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  1. Finally solved my tailgate closing issue, which has annoyed me for some years now. The tailgate would only pop up a tiny amount which made it very difficult to get your fingers in. It also grated when closing and wasn’t smooth. I bought the new initial lift spring from S and J, the rubber stopper and bolt. I always believed the spring or stop were too short. This wasn’t the case. The flat plate mechanism the spring and bolt was mounted on was very slightly bent! This was very difficult to see, but I discovered it whilst making a nylon plate for the Catch to sit on to replace the multiple shims because they look unsightly. The bolt was bending up the tailgate as the boot was closed and at an angle when it was extended. I bent the plate back a little. Now the tailgate pops up so you can easily get your fingers in. The grating was being cause by the bolt threads going too far up the bolt and catching on the mounting. I replaced the S and J bolt with one 1/2 inch longer 4 inches instead of 3 1/2 and this sorted the problem. It now works perfectly and is very easy to close without much force required. If only I had know this before!
  2. The obvious thing for Lotus to do is make 20 electric S1 replicas, white with tartan and some spoof Spy Who Loved Me gadgets.
  3. 3.5 million quids worth of old grey car! The z8 BMW was sent by BMW heritage all the way from Germany, the Aston came from Newport Pagnell sent with an engineer and Lotus sent nothing, so I had to provide the cars. I can’t understand why Lotus disregards a very important part of its heritage. I contacted their marketing department and didn’t even get a reply. If they want to take their business to the next level they will have to embrace publicity like the other manufacturers do. I offered to drive through the smoke, but they weren’t interested!
  4. Thats my fault, that was an iphone snap I did. Heres another Courtesy of classic and sports car. Had to get rid of the Z8!
  5. Curtesy of classic and sports car
  7. Heres the completed version of the Bond Vivant Lotus movie for anyone who's interested.
  8. If anyone wants to talk Lotus and see this car I should be at the NEC in November, if the event goes ahead - come and say hello.
  9. Be sure and buy the October edition of classic and sports car, its a Bond Special! Come out 3 rd Sep I believe. There should be some good pics in it!
  10. Nice job. Finish the repairs, prep and paint in primer and then decide what to do.
  11. Hi Paul, great job! It will all be done very quickly.
  12. I used the S and J ones. They are already shaped to fit, so would use them.
  13. Finished video will appear on the Bond Vivant You Tube channel by the end of the week, I am told!
  14. Lotusbits sell the bearing then you machine out to fit it. Ask Mike at Lotusbits.
  15. Hi Dave, expect the full video in about three weeks. The camera man is very talented, so should be some of the best Esprit footage ever. The two CV owner was able to drive up for the shoot, although he's not nearby. We go through all the differences the Bond cars have from the normal production cars. I managed to pick up a stone chip on the Turbo screen by manoeuvring a few feet behind the filming car at high speed. Worth it to get the footage though. Cameras were mounted inside, outside the cars with a drone doing aerial shots. Can’t wait to see the final cut. Keep an Eye out for Classic and Sports car Bond edition in October. Oh the skis now tested to 80 Mph, with some sharp turns!
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