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  1. BTW, new fronts fitted. They are Vredestein Sprint 215/50-15 W. Now with fresh, correctly sized tyres/tires all around, the car has turned, from being a very beautiful but whimsical mistress, to a being a faithful and reliable girlfriend (still gorgeous)😃 Jokes aside, the ride is much smoother, the steering is lighter. She corners like on rails and the noise from small bumps and gravel is gone. A true bliss...
  2. Side note: I'd like to drive my SE on the track at least once a year, just to feel the true spirit of the esprit (pun intended). 3 years ago I could easily find Toyo proxies (or what they are called) but now they seem hard to find. Don't want to ruin my new street rubber (breaking side walls). Any advice on rims and tires that fit, true to dimensions on the SE would be great.
  3. The rears are KUMHO, I bought them 3 or 4 years ago, just to have. I was told to buy both front and back if I had the chance because they were getting scarce. Front was harder, I bought 205/50-15 (no PAS so smaller better than 225/50-15 was my thought). What brand my mechanic ordered did get lost in the mist since he tried to order for the rear also (I told him I would buy what ever brand he could find if they were approved for more than 180km/h) and he called like 4 dealers. I'll find out Monday week after this upcoming. BUT... I still think we all should send e-mails to GoodYear asking for Eagles in the right size. After all, we are carrying the heritage of Colin Chapman, one of the greatest engineers in formula one. Are there any Ferrari people having a hard time finding tyres/tires? (maybe there is 😃 ) We know Lotus almost built the suspension around the tires so fitting low profile tires and rims from other Esprit models might work but it changes the characteristics of the car. 50% looks like a high profile today but it gives a smoother ride and the noise from hitting small bumps is very much lower. Can't wait till I get new fronts (current ones are 10 years or more and lost softness). I love my SE but changing tires could make it a totally new and even more pleasurable beast 😃 like it was originally intended. Compare the wheel/wheel arch with this photo with 245/45-16, looks too small, doesn't it? I'll get back on the forum after I fitted the fronts too.
  4. I finally fitted my 245/50-16 at the rear, instead of my 245/45-16 (wanted to wear them out before I shifted). Gave the SE a totally different stance and handling. Haven't been happier for a long time. My favorite mechanic said he could order 2 pcs of 215/50-15 W88 (good for 270 km/h) for my front so I told him not to wait an unnecessary moment to do so, as they are as hard to find as chickens teeth. I'll have them fitted July 13 if he really can get them. I think it could be a good thing if all Esprit owners with the odd sizes started to e-mail Good Year and asking them to make a batch of Eagles in the right dimensions. I'm pretty sure they will get sold at once 😃 Every SE owner would buy, just to have in stock. The correct size fills the wheel arches in a totally nicer way than 245/45-16 do.
  5. The car was right hand drive, which here in Sweden is a bummer when you want to overtake on curvy roads. The Chinese company never corrected their mistake and never sent me the unit I ordered. After 30-40 e-mails, I gave up and decided to cut my loses and NEVER order anything from China again! I realized that tuning the carb engine would be much harder than just upgrading to an SE with LHD 😃 I started reading the ads and found an SE, MY90 after some weeks. Sold the RHD MY88 and bought the SE. Problem solved!
  6. Best looking 911 I've ever seen! The BRG one is yours too?
  7. There is a thread about the tool: Last I heard it was with Vanya and maybe on its way to Jaques.
  8. Two neat installations. I notice you stil have the spare wheel John and managed to squeeze pump and reservoir in. Loren, looking at your engine I notice a trigger wheel on the belt pulley. So you have upgraded the engine management system? Let's add up some mods, electric water pump, electric vacuum pump and no AC. Those things alone should free up some horsepower, my guess is somewhere between 10-15 only from doing that.
  9. @Loren Stump I really like your installation. Do you have the name/type of the vacuum sensor you are using?
  10. The old vacuum pump was belt driven on the same belt as the water pump, so it was always running. I think this changed when they introduced power assisted steering. That pump replaced the vacuum pump.
  11. That is a nice solution. I rewired my installation yesterday. I let the brake warning light signal (low vacuum) trigger a timer circuit with adjustable time setting. Right now it is set at a 10 sec running time which seem to be enough to generate sufficient vacuum in the system. I can now do four depressions of the brake pedal before the pump starts again. Next step is to find a tank/reservoir in order to increase the volume of the system.
  12. Now I've fitted a non return valve between pump and servo, works fine. No warning light comes on when pump turned off. I can do three full moves with the brake pedal before light comes on. Andy, I think you are right. Pump will only reach enough vacuum to turn out light. There will be no extra vacuum stored and the light will constantly turn on and off.
  13. Think it's mechanical, pos 105 is called "switch, low vacuum warning"
  14. There is a sensor attached to the brake servo and it turns on the main brake warning light, so it is the same signal as when you apply hand brake. Was planning to use that signal to trigger a relay to the pump (there is a T-piece on the hose just below the servo with a small hose to the sensor). Check engine light didn't come on when I tested it today but the pump runs hot when in continous use. I will have to source a vacuum tank, a one-way valve and a pressure relay to complete the installation and make it reliable.
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