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  1. As the real things are in lockdown, I've been trying to recreate pix with my models!
  2. I certainly didn’t mean it should have to be restored to concours and never be driven - apols if that’s what you took from my post as it’s not what I meant at all
  3. That looks like the same car - here’s a screen grab (no idea why it’s flipped sideways!)
  4. It’s reg was YBJ 29X - white with black leather (clearly retrimmed)
  5. Just me or anyone else a little disappointed with the end result? Front suspension set up looked too high; interior retrim used wrong coloured cloth and carpets along with the tartan; weird black non standard 1970s BL wing mirrors; repainted the front spoiler from white to black; used Webber carbs instead of Dellortos (although I accept they’re tricky to get hold of); kept the S2 side stripes + what they did to the dashboard might have been super clever but was sacrilege IMHO! Maybe I’m just too much of a purist and am being pedantic though?! And very disappointed to see the Turbo break down too!
  6. We need to organise a play date for them
  7. Picked the car up today after having a set of new Pirelli’s and two NOS Dellortos fitted and had a fantastic drive home - the engine sang and I will never ever ever tire of the turbo whistle
  8. In other news, l proper love this shot from the Top Gear feature
  9. Love this TSWLM promo shot but does anyone know who the guy is with Colin Chapman?
  10. Just parked up on a street and nearly being rear ended by a 126 - amazing!
  11. Someone recently posted this Essex pic taken in London in the early 80s on a Facebook page - interesting that it’s on a V plate no? I wonder what number it was??
  12. Someone just posted this pic of an Essex in London in the early 80s on a Facebook page - it’s on a V plate and doesn’t seem to tally with previous Essex/number plate lists (although I might be wrong on that!)
  13. Evening folks! So a guy I know from a Jaguar XJ-S forum (apols in advance for cheating!) has sent me through some behind-the-scene on set shots from TSWLM he has which he doesn't think have ever been published - they were from a private collection from a friend of his who used to own the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum. I certainly haven't seen them before, so thought I'd share a few of them as some of you might be interested
  14. The new issue of Top Gear magazine is a Bond special and my S1 was used in the feature - super happy to report that the Esprit very much held its own, with the magazine calling the car a ‘revelation’ and ‘inspirational’
  15. Afternoon folks - I commissioned drawings of my two cars awhile ago and have just received the finished artwork and am proper chuffed with the results and thought some of you might like to see! Adam Gompertz is the artist - @revseventandart /
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