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  1. To be clear, Bibs asked me which car I was bringing and I said the S1 and he heard Essex
  2. Hi Bibs - I have a work commitment on the 19th that I might be able to move - if I can, I should be able to help out on the Essex front - I’ll look into it on Monday. (If I can make the date work, I promise not to bring the wrong car this time!)
  3. Filled the car up and then had a magnificent 2 hour drive - I love this car
  4. Finally got my hands back on it
  5. JNW3

    Bond In Motion

    So I was contacted by Scott Walker a couple of months ago to ask if I’d be interested in having my car exhibited at a show in London? I said yes in principle but could he let me know a bit more about the show, so he then put me in touch with the exhibitors. Turned out it was only Eon Productions and their Bond In Motion exhibition! My car is now proudly covering for Wet Nellie until September, when she returns from a world tour - super chuffed to have been asked
  6. JNW3

    Forum members

    I now have a vision of you in gold hot pants and I can’t unsee it
  7. It’s quite something when you’re accelerating down a country road with the turbo whistle singing only to hit the brake pedal, it sink to the floor and pretty much nothing happens!
  8. Finally!! And the S1 started first time and didn’t miss a beat after 4 months hibernating. The Essex on the other hand......paging GST - incoming!
  9. Well that was a lot of fun - thank you gents for a great lunch and a very enjoyable Friday afternoon/ evening
  10. JNW3

    Steve Coogan

    Good to see Steve Coogan still has his Esprit S1.........just hope it won't have the same Alan Partridge effect as happened with the Rover 800 and Lexus IS300!!
  11. Hi Fabian - not sure if this will be any help to you, but here’s my cars’ panel with what I believe to be the original graphics
  12. You said that out loud
  13. The old and the new - love this picture it shows just how dinky the S1 is!
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