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  1. Put her on axlestands today and crawled under to have a look, took some pics... Defenitely something bad going on in the area of cylinder 4 exhaust. There is also a spray pattern from there and backwards, even on the rear valance lower left. Kind of strange that compression readings for cyl 4 looks OK. The car has been running fine until this happened. Can't all have been petrol, then it should have been dry by now. Feels like oil to the touch. I'm at a loss here, if not the head gasket, what could it be? Any oil passing from head to block in that area? Been looking at pictu
  2. Here we go again I was out for a drive Friday, driving normally (not spirited in any way), I let up the throttle in a 90 degree right hand corner and when going on throttle again she lost all power (like running on one cylinder only) and sounded strange from the exhaust. My first thought was, out of fuel, my second, misfireing. I limped for some 200-300 meters in order to find a good spot to pull over. While doing this I checked all gauges and warning lights, nothing. I could smell petrol as I pulled over and turned the engine off. Gauge showing 1/2 tank of fuel, so I was pretty sure ther
  3. New Gates for me as well, same as Ian. Althoug they are made to not stretch they will change tension with temperature for example. I can also see the posibility of the outer surface wearing against the tensioner and making the belt a tiny fraction thinner, thus reducing tension. This would be most noticable when new I guess. I measured mine this evening and it was down to 59-79Hz, it was hard to get a good reading but it still only twists 90 degrees total if you do the twist test. Tensioner still in position and unmovable without loosening locknut. Had a reading of 114Hz when I checked i
  4. Hi Vanya, I also detected a "chirping" noise after changing the timing belt. It's there when the engine is cold but goes away when hot. At first I thought it might be a loose aux belt but they all seem fine. Secondly I was thinking, what if the water pump has developed a slight leak and the bleed holes drop coolant on a belt, then it would be wet on start up but dry out when the engine gets warm. But I have no loss of coolant and nothing on the floor under the car. Now I am thinking a small exhaust leak in the turbo area and when the metal expands due to heating up, it seals itself, b
  5. Hi Chris, when we spoke in Denmark I think you mentioned that you make the cables needed to connect a laptop to the ECU.
    Do I remember correctly? If so, can you sell me one. I have a "check engine" light comming on, roughly 30 sec after I start the engine and
    I'd really want to check out what is going on.



  6. To answer Escape. No problem changing this as we drive since there seem to be only 3 of us joining.
  7. Suggested route earlier in the thread.
  8. Dear Sirs and Madams! As some have pointed out it is high time to decide on dates in order to make vacation and ferry bookings for this trip. It looks like DFDS have the "BREVIK - IMMINGHAM" line running. From Denmark it is possible to take the "Hirtshals-Larvik" ferry. Brevik and Larvik are very close to each other. There is only one route (ferry) from Sweden these days and that is "Strömstad-Sandefjord". Sandefjord isn't that far from the Brevik/Larvik area, or you can go by road. But there seem to be a freight ferry Gothenburg-Brevik on DFDS web page. All information you find on fe
  9. Thanks Ian, Vanya has most kindly offered me his EBPV-spacer
  10. Can someone provide the dimensions for the spacer? Thinking of making one myself.
  11. Stumbled across this thread when I was doing a search for something totally different. The thread ended quite abruptly some 5 years ago. What happened to that amazing car?
  12. looks fab, more pictures plz...
  13. Neat installation, looks really nice and tidy. How is the plumbing changed in the engine bay and from the radiators? Any need for new holes to be drilled in the body to gain access?
  14. I'm with Alan on this (I might be bonkers too). In the fall of 2014 I had the opportunity to test the Tesla S. With me in the car was the former sales manager for Lotus here in Sweden, now working for Tesla. He told me that it was hard to sell the Evora because it was too cheap. Some of you, as I did, may find this a strange statement. He explained to me, I could show the Evora to these guys and they would say "Love the car, love the handling, love the performance, love the looks.... BUT it's only €70 000. My friends at the golf club will laugh at me. They come in their Bentleys, Ferraris, McL
  15. Skis..... but no snow. I'd really like to build something like that to fit the Stevens design. Anyone have details and info on the design of the ski rack?
  16. Snow is now all gone If tire sizes weren't such a problem for the SE.... Been toying with the idea to get an extra set of rims and fit some Pirelli sottozero, then one could play in the snow and not ending up killing oneself. One problem is, apart from the fact that there is almost never any snow in the winters anymore, that they put salt on the roads here when there is a risk of ice. Although the Esprit is well catered for when it comes to corrosion, salt feels like pushing it. It will penetrate every nut and bolt there is.
  17. We had some snow in the south of Sweden a few weeks ago... just had to take her out for some quick pictures.
  18. So far we are four if dates and ferries work out. Any more?
  19. Hi all, I've been kind of busy with my daily driver. Automatic transmission broke down on my XJ8. After some investigation I decided not to try to fix this myself. Good thing though, I was FORCED to use the Esprit as my daily So I might well be the last one in Sweden to drive an Esprit in 2015 and the first in 2016! Now the snow has finally come so I got myself a rental from the garage that is taking care of the jagg. But I wouldn't mind driving my SE with the right tires fitted. This should be totally possible as shown by Mr Bond and now by Mr Vittel (although in a Lamborghini but st
  20. Totally agree there. I've been busy fixing the clutch, timing belt, alternator pivot and other odds and ends so the Norwegian tour has been somewhat neglected. I think the route is almost done, may need some fine tuning. A new check on the ferry side of the matter, to see what might be available the upcoming summer. Setting the date and we should be ready to go. A list of places to stay, maybe one hotel and a camping site at each town/village. Some research on good places to eat. List of things to bring along in order to fix minor breakdowns, tools etc..
  21. That's the one. I've done it to my car too and it works like a charm
  22. Think you are absolutely right there Escape, I confused the solenoids for the relays (since the relay also includes a solenoid). I think Travis has posted a circuit diagram on how he connected the chargecooler pump. Think there is a fuse and relay that can handle the current to a pump in the EBPV-circuit. Couldn't find it right now but do some searching here on the forums and I'm sure you'll find it.
  23. I forgot to reconnect one of the solenoids after having the boot floor out. Gave me a "check engine" light, have an MY90 SE I removed as much as I could of the vaacum hoses. You could connect the chargecooler pump after the solenoid... It will run when you turn ignition on but stop until engine gets warm. Think there is more on this in another thread here.
  24. Hi all, she's back on the road again and I'm no longer a timing belt virgin It was not that dreadful as I had feared, not compared to changing the clutch. Handed my alternator over to a machine shop where they drilled out the old hole, fitted a pipe with an 8 mm inside (or so they thought and so did I, more about that later on). Since I planned to change the cam pulleys I removed the water pump "elbow", alternator was already out of the way and triangular brace. With all this gone there was actually "plenty of room" to work (speaking Lotus now (I'm soon fluent in Lotus )). Loosening the rem
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