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  1. Back to serious stuff. The rear wheel bearings on the S1 can be split apart, cleaned greased and reassembled if the races are ok. They probably will be as they are over engineered. There is a clip in the middle which comes off. You can then split the bearings and take all the balls out. This is preferable to buying new ones. The originals fit really well and have little play.I have almost finished replacing the nearside driveshaft and servicing the bearing. I held off on this until after the pageant, as sometimes these jobs are unpredictable. Should have it all torqued up tomorrow and then a test drive! Unfortunately, speed restricted unlike Brooklands!
  2. Thanks. Wow, I didn’t realise he was editor of flight! I used to spend all my time looking at the jobs section in there! All three judges were very fair and complementary! Saw this yesterday, excellent on the big screen!
  3. Hi Dean, I would like to come, but due to distance and work I don’t th8nk I can make it this time. Just had a great day at Brooklands. The S1 took first place in class, pride of ownership concours! I had a chance to exceed the speed limit! IMG_5951.MOV IMG_5952.MOV
  4. 60 th anniversary James Bond The Spy Who Loved me, currently showing in the surrey area! I will have to go as the last time I was 10 years old in 1977!
  5. Matt Oxley on here sold me some. You must fit these the plastic ones are absolute rubbish. The door will move around as they wear.
  6. At last Lotus makes it onto the Official James. bond instagram. Remember to go on there and comment. After all the Esprit is one of the most Iconic Bond cars and deserves a much higher profile than it currently owns.
  7. Anyone going in their Lotus? Its at OCKHAM surrey, just off the M25 at the A3 turn off.
  8. My car as put on the other threads.
  9. I wasn’t allowed to say anything before the event , but all the work was to to prepare the car for the extreme driving conditions, 2.6 mph for 70 mins. It all worked perfectly even the drive of over an hour in heavy rain on the way home. Thanks to Andy on here who helped with the mechanical jobs and Jon who gave me some blower fan guidance. I think I will leave it installed as it all worked so well. Also thanks to Lotusbits who came up with a cam cover at short notice.
  10. IMG_5427.MOV I don’t own the music rights. This is a glimpse of what it was like driving the Esprit. IMG_5428.MOV
  11. Yep it was me! At last it has been proved a Lotus can drive at 2.6 mph for 70 mins no issues! It drove there and back as well in the rain! What a fun day. Parked at Horseguards before the drive. Then a quick change!
  12. He foams the material and stitches it to a backing. These means its easy to glue on with contact adhesive and looks perfect. He made the linings in both of my cars!
  13. Steve Fulcher at Fulcher coachworks can make you a lining you glue on. It looks great.
  14. Well thats about it for my overhaul, just a bit of cleaning to do. The car is driving very well and the tune up has made starting easy, first time on the key again! Now where to go?
  15. No I removed the sensor, but I may link the blower to a digital controller, but not at the moment. I never had any start issues even in 10 hours operation at 35 degrees.
  16. I measured the temperature inside the engine cover at 83 degrees with the engine at operating temperature. As soon as the blower comes on it rapidly starts to reduce it was down to 73 degrees quite quickly. I then turned the blower off. I think if left on it will have a significant effect. I noticed the main fans cycled quicker when supported by the bilge fan. Although, I agree unless you are stuck for hours on a hot day in heavy traffic with your other upgrades you probably don’t need it. I did a days filming in 35 degrees and the three Kenlows cooled it enough. I plan to operate it to extreme limits of heavy traffic, so have put the extra fan in as a back up.
  17. They are if crimped correctly with the crimp matched to the wire size and tool. Crimping and soldering simultaneously overcomes the poor crimp issue. I now have a lot of experience after 8 years of practice. At the start I did at least one substandard crimp as shown on the fan wire. If I had soldered it as well maybe it wouldn’t have overheated. Anyhow if your not convinced just crimp.
  18. The driveshafts Lotusbits supplied have Hardy Spicer 163 UJs. I believe these are the original ones Lotus used and are no longer available. They must not be confused with inferior UJs.They look substantial compared with the ones I have in there. Just a short bit about the rear wheel bearings. There is a lot of confusing info on here. They come apart when you remove the rear driveshafts because the U channel clip is held in by the driveshaft. When its pulled out there is a point the shaft no longer holds the clip, so it pings out and half the bearing comes with it. There is no reason you cannot reassemble it provided the races and balls are in good condition, its clean and greased. You must ensure the U channel clip is inserted correctly. These bearings should last a very long time as they are way over specked for the task. Don’t loose the balls when they fall out! If you can’t find all of them buy a new bearing!
  19. There some quite long driving sequences on this movie. T he Esprit looks very good as a futuristic car.
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