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    Stuart Williams
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    1995 Esprit S4s - Norfolk Mustard
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    Custom built twin exit exhaust
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    Maidstone, Kent

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  1. sew

    Yellow V8? esprit M20

    Think that was probably me MDW, in the S4s. I wasn't going to LeMans unfortunately, only Canterbury to see a potential buyer. (If the price is right of course !!)
  2. sew

    Boo Hoo

    It overheated ! I was lucky though
  3. sew

    Boo Hoo

    Wasn't the cam. Power steering I believe
  4. sew

    Boo Hoo

    I went through Beartsed a few weeks back. There was a boy with his Mum. He was only about 10 or so. She pointed at the car and as I drove past I heard him say "An Esprit" I found that quite amusing. That was me many many years ago!!
  5. sew

    Boo Hoo

    I use it as much as I can weather permitting! I have had comments recently from "how long have you had your Lamborghini ?" To " that's a nice Ferrari!" Unfortuneatly you have to correct them even though it can sound a bit patronising. Haven't seen another Esprit locally for ages
  6. sew

    Boo Hoo

    It did get a bit cloudy after an hour and a half! But to be honest it was a relatively painless experience. Clearly worth having breakdown cover and a Lotus specialist that was there to receive the car at 6 o'clock and actually rung ME To say all done!!
  7. sew

    Boo Hoo

    What ever belt!
  8. sew

    Boo Hoo

    This time last Friday waiting for a tow truck between 8 and 9 on the M20. Broken fan belt caused by a nut that had come loose on the power steering pump and got caught up in it!! Happily car now back and where it belongs. Luckily no other damage. Also had the A service completed whilst it was off the road and it flew through the MOT. Being told that your car is a very nice example and drives beautifully is always a bonus.
  9. ......and I will be in a minute!!
  10. Or a quick hop across on the Eurotunnel. Haven't taken a sports car over there for ages. The roads seem quite smooth on the way down to Le Touquet. Maybe not this week though eh?? Damn Operation Stack!
  11. I used to live in Ashford and the Brenzett straight on the way to Rye was always a favourite. I used to take my old S4s along there. Although the Police used to patrol that stretch. I think when I get more time I will head out further a field. Although I love driving the Esprit it's a shame about the roads being so bad. On a cheery note, the car got a lot of admiring glances today. Makes it all worthwhile
  12. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but it still amazes me how bad the roads in Kent (and probably the whole of the UK) are. I took the Esprit out today as it was a lovely dry, sunny day. I think almost every road I took there were many times I thought the car had broken in two. I know in proper sports cars you feel so much more and I don't mind the bumpiness, but it's the really deep holes and terrible repairs that make me wonder what damage is being done. I always check the alloys afterwards to make sure they are in one piece! Still, it was nice to get the chance to put a Lotus on the road today
  13. sew

    which Esprit?

    Andy, my first Esprit in 1995 was a Hi-Wing. Loved that car. Got so much attention when that came out of the garage. Just a couple of minor scuffs on door edges Graham. If you're ever in the kent area your welcome to have a look
  14. sew

    which Esprit?

    Good to know everyone seems to think the S4s is on the up! I think sometimes there is also the element of a bit of luck at the time of purchase, or being at the right place at the right time. My car was for sale with Castle Lotus for nearly two years for £27k. 23,000 miles, proper history and last owner 16 years. In May 2014 We haggled and finally agreed on £23k to include C service and belts, which I think was about right. It also subsequently had most of the A/C system re built (covered by the dealer). So I think I'm quite lucky as I have a proper, sorted S4s. I would be interested to know how it compares to the Stocks or Barry Ely cars. Having said that the wheels are a chore to keep looking as they should!!
  15. Well I don't think it was my one. The previous owner bought it from Nelmes in Romford as their demo in 1998!! I wonder if I'll keep it that long??
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