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  1. Hi Jon, hope your well. I've just got round to fitting the extinguisher and put the pull cable where you did. Slight problem there not enough thread n the pull cable to put the nut on. Did you find a pull cable with a longer thread? Presumably you had the same problem. Have asked life line who,are getting back to me. Cheers Fabian.

    1. jonroberts


      Sorry for the slow reply. I seem to remember having the same problem and drilling the hole small so that the cable outer 'screwed' into the fibreglass and didn't need a retaining back nut.

    2. Lotusfab


      Thanks Jon. I have ordered another cable from Deamon Tweeks with a longer thread, hope it works! Cheers Fabian.

  2. Hi Tony, I recently managed to break the front Lhs clear quater window on my S1. Do you know in any breakers in the states that might have one? Thanks Fabian.

  3. Hi Bibs,

    still going strong on the blog. Got some good pictures to post but seem to be having memory problems, please can you help?

    cheers Fabian.

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