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  1. These little buggers were blocking the valve from returning to closed! Anyone recognize what they are and where they come from? Very brittle, could be plastic or rubber, not soft but I don't know what happens if rubber gets soaked in Castrol Edge for some time, might be hard and brittle. Now I fear my entire oil system might be polluted with this stuff or it is the sign of something worse.
  2. Since the sender looks like it is working, I continued to the oil pump. Removed the chargecooler pump and the "lid" to the oil pump housing. Couldn't see anything wrong right away. Took the lid to a better workplace (kitchen) to clean and check. Should the pressure regulating valve be totally closed when not under load? If so I have found a really plausible culprit. I can blow air through the "legs" without a problem. Mr DangerUS mentions changing the spring or putting some shims in there. This suggests to me that it is possible to take the valve apart. But how does one do this?
  3. Decided to start with the pressure sender. Disconnected the wires. In my case the one towards the front is tell tale and the one to the rear is the gauge. Turned ignition on and gauge went to show max pressure. Connected the gauge to ground and the needle went to zero pressure. The tell tale was harder to check that way as it should light when ignition is on. Measured resistance through the sender to ground, zero on both connections. Turned ignition off and measured resistance over gauge to ground, zero. Removed the sensor (had to split plenum, remove oil filter, slacken and turn plenum suppor
  4. Was thinking along the same lines, that it could be the pressure bled off valve. There were no funny sounds from the engine so I think the pump still rotates as it should. Hopefully it is only some faulty wireing / connections
  5. Thanks Vanya, I'll check the connection to the pressure sender. Had a swift look in Service Notes and it is the same thingy for both tell tale light and gauge.Should have been better with two different senders (independent systems). Couldn't find anything about how it is removed. Should I unscrew the hole sender (as if it was one large screw) or are the smaller screws holding it. Parts manual doesn't give much info either. Looking at the oil pump design it doesn't look like much could break down in there. I will start with the sender for now.
  6. OK, this seems to be the right thread. Today I was driving along and everything was hunky dory (SE MY90). Engine temp. at 83°C, oil temp roughly the same and oil pressure gauge showing normal readings. I stopped for fuel and when I started again, the oil pressure warning light didn't go out and the gauge didn't show any reading at all (needle didn't move). I was in first and had driven 2 meters when I noticed and immediately turned the engine off. After a minute or so I decided that I would restart and give it some revs to see if the needle would move up the scale and the light go out. Restart
  7. Trying to find and PM Norwegian members right now. There are some but last active so far 2014. They have to hang with the Ferrari crowd it seems (poor sods)
  8. Har vi några norska vänner kvar här på forumet? Kolla in slutet på tråden Copenhagen belt fest. Vore det inte kjempe (eller er det kempe?) flott om det blev en Esprit tur igenom Norge näste sommar?
  9. Gathering a bunch of looney Esprit aficionados in one place might make you reach critical mass. As we all now this is the mother of good ideas. Well, we weren't only gulping down delicious steaks in the evening (and drinking beer), there were some creative thinking going on too (believe it or not). Judging from the success of the belt fest, the interest on the forum for the event and the time it takes to book dates in your calendar, early announcement was found critical for a successful gathering of Esprit enthusiasts. Suggested was a tour of Norway (in Esprits of course) the next summer (2016
  10. It was truly a blast! Many thanks to the organizers for putting this event together and the skilled mechanics who attended. Topping it off with some testing around the "track" put a silly grin on many faces, including mine (and some skid marks in the grass)!
  11. I am speechless, this looks like so much fun. I'll be on my way first thing in the morning
  12. I wonder if the Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini clubs / forums etc have belt fests? The concept is great and somewhere in the back of my mind I kind of hope that it is only Lotus people who do this. Not that I begrudge (google translate, hope it is the right word) the other super car fanatics the concept, it is more a feeling of choosing the right make. Along the lines, right car- right people. Been pampering my SE the afternoon and evening, fixed the bad breather hose replacement (1" hose changed for the right size). Noticed when I had the 1/4 panels removed that there was no "Ram" air intake
  13. I have booked a room at Kågö Strand Comwell hotell It was suggested some pages ago so I think many will stay there.
  14. Doesn't owning an Esprit automaticly bring diplomatic status?
  15. I'll arrive on Saturday and leave on Sunday. BBQ, Danish beer and a lot of Esprits.... could it be any better
  16. I picked my MY90 turbo SE up from the dealer last Thursday. It had just had a Swedish MOT done. There was only one remark and that was that the rack and pinion was inert (hope this is the right word for it). I asked what this meant, and the dealer told me that the inspector noticed the steering wheel didn't return to the center position after a turn (nor does the car). To me this sounds strange, I have always thought that it is the caster setting on the front wheels that decide how much and how fast it will return and not the rack and pinion. I think that the car has been run on trackdays alot
  17. Hi, I am in a strange situation. Last week I bought an SE, MY90 from a dealer here in Sweden, included is a belt change and a service. For me that spells C-service (which includes a lot of stuff). I havn't gotten the car yet. This dealer used to be an authorized Lotus garage but isn't anymore. The sales man, as it turns out, doesn't know that much about Esprits but they hire a mechanic when the need arises. I haven't been able to speak to the mechanic yet, as I would like to know what they are going to do with the car. I am trying to reach him as I write (almost). I don't know if they will ch
  18. Take the SE Vanya! Pass Ängelholm on the way and I will join with my car Or fly Bromma-Ängelholm and hitch a ride with me from there.
  19. Bibs mentioned something about bringing parts, if we could put a list together. What other parts would be good to change at the same time? New belts all around? Parts of the tensioner? I am thinking about converting to fuel injection (have carbs today), maybe a good opportunity to fit an aftermarket trigger wheel to the back of crankshaft pulley. I'll PM "Changes" (the 412bhp thread) to see if this is easy to do or if it needs balancing and stuff. If it's only to thread the wheel onto the axle before the pulley it will not delay anything.
  20. I will keep an eye on this topic for sure
  21. Wow, this is new to me but if I understand correctly, a bunch of Esprit owners team up, change a few cam belts and have a party? Sounds totally great! Is it possible to join? I live in the south of Sweden (Ängelholm) roughly 1 hour drive to Copenhagen. I need to change mine and have bought the belt from SJ but haven't mustered the guts to go ahead. Not sure how to do it and get the tension correct. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and loose some skin on my knuckles. Chipping in financially for traveling expenses for the gurus goes without saying.
  22. That bike looks awesome! No one up for the Lotus 119? Gravity racer
  23. Turns out they sent me the wrong unit. It is a boost controller alright but it doesn't have gain and start settings like the unit I ordered. I am now trying to get them to send me the right one. So for the moment I am running it without the boost controller. I am planning to fit a A/F ratio gauge. Must know if it is running rich or lean before I start tampering with the carbs.
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