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  1. Hi Roberto - I just answered your PM you sent me. Sorry for the very late reply...
  2. Hi Roberto - I fully understand your wish as I own a street legal 2-11 in Switzerland. Unfortunately I'm not looking to sell it as I like it too much. There is at least one street legal to sell advertised in All the best for 2020 - hopefully with a 2-11 of your own ;-)!
  3. And by the way - this is a picture of my car:
  4. And there is another 2-11, running in Switzerland, that I am allowed to communicate to you. It's the car of a friend of mine who did not buy it from new. It's the car that has the build number right after mine, therefore: Build No.:007 Model Year: 2007 Launch Edition, sc, SVA (now: Black) Location: Switzerland (Urdorf) Name of owner: Bruno Weibel And that's his car:
  5. My 2-11 is fitted with the following springs: (this is copied out of the official documents for my car from the registration authorities)
  6. Build No.: 006 Model Year: 2007 (1st registration in 2009 after modifications for local homologation) Launch Edition, s/c, SVA Location : Switzerland Even if I'm not the first, nor the second owner of this car I'm sure that this car was never sent to the US as a press car as your register states. Nevertheless this is very interesting and could be an explanation why my car has an ECU for an Exige and also US software (and the known random stalling problems). By the guy that prepared the homologation for Switzerland and that sold my car to the first customer I was told that they ordered several 2-11s for Switzerland at once and therefore it's not realistic that it's an US-import to Switzerland. Anyone has a explanation for this?
  7. I bought my car 2.5 years ago and I'm discovering this section. I like it, especially as it's really 2-11-only related. I think it's very useful, especially for the ones that bought the 2-11 not as a new car and have plenty of questions...
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