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  1. @Dan EIs this all because you fell over it pissed the other night? Seems a pretty extreme reaction to me TBH
  2. Already been discussed on here I think, this G was a bit of a mismatch with a new engine, non original paint colour and Stevens seat and interior retrim for starters but it still made fairly decent money yesterday for a non original car IMHO 😊
  3. You’re welcome Sparky - always more than happy to help out 😊👍🏻🔧
  4. Healthy figure achieved by the JPS at Silverstone Auctions today - guide was £55-60K - sold for £65K inc buyer premium 😊
  5. Excited for you😊 From my experience, if you buy a sorted car, the annual maintenance/upkeep really isn’t too expensive at all. Personally, I’d suggest you look for a car that’s been used regularly over a garage queen, as these cars prefer to be driven + with some history to back up regular specialist attention. But don’t worry about full service histories - these don’t seem to happen very often, if ever, with Lotus! Just some decent notes on upkeep in more recent years should be ok. Plus any owner who cherished their car will have kept paperwork. There are some seriously excellent E
  6. 6’2” here and fit perfectly in my car + no problem with the roof stereo😊
  7. Yep they’re Dave Clark - a Christmas present to myself 😊
  8. Just received my Christmas present to myself - absolutely love them 😊 If anyone’s interested, Dave Clark at Dave Clark Designs is your man!
  9. Great turn out for today’s’ breakfast meet at Dave and Megan’s, who were amazing hosts and thanks to @ChrisJfor organising - super fun morning 😄☀️
  10. Step away from the bacon - I'm definitely coming, just not sure yet if I can make Puckeridge for 8.30 yet
  11. That should be ok - will know for sure on Saturday, so will 100% confirm then if that's ok?
  12. Hi @Kevjp - I’ll be coming from Hitchin way and could meet you guys at Puckeridge depending on what time you’re thinking ?
  13. Glad to see mine's not the only one that leaves this dribble 😂😂
  14. Hi @ChrisJ Think I've done this right, but if not, can you add me to the list - gonna bring the S1
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