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  1. @Lex Templar Hi Lex - I’m sure you did, but just double checking you saw my post as I didn’t tag you and didn’t get a reply?!
  2. Hi Lex - I own Essex 007 now and happy for you to amend accordingly + the registration plate should read GBO 7W and it's very much back on the road!
  3. Gerald is giving my car some serious pampering
  4. Great - thanks Chris - could you put me down to attend please!
  5. Hi there - congrats on the car - looks good in the pictures Gerald at GST Performance in Newmarket looks after my S1, but you need to book your car in well in advance - any genuinely good specialist will have a waiting list of cars and you just have to join the queue, so you'll probably need to be patient! @Sparky is in Watford and is also an Esprit whisperer and while I have no doubt that the @Dan E clutch issue will probably turn into a full rebuild of his car, Sparky probably would still be your quickest option near to London.
  6. Hi there - do you know the timings for this? I might well be able to come along - either the S1 or the Essex
  7. Happy Sundays! @jonroberts
  8. Now, back to the thread...... Path, I'm not sure where you're based, but I can certainly second that if you want an Esprit guru to have a look at a car you're interested in, then Sparky is your man - despite his penchant for hot pants, he is a total Esprit whisperer and will be able to give you the best advice ahead of a purchase.
  9. Glad to have been of help in a very tiny way David!
  10. To be clear, Bibs asked me which car I was bringing and I said the S1 and he heard Essex
  11. Hi Bibs - I have a work commitment on the 19th that I might be able to move - if I can, I should be able to help out on the Essex front - I’ll look into it on Monday. (If I can make the date work, I promise not to bring the wrong car this time!)
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