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  1. Couldn't agree more Simon, a wideband lambda gauge would provide useful info. I still think it is running a rich mixture so I am not so scared I will melt the piston heads down by running lean. I'll have a look at the spark plugs this weekend to see if they indicate rich or lean. If there was a lack of fuel it wouldn't bang whilst the car is accelerating? Ignition is another issue. Since there is no ECU sensing higher boost and advancing/retarding ignition accordingly, maybe this could explain unburnt fuel in manifold and the loud bang. It would be nice to hear from the people in this forum th
  2. Update from the latest test runs. Took it for a spin on my lunch break. Running first on program A to warm things up and I saw that it was good! Then switching to program B (10psi) for a few bursts and I saw that is was good! It was a no brainer, time to up the antes. I reprogrammed the boost level to 11 psi, did some runs and I saw that is was good! Then raised to 12 psi, still running fine. End of lunch break. Inspired by these good results I increased to 13 psi when I finished work and took it for a drive. All fluids warmed up it was time to floor it. Not in a hasty manner but still firm an
  3. Wideband is good, I have been looking for a 52mm gauge and maybe exchange volt meter in dash for it. Would really like to find one that matches existing instruments. It would make me feel a lot safer if I could read the A/F ratio in real time when driving with these mods. I am not sure how much quicker it is, have only done 2 test runs so far but I can give you a short summary on how the first one was ...... I think I really got a neat installation. Only had to make two holes from the shelf in the rear (where the ignition coil is) to feed the wastegate with hose. The solenoid is sheltered
  4. Help, advice and experience wanted! I have now fitted an electronic boost controller. I haven't managed to set it to show Bar instead of PSI so I have to do some converting between test runs. Program A is set up to give 0.65 Bar (set to 9 PSI) as the standard factory setting. Program B was set to give 0.85Bar (12PSI) as the SE gives in short periods but I had to reduce this to 10PSI because it was kind of brutal and I want to go easy on the car and not blow it up (not on the first run anyway ) I am interested in knowing how much boost others have increased their cars to, please feel free to
  5. Roughly 1 minute, stop engine, open up bonnet, removing and placing engine cover against garage wall. It is not hot, I can put my hand on it, my guess 30-35 degrees C. Received my electronic boost controller yesterday. Hopefully I can install it this weekend. Any suggestions on how to best route the electrical wiring from rear to binnacle?
  6. Fun to see how a several years old thread springs to life thanks to Jacques Guess it died the first time since the new Esprit vanished from the horizon. Maybe I go a little OT here since I am not restraining myself to cup holders. Dig up the moulds for the S1, but use carbon fibre to make the body. How much weight might this save? Recalculate and redesign the backbone chassie and make it from carbon fibre with the needed reinforcements. In fact make as much as possible from carbon, wishbones, struts etc etc. Redesign the underbelly with scoops, wings or what is needed to improve cool
  7. Thank you John Havn't been looking at water injection. Is the purpose to lower inlet air temperature even more? I looked at the PUK web page but I can't find anything about expected gain, how much is this supposed to give? First hand experience could be interesting.
  8. Here are some pics: This is the header tank, not too big Radiator in place, this is now protected by a mesh What you see from the outside Two things I've noticed, temp stays lower at normal driving. Instead of reaching 80 degrees C rather quickly it levels out at 70-75 degrees. Driving a little harder it goes up to 80. Reaching a boost level (according to the gauge) of slightly more than 0.7 Bar and staying there (this was a long uphill in fifth gear) is easily achieved. I am still not sure how much more power I have gained. It feels a little quicker but I am nowhere nea
  9. Time for an update Been scouting for a suitable radiator to put at the "get rid of heat" side of my chargecooler installation but finally I gave up and ordered an aluminium one + a small header tank. They arrived today. Eager to get the Esprit on the road again I threw myself at the task of mounting the items mentioned above. Since I have no clue to how my positioning of the radiator will work (possible heat soak from engine etc). I strapped it in with cable ties behind the rear valance. Some hose cutting and jubilee clip adjusting later (actually it took me 4 hours to get it secured and
  10. HELP! Smoke coming from the engine bay. Havn't been running the engine for some weeks now and today I decided it was time to test the new clutch cylinder and see if my solution to the "pressure to the carbs" problem worked. I fitted the heat shield between turbo and engine and started her up. No problem there but after a short while I saw traces of smoke coming from the left hand side of the engine. Coolant OK and oil OK (checked before start up). Turned it off after checking temp and oil pressure. Temp= halfway to normal and oilp. ok. Smoke kept coming and it had increased some. No exhaust fu
  11. @simon350s, that was my first thought but since I have a nozzle that is from the SE and I want to have the possibility to reverse the modification this was not an option in the end (hurts my soul to even think about putting the angle grinder to the original nozzle)
  12. I didn't want to take away the secondary injector part from the nozzle with my angle grinder because I might reuse it further down the road and I want it to be original. in this pic you can see the choke linkage which will interfere but the fuel hose will not because it is closer to carbs. The "bump" starts further out. The oil filler cap is also visible and would end up under the chargecooler if not changed. Also visible is the mount for the throttle wire. maybe a better picture. The linkage I cut and extended with a small tube made of brass, moving the lowest part down 25mm so it runs
  13. Hello Esprit lovers I couldn't wait for all the parts before I got started. Since I had to change the clutch master cylinder anyway and thus putting the car to rest for a while (the interior was scratched so my new gaskets weren't enough, had to order a new cylinder) I might as well use the downtime to start the operation. I intended to post some pictures but they need to be resized so they will come tomorrow (I hope). As I started to take the parts apart I discovered more and more issues. No 1, there is a linkage to the choke that is made out of steel wire. This will interfere with the secon
  14. Yes! that is a cool project. I have read that thread. Car is now up for sale on 50 000 euro roughly which probably is a bargain if you consider the amount spent on the rebuild. I will check out the greddy unit.
