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  1. Great turn out for today’s’ breakfast meet at Dave and Megan’s, who were amazing hosts and thanks to @ChrisJfor organising - super fun morning
  2. Step away from the bacon - I'm definitely coming, just not sure yet if I can make Puckeridge for 8.30 yet
  3. That should be ok - will know for sure on Saturday, so will 100% confirm then if that's ok?
  4. Hi @Kevjp - I’ll be coming from Hitchin way and could meet you guys at Puckeridge depending on what time you’re thinking ?
  5. Glad to see mine's not the only one that leaves this dribble
  6. Hi @ChrisJ Think I've done this right, but if not, can you add me to the list - gonna bring the S1
  7. This S1 is coming up for sale soon at Bonham’s - looks tidy - does anyone know it?
  8. You’ve been spotted again @jonroberts - were you towing the guy on the bike?
  9. Great to meet you guys finally and once up, driving at stupid oclock in the morning is fab!
  10. Hi Chris - I think I should be able to make this, so please add me
  11. New set of Pirelli’s and the sun’s out - the perfect vehicle for some essential shopping - I may be some time
  12. Me too - like buses these white S1s
  13. @Bibs @Sparky @Dan E We shall be discussing this bullying on our weekly Zoom - I have already brought this to the attention of the head of HR, Benny, who is not impressed and takes this sort of thing very seriously
  14. Afternoon folks! I made this little film on the Esprit S1 for a virtual Facebook car show this weekend and thought some of you might be interested in seeing it too. I sent it to MJK before posting and he gave it his blessing, which was quite the honour! Hope you enjoy
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