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  1. Such a warm welcome I live in the North West part of Scania ( Angelholm) not so far from Denmark
  2. Hi, I have a MY88 Esprit Turbo fitted with twin dellortos. I am planning to fit a chargecooler to the engine. Anyone here with experience of this mod? I have bought an original chargecooler, a cam cover with the oil filler cap moved towards the front and the "nozzle" that fits between ch.cooler and intake plenum. When I turn this part (nozzle) upside down there are two hose connections and two small holes that seem to be connected to each other. I do have the workshop manual but it doesn't cover the chargecooler installation. What do they do, or what should be connected to them? The char
  3. Hi everyone, Realized I had to become a member here so I can post questions. The Swedish forums are good but not so active, response time can be quite long. I bought my Esprit Turbo MY88 about a year ago. Last summer I drove it for roughly 10 000 km (6250 miles) with essentially no problems. The only thing that happened was that the first week the belt to the vacuum pump came off. This was due to the bolts unscrewing themselves. Fitted new lock washers but they came undone 5 days later again, so applied some loctite and no problem since. My view is that cars like these should be used a
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