  15. I have been thinking about SE pistons and the chrome coating to endure higher temp. My thoughts were that the fuel injection gave too precise a mixture with all the sensors and stuff, thus creating more heat. Looking at fuel consumption, my milage with a carb fitted engine is never below 10.5 litres per 100km (don't know mpg) but I understand the SE can easily achieve 9.0 litres per 100km AND give more power. The carbs are jetted to give a rich mixture in order to cool the pistons and combustion chambers. If, as mentioned in the post above, the main jets are changed to give more fuel I think y
  16. This is good information, thank you Chris. This boost controller, where can I get get one? I have been looking on the internet but it is always good to get a make someone have tried with good results. I e-mailed Pete some days ago, but no reply yet. Knowing myself, I must have all parts needed before I start, so I can do the mods in one swoop, otherwise the risk is that the car will be standing unfinished for a long while. Please keep us updated here on how the chargecooler installation comes along and how the change feels.
  17. I think you are right lotus-62 I have a complete SAAB Trionic system that I can use. It is for 2.3litre, 4 pot, turbo charged engine so it should be in the right ball park ( I even think the spacing between injectors from the common rail is correct). What is deterring me at the moment is fitting things like "knock sensor", "crank shaft sensor" and some other stuff. Think I will need to remove the engine and dismantle it to fit these things so it will have to wait until the engine needs a restoration anyway, but YES, fuel injection is the way to go I think.
  18. Nice to get some info from someone who has retrofitted a chargecooler. The radical changes needed to the radiator assembly upfront is something I'm trying to avoid until I know there is some real power gain in this modification. Planning to place it as picture shows. Sounds like I will need to add extra fuel somehow and increase boost to release the extra ponies. No secondary injectors in my plenum since I have the carbs. Any suggestions on how to increase boost and override 0.71bar safety device? I have seen some kind of valve that could be fitted to the hose to the wastegate where it is po
  19. According to service notes, I have a protection system that turns ignition of at 0.71 bar, so I guess this must be overridden. I have been thinking about raising boost pressure the last days, thinking that maybe chargecooler alone didn't give the SE all the extra power, but more along the lines that cooling the air gives the possibility to raise boost. Fitting a valve to the hose that controls wastegate or will changing the length of the control rod be enough? How to change the 0.71 bar protection to something higher? Don't want to take it away entirely. I will NOT fiddle with boost BEFORE the
  20. I am not sure about the engine cover yet. I got the chargecooler today so I haven't checked it out. I have a faint memory about reading somewhere that it will fit. Otherwise I can feel the smell of my angle grinder Check out they have aftermarket chargecoolers for the Esprit. They don't come cheap but the company, if asked nicely, might know who ordered one and therefore might have a spare original. About the engine cover, I have felt that the rfg cover is a bit heavy and I have thought about making my own from aluminum sheet metal to save some weight.
  21. Hi Jeremy, I guess I was lucky sourcing a chargecooler by just asking a known lotus tuner if he had one laying around. My tip, look for people who have uprated to an after market chargecooler, they will have one original extra :-) Otherwise check this out (this was my next option) Unsure how much space it uses. My AC is working so I don't want to ruin it. Not knowing how much power this gives I am reluctant to dismantle the fan/radiator duct and fit a separate radiator, threading the hoses through the chassie only to find
  22. Copenhagen is a lovely city! Would have been nice if I could have joined up, but I've got tickets to this event at Mantorp Park, . The url is in Swedish but Autoropa is the agent in Sweden for Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren etc etc so it will be an abundance of nice cars there (maybe not so many Loti though). I am not sure if it is correct but I like the: one Lotus, many Loti //Henrik
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