose this when you upgrade to high torque starters. Andy made me a simple diode connector. I connected this to the starter and the ignition coil using colour code wire now bound into the start loom. Job done better than when it left the factory. Starting was never an issue, but with a Lotus every little improvement add up to make a really trouble free car. Now to mod my S1 starter!
  11. NEW FUEL PRESSURE REGULATORS Continuing from the above beware if you buy a new Malpessi pressure reg. even though it says they are for the Esprit they can’t be adjusted down to 4 psi. The minimum is 5 psi which is the limit of the needle valves. You risk flooding and a fire. The solution is to use the spring from your old regulator as the new one has a different spring rate. If you do this you should be able to adjust it correctly. All the work on mine was a result of my Clarke fuel pressure metre reading incorrectly. Since it was expensive and I had only used it once I am very annoyed! Anyhow my regulator is now spot on.
  12. Hi Nu, Very tricky question and I can’t really say which one I prefer. I enjoy driving both and they are both very good in different ways. I think the Turbo is more comfortable and easier to drive. The S1 is very much seat of the pants and you are far more engaged with the driving experience. I think the Turbo is a much better design from an engineering point of view, but if I sell one it would be the Turbo first. This is probably only because the S1 had a much bigger influence on me when I was 10 and its the car I always wanted.
  13. Classic and Sports car drove both my cars for the Bond mag. Their journalist did prefer driving the S1. I was surprised as my Turbo is pretty refined and very quick! He just loved the S1. The Turbo drives like a modern car, whereas the S1 is like an older racing car. Personal choice I guess.
  14. These cars are now 40 years old. Most restos seem to concentrate on cosmetics and not the unseen bits such as the wastegate, cooling pipes and engine internals and lots more bits which are critical to a reliable car. There are so many components on a Turbo, look at the parts diagram. Unless it has had money spent beyond regular maintenance in the last 40 years it is going to need a lot of expenditure. Without photographic evidence or receipts whatever is said about it assume to be meaningless and you won’t go far wrong. I had a full documented history up to the day it went off road and nearly everything needed replacing, but I suppose I am a bit picky compared to most! Some guys I know bought a Turbo from a well known company for about 50k. It looked fantastic and they test drove it. Since then they have spent 50k more repairing it! Buyer beware. Look for regular use on the MOTs and if there is no record of bits being replaced assume you will have to spend. Don’t be attracted by the paint or trim whats underneath is just as important.
  15. Well done Paul. I saw the car at Mercedes Benz World it was really nice!
  16. What would you guess Steve will want for Lex’s car? Hi Paul, looking at your list of cars do you really want another? I have six and its far too many!
  17. Classic and Sports car car of the year 2021 joint winner with my Turbo!
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