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  1. On residuals.......given 2+0 Evora NAs struggle in comparison to the 2+2 why do we think a 410 would do better than a 400. As (i think Lee) said i can see the 410 levelling out price wise with the 400 as they appeal to different buyers, purely due to the lack or rear seats. Yes there are a load of people who don't care but there is an (arguably bigger) group of people who are attracted to the 2+2 element of the evora. Just look at any "i'm thinking about an evora " thread for evidence. My 20 month old is in my evora at least twice a week and i simply wouldn't be able to replace
  2. Recognition at last I made the move from NA VX220 to NA evora 2.5 years and 20k miles ago and i've never looked back.
  3. I work for Sky and always have a deal available but rarely post then online as I usually just get moans and complaints. However thus one is quite good so here goes nothing..... New TV (Sky Q) Customers: Complete Bundle for £35 instead of £80 Sky Q 1TB - with Complete Bundle, including Sky Box Sets, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, all for £35 a month for 12 months (instead of £80 a month). Offer valid till 15th Dec. - Offer includes one 1TB Sky Q box, MultiScreen can be added for £12/month - Sky Q kit is loaned at no cost but must be returned at end of subscription - Install cos
  4. It seems pretty study..... Just sack cloth type material. Not sure I'll use it every journey but as it's our second / travel buggy its great for storing it away or travelling with it. It's got a shoulder strap too which is helpful.
  5. Good tip! Just picked one up with a travel bag
  6. LazyDonkey


  7. Well another 12 months have passed taking me to 2 years with the car so i thought i'd update this thread for anyone interested. Annual mileage has dropped to around 6k a year thanks to the introduction of the fastra and LazyDonkey Jnr and the odo has just ticked over 46k. Overall I still LOVE the car. Even opening the garage to do something as mundane as cut the grass is brightened up when i see the car sitting there looking all supercar esq. It's my "go to" car every weekend and if the weather isn't looking horrible it's the car i take to work. Not running it everyday has probably
  8. Buggy looks great! Is that a zapp2 or the original zapp? My measuring tape said the 2 wouldnt fit but I couldn't find the original one anywhere.
  9. Not sure which it sounds like.... But it's better than standard! Lol This is a cold start, window down in the garage. Pretty sure the third cat was only fitted on the NA. So the S exhaust does without it.
  10. Yup I've got one on my '10 NA. As Lee says it sounds like the sport button is pressed all the time as the quiet / noisy valve simply isn't fitted lol Mine was fitted by Craig Moncrieff Cars and I think it's one of those things that's really easy to do once you've done it once. Sounds great at full chat but doesn't drone. Overall volume is similar to the lotus sports exhaust but the tone is slightly different. It's a great cost effective upgrade imho
  11. I think they use a similar random number generator to that used in the insurance industry. When i had the VX it was a mashup of vaux and elise parts - sometimes you'd be cheaper going direct to vauxhall but sometimes you'd be cheaper with Lotus. Didn't seem to matter which of the two actually made the part !
  12. In case anyone does a search at a later date...
  13. Indeed. Was fixed under warranty as well but the official part is eye wateringly expensive. It's a petrol RAV4 part though and it's quite cheap if you source it from the states.
  14. I watched with my father in law and he loved both articles. Based on my straw poll of one the less car-educated don't want to a chris goffey style of informative journalism. They want something they can go "wow" at and both did that imho. The tesla piece in particular left him slack jawed that there were cars that can do that. To call the X a prototype is a bit harsh as the model S offers virtually the same tech. There's one in my car park i know it exists As it happened i thought both were pretty good too. Your mileage / interest / happiness will vary but that's w
  15. Hello! Will probably see you out and about in Glasgow. I'm guessing you, unlike the previous owner, can see over the steering wheel ?
  16. Hello Jamie. One of the reasons i bought my evora two years ago is that it wont' depreciate, but yes as others have said they don't seem to do well privately. Especially not if they are bogging yellow :P Of course the main "issue" is that once you have one it's difficult to imagine selling so you never really benefit from the non existent depreciation
  17. I've not tried the evolva but the specs say the base is about the same length (ie front to back) as the recaro so may not give you much more. Probably worth a try tho.
  18. It's there as an option but tbh it's usual just me and him so I don't think I'll bother. Plus the wife is a midget and is quite comfy in the front
  19. Sorry I should have been clear.... Mine is a young sport hero. I love it and so does my "robust" 24lb 11 month boy. Be aware that when it's fitted the pax seat doesn't go all the way back. Pic below shows the drivers seat as far back as it will go and the pax as far back as the young sport will allow. As you can see the chair is longer than the rest squab With a pax the seat needs to be all the way forward, without you can recline the pax seat and give yourself this... Looks smart in the car tho As I said I love it and my boy
  20. Another vote for craig - ive been using him for 10 years and wouldn't trust anyone else with my car.
  21. Welcome to the site and to evora ownership. I live in glasgow but you'll find me and my evora in west lothian 2/3 times a week. Will look out for you!
  22. Totally agree that the xss is technically the best and would be the most suitable option. My wife disagrees (for now) Have you ever tried arguing with your wife when it comes to buggies
  23. Ah my bad - i think it's a Recaro Milano.........although in my defence Stuno1 agreed with me and he bought the seat lol (pics stolen from Stu) ....found cos i got all excited about the monza being group 1. Then got confused as it's the same size as the Young sport. Then did a search. Then found the above
  24. Yeah saw that on the evora FB page. Tried the buggy in mothercare but mrs donkey didn't think it was substantial enough, plus no rain cover. I would hvae gone for it anyway but she wasn't for messing. So now looking at something that will go in the footwell or fill the boot.
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