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  1. Great turn out for today’s’ breakfast meet at Dave and Megan’s, who were amazing hosts and thanks to @ChrisJfor organising - super fun morning
  2. Step away from the bacon - I'm definitely coming, just not sure yet if I can make Puckeridge for 8.30 yet
  3. That should be ok - will know for sure on Saturday, so will 100% confirm then if that's ok?
  4. Hi @Kevjp - I’ll be coming from Hitchin way and could meet you guys at Puckeridge depending on what time you’re thinking ?
  5. Glad to see mine's not the only one that leaves this dribble
  6. Hi @ChrisJ Think I've done this right, but if not, can you add me to the list - gonna bring the S1
  7. This S1 is coming up for sale soon at Bonham’s - looks tidy - does anyone know it?
  8. You’ve been spotted again @jonroberts - were you towing the guy on the bike?
  9. Great to meet you guys finally and once up, driving at stupid oclock in the morning is fab!
  10. Hi Chris - I think I should be able to make this, so please add me
  11. New set of Pirelli’s and the sun’s out - the perfect vehicle for some essential shopping - I may be some time
  12. Me too - like buses these white S1s
  13. @Bibs @Sparky @Dan E We shall be discussing this bullying on our weekly Zoom - I have already brought this to the attention of the head of HR, Benny, who is not impressed and takes this sort of thing very seriously
  14. Afternoon folks! I made this little film on the Esprit S1 for a virtual Facebook car show this weekend and thought some of you might be interested in seeing it too. I sent it to MJK before posting and he gave it his blessing, which was quite the honour! Hope you enjoy
  15. Yep! Here's a few more from the shoot - did you clock one of the front sidelights giving up the ghost half way through the shoot!
  16. A little late to this party but here you go - in order of purchase with year of manufacture listed 1996 VW Golf 1.6 mark3 - it worked 1998 MGF - surprisingly fun and super reliable 2002 Lotus Elise S2 - proper fun and only one dead battery 2005 Lotus Elise 111R - great car but got through three front clams courtesy of dreadful London drivers and their parking (first crunch happened the first day I got it with 50 miles on the clock ) 2007 Jaguar XKR - an awesome machine and as fast a car as you’d ever need 1985 Mercedes Benz 280SL - slow, thirsty and wallows b
  17. This BTS pic of the sub looks real to me too
  18. Hi Lex - being pedantic but just to say my car Essex #007 isn’t SORNed but very much taxed and on the road
  19. Many of you I’m sure know this but I just saw that Lotus Cars’ PR team posted this explanation on Twitter .....
  20. As the real things are in lockdown, I've been trying to recreate pix with my models!
  21. I certainly didn’t mean it should have to be restored to concours and never be driven - apols if that’s what you took from my post as it’s not what I meant at all
  22. That looks like the same car - here’s a screen grab (no idea why it’s flipped sideways!)
  23. It’s reg was YBJ 29X - white with black leather (clearly retrimmed)
  24. Just me or anyone else a little disappointed with the end result? Front suspension set up looked too high; interior retrim used wrong coloured cloth and carpets along with the tartan; weird black non standard 1970s BL wing mirrors; repainted the front spoiler from white to black; used Webber carbs instead of Dellortos (although I accept they’re tricky to get hold of); kept the S2 side stripes + what they did to the dashboard might have been super clever but was sacrilege IMHO! Maybe I’m just too much of a purist and am being pedantic though?! And very disappointed to see the Turbo br
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