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  1. You got her dirty !!! 😮 Proper mixed emotions as you drove away. Was lovely knowing she's going to a good home and seeing how happy you were but I'll REALLY miss that car. You now just need to pick the "defender of long box" baton from me :p Really, really well sorted car you have there - hope she gives you many years and miles of smiles 👍
  2. It's nothing like the ips vs manual debate. Not even close. Not knocking your choice, it's yours to make but on a thread such I think box comments to be left to people who have driven both flavours of na. No one has ever driven my car and come away with anything other than a huge grin. And that's the point I was trying to make. There's an article in last months evo (256) about the std box car... "the power output actually feels perfectly judged for UK roads and the car as a whole - you might want the short box, stickier tyres and supercharged engines of latter models if your driving is weighted towards trackdays, but as Watson (the owner who supplied car) puts it, his is a car that will do up to 40mpg on a trip down to the alps and then offer engagement and entertainment when he gets there" In an article which features a gtr and a gt4 it ends "but for the money and for feeling perfectly suited to everything from grocery runs to euro Road trips the used ecoty hero that has me searching through the classifieds is the lotus evora." Couldn't have put it better myself Are you comfy taking rear clam off and engine out?
  3. OK I'll bite. Why wouldn't you consider one? Have you driven one? Edit : My main issue is gearbox being discussed on these sort of threads lead potential new owners to become polarised on spec.... With a view that you cant track a long box car, or the long box ruins the car or fuel consumption is destroyed on the cr box or even cr boxes destroy themselves. Imho both boxes have their pluses and minuses and I know a few people that went out looking for x and bought y... And don't regret the decision. Everyone has a preference, of course, but we need to keep this within the bounds of the evora being a stunning car regardless of box.
  4. I'm going to plead the fifth on price given I'm also selling just now. But as some (hopefully unbiased) advice for me in the negative camp are the colour, +0 and the mileage without clutch. The first two may not bother you but Imho they will limit the market (the two guys who came to see my car before the snow started were both elise owners with kids). Also the airbag cover and the mudguard mounts haven't been done on the car... Minor things maybe but it somewhat goes against the "all the main issues have been fixed" message. Genuinely trying not to diss the car as it helps me if he gets that money.
  5. Clutch = yes. if for no other reason that it will be a harder sell once you've put more mileage on it. It's a £3k job min. You might not need one in your ownership but it's a risk. At the right money it's worth a punt....but im not convinced it's at the right money. Box = drive it. If its still pulling in 3rd at well over 100mph it's a std box. Or stick it in 6th and you should have 2k on the clock at 80. Much bollocks is spouted about the boxes. Both have their merits and IMHO you should buy on condition and not overly worry about the box. 2p
  6. Some people didn't / don't like the Sr look. I remember Murrays having a special order car, albeit a higher spec, which wasn't Sr spec.
  7. Re wheels..... This price list suggest it was 18/19 as standard. Customer Price List 2013 ENG.pdf Don't think I've seen many if any specced as such tho
  8. I thought you could get an s with 18/19...albeit not many were specced.
  9. Interior wise the only (obvious) difference between that car and mine is that there is no leather strip on the rear seats, the 12volt socket is under the dash and the gear knob is different. Other than that it looks the same as my 10 plate. So I'd say it was a std csr with some post applied sr vinyl.
  10. Can't imagine what you're going though but you've held it together way way more than i ever would. I've never seen a couple approach such a harrowing time with such determination and such happiness....even if inside i imagine you're both wanting to curl up in a ball. It's good to get it out sometimes as even the most positive person needs an outlet. Hope the next few days are brilliant for you and the family M
  11. Young sport (hero or normal) probably still the way to go. It's a big seat and it means the pax seat has to be most of the way forward unless you take rear padding out (see other parts of this thread). We moved to a milano (my son is. 3.5 now) and that frees up a tonne of space. He's in my car every weekend and we frequently go on day trips as a family of 3. Tbh it's one of the main reasons I've not changed the car as there's nothing else that gives me as much back and can be used as viable transport.
  12. Correct. Copy and paste from t'other site. I think Craig Moncrieff managed to source one for a customer the other month..... But there might be an issue with needing a chassis number. As my car was under dealer warranty they eventually (and reluctantly) replaced it with oem. ============ LOTUS EVORA REPLACEMENT AC COMPRESSOR DETAILS,. Lotus Part Number A132E6349S Toyota/DENSO Part Number 8832042120 UAC Part number UAC CO 10856C FROM A USA TOYOTA RAV 4 3.5L V6 2006-2012 The non oem one was $160 + p&p + duty, in all £240 (FROM USA EBAY JUNE 2014). The lotus unit is £1500! I have just bought the same aircon pump from USA total cost including taxes and shipping £219 . Got it fitted and gassed for £100 and working fine , Jason Trevor Nov 2017
  13. Nope that wasn't me. I live in southside of Glasgow but work (for another few weeks at least) in Livi.
  14. Side of my garage actually! Lol I didn't fit it but it was a bit of a ball ache iirc ..... They ended up swapping internals and just using casing. Right mirror tho
  15. You could argue that vw don't need a skoda, vw and Audi versions of the same car.... But they each find a customer who often woukdnt consider the other... No matter how identical they actually are under the skin. Remember we live in an age where most 1 series customers don't know or care thst their car is rwd. Lotus producing an suv and building it outside of Norfolk wouldn't bother me if it meant better sports cars and a more rosy future.
  16. The switchable exhausts have a market for pikeys like my that fit them to '10 NA's but i can't imagine there is much of a market for the standard car exhaust.
  17. It's not soluble - it will be fine. If you get bird shit on it you clean it off. EDIT : I left a vx220 on the street in scotland every night for 9 years and it was fine. Well maybe not fine. It was a shed. But i guess my point is that wasn't due to the weather. Well purely the weather
  18. Evora isn't that hard on the battery tbh - i only drive mine once a week at best in the winter and it's been fine for 3 years.
  19. Hmmm.....i think i've spent too long only looking at NAs lol Also i don't think ive ever seen those wheels in silver on a white car. or I'm getting old Or all three.
  20. No idea but those wheels are stunning (obviously they ruin the handling, what are you thinking about, just add lightness etc etc)
  21. Later cars didn't have them IIRC. Chat that in extreme temps they can make the engine cooling worse and the advice was always to remove before going on track. It's not a very pretty engine in NA form however so i'm sure you could source one if you wanted.....
  22. Evoras are curious things. Back in the day they were nailed to the showroom floor, indeed it seems that hardly any NAs were sold after the S came out.....but then when the NA was being discontinued there was a fight in some showrooms for the last of the run out models. As it's such a niche purchase anyway i think the rarity value of a niche within a niche works well as the consumers are already "well educated" in the models and have done their research. Your worst case on a rare sub-model or a strange combination of options on an evora is that it takes while longer to sell..........but looked after cars cars will always sell. My best mate bought a grey +0 with a jobby brown interior so everything can sell eventually Similarly cocopops paid for a yellow one so they will all sell eventually. (maybe not the Naomi for Haiti one though) Contrast that to the ISF problem where it's just not on some people's radars in the same way that a C63 or an M3 is. That's a harder sell as people haven't even considered the car in the first place.
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