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  1. Already done on here i think - Recaro Monza maybe?
  2. Just to update this thread as it seems to be a question that comes up again and again - and i've done sh*t loads of research ! Sorry if this is the wrong thread - if it is point me in the direction of the right one and i'll update that. Usage wise we've got one kid who's now 10 months old, and chariot wise it's either my evora, my 9 year old astra or my wife's 500. So we're used to packing light ! That being said the evora is never going to be our first choice car for a 2 week trip away but i want it to be my go to choice for a day trip at the weekend if possib.e We used the Ma
  3. I find it interesting that the hate is aimed at Sky and not Bernie. It's all entirely within the rights holder to sell the rights to whomever they feel fit. They can chase the money, they can be charitcable, they can be money grabbing and anywhere in-between......they can do anything they want. It's the same with football, the stupid prices are being demanded by the clubs and the rights holders.
  4. Loving the spreadsheet maths ! I've got a spreadsheet for everything, although i'll be honest when it came to buying the evora the "want one" was so massive i didn't really care what the spreadhsset said. I get the depreciation concerns JayEmm but as others hvae said, when you compare new with new the evora should fair quite well. If it were me i'd be looking at an SR or a brand new 400........the nearly new 400 doesn't offer a significant enough saving to warrant not being able to spec every element of the car. Move to a year / two year old car and that's less of an issue du
  5. Sanjoy from Scotttish Elises is selling his Honda engined 340R. Not a garage queen but a well known car.
  6. S6 edge is the same, i had it a few hours before i bought this
  7. This times a million. We've got two flats that we rent out as the market tanked when we were about to sell. Both are repayment mortgages and we lose money on one and break even on the other. However we then get taxed on the "break even" one as you can't claim tax relief on the repayment aspect. All being well i get a tax bill of £1,300 a year and i pay off the mortgage at the rate of £4,500 a year. So in theory i'm "making" £3k plus any appreciation. However i bought 9 years ago and in my area (Glasgow city centre) we're still waiting for prices to get back up to 2007 levels. Yes i
  8. Yes, 2010 NA with 43k Came out and looked like this Initially pretty peeved that it needed doing but specialist (Craig Moncreiff Cars) said it was the heaviest clutch they'd seen on an evora and it was significantly heavier than when they'd seen it 6 months before. No slip but the recommendation was change it before it goes, enjoy the car more. Cost was about £1.9k including a belt change (PITA engine in, 2 mins engine out) and the car is transformed. Clutch is much lighter, really noticeable on the downshift and the car is just far more enjoyable. 43k seems low but
  9. There goes the neighbourhood....... Welcome Ali and your wonderful lego elise.
  10. The problem with the "if you've done nothing wrong" argument is that it works so long as the information is right. if you've ever wrongly had a poor credit rating on equifax or experian you can see how quickly your life can be turned upside down by a mistake. What if this mistake then starts to impact on everything? You happen to share a name with a bad person and the next time you try to fly you get a gloved hand up the arse. DVLA run the most efficient and accurate database in the country and by their own account it's only 96% accurate. Sounds good, unless you're in t
  11. His was one of the first delivered. I won't speak for him but he's got an account on here as he previously had a 10 plate evora.
  12. One of the Scottish Elise boys has an E10. Fair to say it's not been the most reliable car he's ever had.
  13. I've nothing against hardcore cars. You needed earplugs to drive my vx and i managed to use it every day and do 90k miles in it. I merely said I thought a Caterham was pointless on the road. But I'll add to that lists 2-11, West fields etc Basically anything that you need motorbike gear to drive to work in the winter is pointless as a road car. Don't think that's a particularly difficult concept.
  14. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes. Impossibly cramped, horribly uncomfortable and made the progress of going down a road way too much effort. Didn't fit properly with doors on but couldn't breathe with doors off. Less thrilling than a motorbike but less comfortable and usable than a car. The worst of all worlds. I desperately wanted to love it but as a road car it's pointless Imho
  15. And on that we'll agree to disagree. A caterham is right up there with one of my most disappointing drives.
  16. I have more fun in my evora than i did in my vx220, even though it would be destroyed on certain roads (the applecross coast road for one) and on track. The caterham is the same. On a caterham spec road it's epic. Is it more thrilling than a GT4 on a empty scottish A road? Absolutely not. The best car for me is the one that offers the most thrills over the most roads. Ultimately i think we're arguing the same point, we don't 100% agree that the GT4 is the bestest thing point (which you seem to be missing) is that half of the road testers placed it first and the othe
  17. The thrill of driving is their tag line. Nowhere in the conclusion regarding the GT4 do they talk about ownership propositions, build quality,or anything else. It's all about the drive. Don't have the mag with me, just the app, but IIRC In his column Franchitti said the GT4 gave him one of the best drive he's ever had of his life IIRC. They actually mark the GT3 RS down for being too fast for the real world and real roads.....surely we should be championing that? I wouldn't buy one, but it doesn't mean i don't respect the verdict or i think the verdict is wrong.
  18. Most people who are appalled by this would be amazed at what information i can access from this laptop. We freely give away loads of data about ourselves that is then sold, resold, analysed and compared every time you click "accept" on someone's T&C's Government and law enforcement already have access to huge amounts of data, but the key here is the "without warrant" change.
  19. Not sure where the EVO hating is coming from. If you look at who placed what, where you'll see that the results were far from a porsche whitewash. 4 people out of 8 put the GT4 first. 4 put the 675LT first and only Colin Goodwin putting the McLaren 4th meant it wasn't a draw. Are we honestly saying the Dario Franchitti is the sort of person who'd turn up to a test and then be comfy that it was skewed in favour of Porsche? Bollocks. Also if you read the 400 thread on here you'll see that as far as WE are concerned the 400 isn't the best car in the world with many of us sayi
  20. LazyDonkey


    was listening to Dr Suzi Gage the other day and she was very much of the opinion that vaping should be allowed in all public places, pubs etc. She said that if you treat them like fags and force people to go outside to smoke them then many will not bother giving up at all. Hadn't thought of it like that before.
  21. Lol that was quicker than expected You'll love it, transforms the car.
  22. Other cheaper option for na owners is to fit a 2012 set up (mine was £110 from eBay and then £100 labour from Craig Moncrieff cars) Basically now sounds like the na sr with the sport mode permanently fucking amazing! Totally changed the car for me. I'm sure a 2bular or larini has other benefits but this more works in the Value for money.
  23. 2010 na, both headlamps had peeling lacquer.....Murrays polished them back and replaced with film
  24. The cheapest Murray's could get it down to was £2700 after the experience of doing a number of them. Now that Craig is on his own i dare say it would be cheaper still. As above it sounds scary but the rest of the running costs are minimal even before you get to depreciation. Stick a new clutch in a high mileage car and you could argue you'd get 70% of that back as you'd instantly address most people's concerns.
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