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  1. Steering After some effort it's done. There are two shims each side. The steering rack mounts allow up and down movement. The rack also can also be adjusted in roll. I had to dismantel all fixings and adjust the rack upwards and roll it away from the chasis before tightening the clamps to the recommend torque from the Lotus manual. Without this the universal joint kept fouling on the chasis. I then followed the phasing procedure, although I found it better to connect the steering column last having phased the intermediate shaft and lower universal joint. You really need two people if you connect the steering columb to the intermediate shaft first and tthen attempt to insert the spline into the top half of the lower universal joint. Worth all the effort the wheel requires a constant force when turning and feels balanced. All the new bearings and new joints have made a big difference.
  2. It's in the large boot board. Seems good value for all that compared to all the other bits I have bought.
  3. That looks really good, will definately order some. My wheel arch carpets were glued and the upper shelve carpets. Don't know about the rest as I have new boot boards. Did the rear quarter light carpet come in the pack? Did you use hi temp contact adhesive?
  4. Was going to make some by measuring the lower angle of the window and using the upper clips for the design, but if you have some going spare I would be interested?
  5. Radios - don't belive the Motorolla LT558 exists! Can't get a picture of one and nobody has seen one. So went for the Philips Lotus option which was far easier to obtain, a bit of luck always helps.
  6. Well what a bit of luck. The Cortina club have come good and provided two of the vent Nozzels of a cortina. I got lucky on ebay and the hours of searching paid off with two more Nozzels from a Lotus Cortina. I now have four! So can continue modifying the dash. Steering! Well I post this for anyone who has never reassembled the Lotus Esprit steering columb and rack. There are two things you need to know. The steering rack is held in place with four bolts( two each side). Then between the rack and the chasis there are shims. If like me you did not take apart the rack or refit it, you must ensure the shims are installed so the universal joints have sufficient clearance from the chasis. This is critical Also the universal joints must be "phased". What does this mean? Well basically the universal joints have to be orientated on the splines so that the wheel when turned has a constant turning force. There's a Lotus instruction on how to do this.
  7. If you look at the thread on the S1 trim you will have seen the bond pictures. Not only are S1 Esprits slightly different depending on the production date, but the Bond car is not a car but cars- they have different interior trim. The binacle is very dark grey in close ups and in some scenes appears to be a cloth and not Nextel! This is the evidence. but then the Bond museum car has a Nextel binnacle. So I have decided to compromise and continue with a Medium grey Nextel not totally Bond but appropriate for the car. Another dilemma if you look at enhanced picture of the movie you will see the bonnet is raised on the left corner, as is mine. This is how the car was produced. Do I continue the plan and make it flush or leave as is? Nothing is straightforward with an Esprit!
  8. Thanks Jon, much appreciated. It actually looks pretty good - think I will join the club and buy a set. Still a lot of jobs to do, getting these will help reduce the workload.
  9. another picture of the bond car, clearly not the same car as the one used for close up shots the binnacles(picture above) are totally different.
  10. For all the Bond fans - as the scenes change so does the car. When the car is used for still shots the window trim is blacked out with charcoal binnacle, In the high speed chase it silver again with Nextel in grey. Get a blue ray copy of the movie and a decent TV and all is revealed! The Lotus decal on the front moves to a new place when the car changes to a sub. Difficult to copy something that is different in every scene. In the close ups of the front of the car with the actors in the binacle is charcoal grey as above. Can't post the picture here as I don't know whether it would infringe copyright laws. the interior had the center ashtray, early vents and gear cover with edge bead. The exterior S1 with bits blacked out and as already pointed out no radio, and a white button on the top of the gear stick. The other big difference the choke lever produces an oil slick, no doubt some cars can automatically produce an oil slick without using the choke lever!
  11. Also the exterior brightwork was blacked out to stop reflections when filming. The chrome around the windscreens and door handles to be specific.
  12. Well here's the bombshell, there appears to have been several versions of the car with different coloured interiors! The stunt scenes appear to have the light Nextel. The closeup interiors had charcoal grey, looks more like Marcasite used in the S2 around the binnacle. Can anyone confirm this for sure? Here's the evidence.
  13. Seems Q never fitted one! no tartan headrests either!
  14. Well will post pictures of glass fitting as promised but delayed at the moment. Don't have the two lower clips for the window tailgate trim. Only top ones are available from S and J so will have to make some using the upper clips as a guide. Hence a delay. Must say thanks to all those guys who have helped me get this far. If anyone needs pictures of any part let me know and will post on here. Cheers. Ps Jon, that picture is stunning, doesn't look like it needs restoring!
  15. Test fitting all trim at the moment. As Paul pointed out there is a plate around the gearstick on the earlier cars. I have one piece and was intending to spray with Nextel. The gearstick green cloth surround I was intending to fix to this. What is different on the earlier cars I am not familiar with their gearstick setup - as you all know there are no pictures in the manual. Any pictures appreciated. Do I need the cover plate or will it look the same. Some Nextel painted cars seem to have one piece like mine. Thanks all.
  16. Well solved the slipping problem with the existing struts. Changed the thin head bolts to standard bolts. This allowed increased torque and used serrated washers, no slippage. The gas struts appear ok when the glass is fitted. Hope this helps if anyone else has a problem.
  17. Thanks Jon, am assembling all bits and checking alignment then will dismantle - so that I know they all fit before they are painted, some holes to fill in too. Quite an offset on the steering column, hope they are all like this! Are two of these screws also used to hold the back of the binnacle to the dash by screwing up thru the dash?
  18. Fitted the steering columb. Does anyone know how the column cowling is held in position? There are four screws that hold each half together but appears to be no other fixing! Am now dry fitting all interior parts before Nextel coating.
  19. In the red car picture the door seal area is not painted black?...How is it finished?
  20. Interesting! Stuck with the shade as already have the Nextel. I have a plastic one piece moulding for the gear lever and a metal piece screwed with rubber gaiter to the tunnel. Does this tray sit on top of the plastic moulding?as shown in picture.
  21. Thanks, will have to look into that don't have aluminium panel.
  22. We'll need to get three vent nozzels like this one.this could hold up the restoration. Apparently they were fitted to the cortina MK2 and according to the Cotina club come up on ebay regularly. if anyone knows of any please let me know.
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